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Echoing Greg's sentiment on Tweedy's winter tie assortment. A2, agreed. I think there is far more variation when it comes to fit than there is to coherent combinations. Much harder to define. As a quick example, Id say that both O/O's and Nick P's clothes fit just right and yet they are miles apart. And those are just 2 extremes, there is plenty of room in the middle too. Its just harder to define within specific set guidelines. The best way to learn is to post pics and...
Yup. Trading is fine, just needs to be done in the marketplace, and not in the middle of other threads.
This is correct. I recommend a punched cap toe. Works with suits and SCs. St. James/II or Vass on NMWA are great option but I am sure less pricey options are available too.All other opinions are wrong.Legit these are the only split toes shoes I can think of off hand that I like.---Jrd, sorry but no. Gift ties are fine, trades I think no.
Huge congrats, and looking forward to your continued success.
Good stuff, guys. Happy to help, S. I really should've picked up that tie myself.
You are such a disgusting turd, Clags.
Inglese check is gawgus.
As noted in Noodles thread, sleeves dont appear to be falling right for some reason. Body looks great. Waiting for experts to comment.
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