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Quote: Originally Posted by Master Milano funny i was just looking at this thread on page 30 or something wondering why no one bought it haha its a steal! uk or us size?
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor at a -16c nothing can be warm enough. god those cannucks must have bear skin. you get used to it believe me. today i had my dress shirt, and a think tracksuit layer + cashmere coat at -17C. Walked for 10-15 min
HI all, For those of us who wear business attire on a daily basis, what is the best thermal under-coat that would be thin enough to put under a cashmere coat? im talking montreal weather, currently at -16C w/windchill... thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Limited Edition or go home: where can you get those?
fratelli Rosetti..very nice
dude, if your sporting an office job, dont be cheap with shoes...in fact never be cheap with shoes.. think of this as well: a 300$ pair well taken care of, will outlast a piece of crap 80$also 4 times. a shoe will make or break a man.why be so cheap about it?
only 2 top buttons are tight...the tailor is gonna move the buttons. and it will fit great but yeah 15 3/4 would have been perfect... i also heard that if i wear it wet (after a wash), i could stretch it a little... but the buttons will be sufficient
moving the buttons is a great idea... ill try it
not sure what to do...its slightly to small..when i put my chest out, the buttons kinda stretch... doesnt seem to have pleats... can i stretch it through wear and break-in?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum The body, yes. The collar, no. but that wont be a bid deal will it? since i plan to wear the bigger one more during the summer, in a very relaxed fashion...
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