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It gives them a chance to shine!
I would say to put the kibosh on kops for a month minimum and try not to be on SF too much when you are around her. The initial shock has clearly not worn off yet. You can buy her all the Prada in the world, she will still be mad about your kops and indulgence of SF. Just peel back a little on SF time that she would notice and hold off on kops. I bet if you do that for a month and then slowly increase to a level that is not insane it will be ok.
Presumably he does not like the half moon shape of the pretty wide spread collar, but I think its A-Ok. T&T is a picky dude. Old news.
If you are gonna wear that coat, thats the way to do it I guess.NIce pick up.---Cox, from left, 2, 5, 7, 10, are my faves.
Last day for voating!!
Im failing to see the "problem" here.---Very rexy, Murl. I often think that PSs are more effective without a tie than with, and that was an excellent execution.
Thanks for the review, Namor. Been considering that for a while, that pushed me over the edge.
Troo fax.---Superb, Pingson, Braddock and EFV.
Link so I can kill them?Same here.
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