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Awesome NMWA meetup. Thanks for putting it together, @unbelragazzo, and thanks to all who attended, twas a lot of fun.
That old adage is one of the most ludicrous sayings ever, and likely originated with the goal of selling expensive clothing to people.I love fine things and all, but the man makes the man. Nothing one owns, not clothing, not accessories, not houses, not boats, not islands, make you who you are, and if one in fact defines themselves by any of their belongings, they have a long way to go to being a man.When I said watches over clothing I simply meant that as a hobbyist I am...
It is not yet cold enough for coats here.
Memory coat arrived. Unreal. Thanks again Greg & Co.!
I dont know if that is factually correct, but it might be. o_0
It is not. Mine sold a while back. For a nice amount too!
Owe. Emm. Ghee.TSS shop coat also looks awesome.
Link to Craig cardi plz.
Thanks! Received and payed for. BOTH!!
I do not recall receiving such an email. Plz to resend?
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