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Its like a panic attack, but times infinity.
Doh. Of course Aladdin. I heard DPS is pretty solid, but I have never seen it. .
Just want to help bring on a picnic attack. Noodles, there has never been any SF mantra against SBs with peak lapels.
Perhaps you should get out of edmorels pants.
First post, stands on roof. Win in my book.
And to think prices have only risen but fractionally!
We do anything!
Summer is really killer because I feel like every thread I open in SWD is filled with bitching and whining. I get less of this from my kids. Damn, guys.
Fun fact I learned today! When you scratch/ding, and then polish, platinum, no metal is lost. The metal is just being displaced and replaced. Whereas with gold, you are losing a nominal amount of gold each time you polish it, to re-level the surface. Or so I was told by a very reliable source anyways.
New Posts  All Forums: