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I want a guy with a white shirt and an ooooood jacket...
Yeah, a few months ago. Got railroaded. Back been messed up since then, but defo a lot better now than at first. Hopefully Ill be 100% again soon. Thanks for the well wishes.
Getting there, but not 100% yet. Thanks for asking!
I feel like he maybe was being not serious there.
They better!Good man.
As I noted, it wasn't an exhaustive list, homie.
Whether or not there is right and wrong there are definitely things/guidines that lead ones to looking better. I belive the single most important factor is coherency. It's when people begin to stray from that that things start to fall apart imo. There are a million ways to look great within the universe of "tailored menswear." Just to name a few vibes, Barims, Vox, EFV, Manton, Tira, Cleav, O/O, TTO, The Armoury Crew, Nick, Braddock, Spoo... These are guys that all dress...
Good man.Low blow!
^^ noice ^^
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