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Luke, that is a fantastic picture. Awesome.
Oh wow.I would imagine that the manufacture would require them to do that so the pricing would be equal across the board for identical models.
I know exactly what you mean. It definitely doesn't look bad, and if you like the little bit of roominess and drape, there is no need to really mess with it.
If you have less than 10 pairs of socks, yeah thats a problem. Otherwise, its just good sense.
Yes, obviously there are places where it gets that cold. Such places are the exception, not the rule. But, thb, I was clearly stirring the pot, and anyways, people have different reaction to cold the same way they do to heat. You cant compare one person to the next as far as resistance is concerned. Shame on me for being hyperbolic.
Also, I dont know much about finance, but this made me lol.NYT:WSJ:
The real feel here is presently 8 degrees. It gets damn cold here. The driving to work is a fair point, but I walk plenty, and as long as i have pants, a shirt, a sweater, and a coat with a high neck, Im fine. I also need to amend my last post, I do wear gloves if I am walking for an extended time period.
So much awesome outerwear. That gray Barbour is redonk.
So, its February. Have MSRPs skyrocketed yet?
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