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i pretty much realized that every jean i have is a 32...i want to buy a pair of nudies...will they run true to size? or are they a skinnier fit? (i have a big butt and quads....) thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry Montreal should be on the list... +10000 of course it should Toronto ppl are so badly dressed it painful. its painful enough in Montreal(but still good compared to many cities on the lisT), but Toronto, jesus...
bump good seller. true to his word, he gave me a good deal!
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I love the gaping lapel... I wouldn't wear black shoes with the rest of that outfit, myself. sorry totally ridiculous
thanks assume the lasts dont change....? do you know which last a normal boutique certainly wont buy a size 9 in 7 differnt lasts? i know it was a D
i had a chance to try an A.E in a store, and it fits like a glove. If i ever find anything on the forum that like in Allen Edmond, is it fair to say 9 will fit me well, or can the discrepancy be large between models? thanks
law is horribly boring...its really bad
i think, without a doubt, he should be shot
be a total med douche and wear your scrubs all the time, including in the subway...
yes accessories usually from russian designers as well...such as dragunov, and Kalas`kov. they also dont bathe, as to ensure the clothing get the right patina....
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