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Over time you notice. My Rolex ran a minute or so fast a month and my AP runs about a minute or so slow a month. I set my watch to my phone and when I feel the discrepancy is too much I just reset. I actually enjoy the excuse to unscrew the crown and change the time. Its fun.My JLC ran spot on for about 7 years though. Pretty awesome.LOVEI have about 100 catalogues in my closet, from about every brand out there. I love em.All free, but obviously these things, like...
GTFO.Oh. Nice shoes. I really need to kop me Buttero sneakers some day.
Im wearing white cords today and I look awesome. Suck itttt!---Nick, top pic super sleazy cool, bottom pic super serious cool. I like.
INORITE. Thnx for stocking them.Pretty much yes.
Ties arrived along with my first note from Jessica.
Hello again. Sorry for name dropping the Comex and then disappearing. The watch belongs to a friend of mine who is in the business, so I don't really feel comfortable posting pictures. I was just gauging the interest level in case there was a buyer here. :-) In other news.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Lets settle it the usual way!! Settle it the usual way!!
Not a bad last at all, Clags, but not awe inspiring enough for a theoretical one shoe for me. The 348, oddly enough, is the CJ last that does not hurt my feet. The Dovers on the 606 are delectable. We have very different shoe last tastes though. I prefer the GG 71 and 73, and the Vass U, and the Carmina Simpson.
Nah man, you look great.Sick fit there, kg.
I caved. Brown panama silk and green paisley ties ordered.
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