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where do you live....? lets just say in canada, thats not going to fly in winter, and many parts of fall as well... seem very sumery and spring
hi all, i want to use this shoe polish from moneysworth and best on my new 1000 mile boot before i put them away for the remainder of the winter. it says its a blend of natural waxes....does anybody have any experience with this polish? thanks
if i could give you one piece of advice: and i know you wont like this. change major, do something else. this business is dead, its not worth it anymore. especaily slaving around in IB during the best years of your life. if anything aim for trading, youll get a much balance, but that is even more dead considering the new Basel 3 + other crap that will make everything more difficult. if you really want to do it, then focus on getting the most amazing grades possible and...
cfa is the new needs it dont be cheap, buy the new ones.
got a pair Wolverine 1000 milers for 186 cad brand new
If its Jurassic part 2 or 3, nobody will know
you should do a back-less entry
if he can do this with duct tape, im sure he can do it with leather. its creative, out of the oridnary...and kind of charming.. you fucking assholes
Shave... spend 1400$ on two suits and buy 2 pairs of shoes. I work in the same industry, and youd be surprised how dispersed ppls sense of fashion can be. usually either trash or amazing
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