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Looks great on you. Thanks! Getting polished now. Should be a quick sale.
One suede, mid or dark brown cap toe oxford with medallion. Ala the Vass on NMWA or St. James/II from GG, but with a medallion.
Looks great, chen! Glad you found one.
I was going to say that. About myself that is. But CM beat me to it, that poop face!Though, he was probably joking, I am dead serious.
I have not forgotten! I also have not taken pics in a while. : (Donated by a generous mutual friend.All in good time!
Who wants a comex in the most perfect condition ever?
Mmmmmmmmm shearling...
Its awesome and I am ashamed that I dont have it.
Under utilized? I probably have 40 shirts in my closet from STF. Its my go to place for shirts. And yeah, Ian is one of the nicest guys out there.---What happened today, guys? I made it through about 30 of 168 unread posts and gave up on my crappy home DSL.Yes, I will be asking this question regularly with my new schedule not allowing for near the web time I used to have.
Buy a second one! ---GMM, nice SC. maker?
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