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-Item: JERSEY SASHIKO VEE NECK TEE IN INDIGO -Designer: Kapital -Size: 3 (Please see attached size photo for measurements) Bought 2 years ago, 20-30 wears on it, washed ~8 times. Sadly have outgrown it.
-Item: La Jolla 727 in Black -Designer Stevenson Overall Co. -Size: 33 Waist (current): 36" Inseam (current): 32" -Fabric: 12oz Denim (Cotton 100%) http://www.soc-la.com/item.php?c=751 Bought these early last year but don't wear them much, soaked once and maybe worn 6 times. Bought from SENY on discount because the top button had broken off in transit, which they repaired with one of their own buttons.
Not in the above list from drew so adding in my name. 74 Lobuh ($380) 75 jmichael ($780) 76 lolhowdoes ($380) 77 schultjr ($1553) 78 Melbush ($855) 79 nawres ($380) 80 noirwest ($780) 81 rival3537 ($1250) 82 giaour ($380) 83 x_quest ($380) 84 FatCatPhil ($780) 85 binsed ($820) 86 Outlawcowboy ($820) 87 ghg33 ($780) 88 milesshen ($1690) 89 sotnem ($885) 90 theamericanist ($830) 91 ktown ($795) 92 cjchanger ($830) 93 pawnchyoface ($880) 94 arnoldpettibone (1560) 95...
Know when yall are getting any more of the 3Sixteen heavyweight shirts in stock? Looking to pick up a pack of the pocketless Gray and Black in size M.
Any place with Aesop on sale?
Looks like Unionmade got in their stock, anyone got one of their blankets before? I like the look of them but the price is a bit steep.
Brooklyn Tailor White Oak Indigo Denim Oxford -Size: 03 (Medium) -Price: 60 Shipped in US
A.P.C Denim -Petit Standard fit -Black (Little bit of grey weft in them) -Washed 4-5 times -Size: 30 however they fit more like a 32 because of standard APC stretching.
The Strike Gold - SG 1109 Denim I've had these for a couple years now but haven't worn a lot, sadly they no longer fit me. Washed 3-4 times, minimal fading so far. -Size: 32 -Price: 220 165 shipped in the US
Yup I've got the same message from the sight for the past couple days, not sure what's up. Also I'll be heading up to NYC in a couple months, does anyone know of a B&M store that stocks SNS up there? Wondering if I should go ahead and order some stuff form END or wait and see if I can find anything in-store.
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