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I hope that when I reach the 25 year mark, my wife will begin to feed my lunacy.There is only one cleaner that I ever take anything too. Polovoy.
Pleasantly surprised with the loud tie challenge entries so far. I am pretty fortunate in that I can pretty much wear whatever I want to work as long as it's not shorts and a T-shirt. Also jeans and polo shirts are a no go, but outside of that I have free reign.
This is actually a really good idea.Also, although glasses kind of do suck, there are a lot of cool glasses out there that can add a lot to a fit. Take advantage of the opportunity.
You look nervous. Did you get cool frames?
That is one suck ass dress code.
I think ima pass on this one.
Its a pchop of my pic on the alpine slide. Courtesy of @Ken P !
I remember the picture well. By a tree iirc.
And TWATs!
From all the pillow talk?
New Posts  All Forums: