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welcome to the ghost legs club.
frank, i cant wait to see that fit in the NMWA gallery. i was looking forward to wearing mine with the niche paisley print shirt, but now i feel like it so minimal compared to your proposed layer explosion. : (
You are welcome to it, but as far as any kind of lengthy dialogue, PM might be best. I think that we have both stated our views here, and it is for me a more personal subject than an academic one, so Id rather not go deep into it in public, and at this point its pretty off topic for the thread anyways.Im not saying that you should not post your reply here, rather that its more likely than not that I will feel uncomfortable replying to it here.
frank - buy it now and thank me later. its one of my favorite piece i own.
thanks, man.get the valve jacket. it the most oft used clothing item have bought in a long while.
brilliant observation.
sheeeeit, i voted for a lotta fit here. great challenge.
howdy, pope. on my way!thanks, pingson. its the carmina oxford brogue captoe. you are not the first to say that, and its a very valid observation. why thanks you so very much, murl.
thanks, mang. kop kop kopitty kop.
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