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I tried it with the $12 bag of coffee and it worked, looks like it doesn't apply to cold brew or the $10 bag for some reason.
Looks like it may only work on orders over a certain amount, I got a bag of beans and cold brew and it worked for me.
Worked fine for me on coffee. Mmmm
This might be answered better classic menswear but figured I'd look here first. I was invited to a cocktail party in a few weeks and wanted to double check on proper attire, as I rarely dress up. Planning on a Navy suit, white dress shirt, black shoes/belt, and no tie. Would that be fine?
I would say they fit large for their size, I remember somewhere in the buttero thread saying to size down a half to one full size. I usually wear a 9-10 depending on the brand and with these I have plenty of extra room in the toe box area but it fits very snugly around the heal.
Rebel mesh tank in black. worn 10ish times and washed 3-4 times. Size: 2/M
Curve U-Neck in White. Worn 2 times. Size:3/L
Curve U-Neck in Black, worn 3-5 times washed once. Size: 3/L
Tall black suede Buttero side-zips. Worn less than 10 times still in great condition. Size is 9.5.
Stark double beanie in blue. Worn once.
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