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Look up! The Memovox was a pretty watch, but no grail.
congrats, koy.
congrats, grad!!!
im am pleasantly surprised to see so many patterned grenadines here. would have expected more solids.
YES!!!---gr8 look, MF.
nopenope. new to my grail list, but not new to my desires. not by a long shot.WE HAVE SOME WINNERS!!!!15400 with a white dial. want. so. bad. im considering selling my current watches to try and fund one. gaaahhhhhh the first lust is the hardest one.
Steel28, but which one? Sidebar 1 - My old grails are still grails, I just don't expect to be owning them anytime in the near or distant future. Sidebar 2 - I have long wanted this watch, or something in its family, but until now it had not reached grail status.
Well, it is official, I have a new grail watch. I have a lot of grail watches, but most of them are mostly unattainable unless something magical happens to me. But this one, in time, could be a reality. Any guesses?
helluva sneak preview. i need a napkin.
i prefer the navy, but you should make sure you have some gray jackets, like on that model, if that is what you go with. the brown is too dark a brown for me to love.
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