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Sweet. Thnx.
Welcome to WrongsvillePopulation: Sugar Bish
Bencraft Hatters. Not sure if you can order online, but you can certainly order on the phone. Im sure there are also places in Toronto, I just dont know the store names there.
What are they?Lol gdl gifs are best gifs.
Has anyone made any MLK or Inception jokes yet? Because now would really be the time.
Nice, SVB, but I would have gone dark brown shoe there probably. And probably had some blue in the shirt. But then it would be a different ensemble really.
Are we arguing about who has the biggest truck, now?
Thanks, I like it too, a.
I too wish both of these things, but if I were more flush neither of them would prevent me from picking that up. Hopefully it'll still be around in the near future.
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