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Thanks.I do! Where you have been? Im actually pretty kick ass at it.Its an Italian shirt so Ill allow it.
Perhaps. But I cant guarantee it, so don't nobody wait on me.
Mulan, I have those same gloves and they are awesome. The strip does help to tighten it up and give it a nicer shape around the wrist.
Weak sauce, Canta. Happening to choose a crappy pic of a SC and a BD, does not your point make. The spread there is really a cutaway tho, and it does look good, but that does not negate a great BD with a jacket also looking great.
Please do say that, Doc.
It would look smashing with no lapels. Hell, it would look smashing just draping 3 yards of the fabric around your body, but I think it will hit max levels of amazeballs, with peak lapels. But, Im out so I have no say, and it will be awesome regardless, so have it gents, notch or not.
The issue I have with the last one is, once again, the thin red stripe runs right into one of the check lines, and that irks me. if it was a red/blue block stripe I think it would have been much better looking.
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