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Same for me, absolutely love the fit but having a hard time fitting my fat fucking head through the neck opening.
Loyal discount was working for black/white tees for me but not the dark stone. Also I was planning on getting 5 tees but shipping turned out to be 18 which is almost double what it's been in the past, did rates go up? Edit: Seems to be fixed now
Yeah I've seen a couple people here pick up their blazers so figured I'd give it a shot, also hard to go wrong for $140.
First yoox roulette, U-ni-ty Suit.
Annnnd I'm done for a while. Kapital & MMM WvG
My flannels are on their way, can't wait! Also lounge pants 2.0 are the shit, been wearing them all week.
When will the summer trousers be available to order?
Any idea when Tres will be getting S/S MMM stock in? Debating on waiting for them to get in some more Replicas before I place an order.
Looking for MMM low-top sneakers in black or white, size 43. Pricing depends on condition/wear.
That'd be nice, I've been wanting a holster like Crossbread/Whitehat without the branding/cheap looking belt clips.I have a Sig p238 that I love and carry in a desantis but will probably be looking at a IWB soon to get away from pocket carry.
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