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Yup I've got the same message from the sight for the past couple days, not sure what's up. Also I'll be heading up to NYC in a couple months, does anyone know of a B&M store that stocks SNS up there? Wondering if I should go ahead and order some stuff form END or wait and see if I can find anything in-store.
Also got the same email.
Wolf Vs Goat Charcoal and Maroon Plaid Flannel This was a rewards program shirt, in after dinner cut. Size: Medium Price: $150 Shipped in the US
Wolf Vs Goat Lounge Pants version 2.0 Size: 34 Price: $125 Shipped in the US Worn 3-4 times, will follow up with picks soon.
Damir Doma Beanie Been looking for a light beanie for summer, seems good. Are there any good alternatives?
Same for me, absolutely love the fit but having a hard time fitting my fat fucking head through the neck opening.
Loyal discount was working for black/white tees for me but not the dark stone. Also I was planning on getting 5 tees but shipping turned out to be 18 which is almost double what it's been in the past, did rates go up? Edit: Seems to be fixed now
Yeah I've seen a couple people here pick up their blazers so figured I'd give it a shot, also hard to go wrong for $140.
First yoox roulette, U-ni-ty Suit.
Annnnd I'm done for a while. Kapital & MMM WvG
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