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Will google for kops. Thanks!
Will not kop.
Noted. What do ninjas wear for footgear?
Inis will fit me perfectly. Want so hard.Og Starter gear makes me feel like a kid again. Want so hard.Im an Oakley homer since day 1. Have 4 pairs, including the Whisker, which may be my fave pair all time.Lol I do not think the hats are of teh Jooesh.
Oh wow this will be fun. Thanks for getring it done, kg. I may buy a gi and mask and sandals and a kitana blade for this.
Hahaha WIN!
Does Ms. Ghost know she is dating an internet celebrity?
Inis jacket and Dodgers jacket are amazing. Are those the Oakley whiskers? That Burberry trench is so shiny it looks like CGI, wow.
I saw it 3 times. I like it a lot.The Drop was kinda cool, but way too long for what it was. Would be a great short imo, but its not full length feature material. Worth it to watch Gandolfini and Hardy though, Id say.---Anyone see Boyhood?
Placed 7 votes, much more than my usual. Good stuff.
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