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Just not falling smoothly and shapely. Could be the shirt or the way you are holding your arms though.
I too enjoy hobnobbing and chatting with ADs and boutiques, provided the people working their are both knowledgable and nice. Its always fun to talk watches with fellow enthusiasts. LIKE HERE!!!
I placed one vote after seeing one of the fits and I did not even check the rest of field. Is that bad? I may or may not be lying though.
I dont know if this has been a factor, but lately I have sometimes only caught up after a week and I know I have bumped a number of fits from 19 to 20.
Hard to tell from pics, but body looks good. Sleeves look weird to me for some reason though. :/
Over time you notice. My Rolex ran a minute or so fast a month and my AP runs about a minute or so slow a month. I set my watch to my phone and when I feel the discrepancy is too much I just reset. I actually enjoy the excuse to unscrew the crown and change the time. Its fun.My JLC ran spot on for about 7 years though. Pretty awesome.LOVEI have about 100 catalogues in my closet, from about every brand out there. I love em.All free, but obviously these things, like...
GTFO.Oh. Nice shoes. I really need to kop me Buttero sneakers some day.
Im wearing white cords today and I look awesome. Suck itttt!---Nick, top pic super sleazy cool, bottom pic super serious cool. I like.
INORITE. Thnx for stocking them.Pretty much yes.
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