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yo clags, those pants look black on my monitor.
Yes! Yes you did!
looking good, man. glad to provide you some suspense and thrills.
from the left:1: spoo to sell for you.2-3: send to spoo, he can pull them off or sell them.4-5: keepers.6: spoo to sell for you.sup @SpooPoker
hmmmmm. i really like a lot of these options. very much like the british idea, but i fear participation will be low, and it really will be a very hard concept to vote on. i will pick one of these idea by tonight.
ha! i was thinking that that fit fit very well could have been you.
he will undoubtedly look awesome in it, and i have PMed him as such.
Not a bad idea at all l2b. I was thinking to maybe do a no tie challenge for the warm weather. We did one a while back and I think it was pretty good. Both options are solid. kulata, that is a nice theory, but realistically, we will be able to recognize most, if not all, of the contestants. Also, I dont think most have the skills to crop out all the surroundings without horribly butchering the pics with MS or PB paint/blur. Any more thoughts? I want to roll this out by...
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