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ALLSAINTS Cigarette Jeans - Size: 32 - Faded Black Fair amount of wear, there is a small dime-sized hole in the left pocket where the pocket fabric meets the denim. $60 Shipped, US Only Paypal
Damir Doma Silent Grey/White Tee - Size: M - worn once $100 72 Shipped, US Only Paypal
Rogue Territory Raindrop Camo Officer Trouser in size 31, worn 5~ times. $110 Shipped, US Only Paypal
Up for sale is my MA-1 in Black Lamb from Falcon Garments. Worn once and has been sitting in my closet, love the jacket but doesn't fit the way I wanted it. Sizing is attached as an image. $715 520 Shipped, US Paypal
Up for sale is my TOJ A2 black lamb bomber with collar. Don't have the original sizing but fits somewhere between a small and medium. Shoulder: 17.5" Chest: 20" Front Length: 20" Sleeve: 25" $500 365 Shipped, US Only Paypal
Up for sale is my TOJ0 in Navy/Black (lamb) in stock size 50, doesn't fit me anymore unfortunately and has been hanging in my closest for the past year. Bought back in 2013. $375 275 Shipped, US Only. Paypal
I tried it with the $12 bag of coffee and it worked, looks like it doesn't apply to cold brew or the $10 bag for some reason.
Looks like it may only work on orders over a certain amount, I got a bag of beans and cold brew and it worked for me.
Worked fine for me on coffee. Mmmm
This might be answered better classic menswear but figured I'd look here first. I was invited to a cocktail party in a few weeks and wanted to double check on proper attire, as I rarely dress up. Planning on a Navy suit, white dress shirt, black shoes/belt, and no tie. Would that be fine?
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