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1. That was me in the double monks taking down the machete wielding bandit. 2. AAS, not sold on the cardigan on top of the V-neck sweater, but take away that blue cardigan and I think it is perfect. Thanks for putting that together for me!
Agreed. Its also often ideal with a gray suit fit.
Macjedi - Hober untipped are great for summer. Black shoe hate is beyond moronic. There are no words.
Thanks, trip d. Great info. Soon we can boot and AP broes!
ZOMG me too !But I dont wear them nearly enough. For shame.
for dame page for ill fitting lasts. After some quick research I quite like the 82 last as well.
Yeah, there are almost too many options lol. I really have not looked into it much yet, but I know that I love the 888 last. Also like the 82 a lot on that boot.
The Galway is what appeals to me most at present.
Thanks! Those are the first pair of high end shoes I ever bought. G&G Westminsters on the MH71 in Vintage Oak, from Bespoke England. The 71s are much more "normcore" than the 73s or the 70s. I have 3 pairs on the 71, 2 on the 73, one on the 70 (probably going to sell those), and one on the 06.
New Posts  All Forums: