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65 new posts!! Who posted a life changing fit? kg? ghost? diniro? synthpope? Noap. Utter trash. Not even effing glaciers, or swagburgers, or anything of amusement or even general educational value. Just. Utter. Trash. And fwiw. I think the entire concept of trolling is a waste of everyones time and brains space. An occasional prank by a general non troll is sometimes lolzy. But persistent and consistent trolling, complete waste of the communities time. Someone please...
Cautious enuff.
You are a true gentleman. Also, I was hoping you would say that. : )
Thanks. Go for it.Speaking of....
Great watch, BH.
U rock.
Epic news. Sucks I missed the pony drop.
Away for a day.
I get a pony? Mostly ok. Thanks, mayne.
Indeed. Ill look for your bill in the mail.
New Posts  All Forums: