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Im slipping. Had I not been indecisive on the phrasing Id have nailed it.
My pleasure. I should do that, would save me hours a day of time spent futzing with my shirt.
Point break was only good because of how obscenely bad it was.
Im guessing he does get indigo transfer and he does not care because unicorns.
I would cuff regardless of WIW.
It was magnificent.
Such a great combo. Amirite, @SpooPoker ?Looks great. ---NS, now I wanna send my AP in just to get a cool travel box. I also almost spent a couple hundo to buy some old AP desk signage. Thought better of it at the last minute.
You really should have, because you suck. GET OUT!!Also, that link was superb, Crusty with a goatee, a classic Orgetorix post, good times.I dont even know what my first WAYWRN fit pic was, but it was miles worse than yours or Clags'.---In other news, Don C, that it is you at your best. Well done.In other other news, AAS, not sold on jacket fit, but I like the colors and items together a lot.Big thumbs up to tha bof uv yooz.
Man, nahneun has got to be the most misunderstood guy here. He is such a teddy bear.----Recurring SWD troll.---Agvs, I know I have said this before, but I dig your style hard. really like that fit.---Bene, fo srs, with that kind of lighting its almost like whats teh point? I mean, I cant even try and give you feedback based on those. : (---Oh, I heard you guys were talking about post count today.
You must to kop.Also the S/S squares are hot fire.Also also, Greg, is my Memory coat ready yet?
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