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In case anyone missed the link in WAYWT, myshoeiswet has posted the voting thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/451777/vote-now-sw-d-challenge-outfit-backdrop-synergy-1-04-15-1-25-15/0_100
Awesome. You should give MC casual lessons to folks. Up the ante.
Great info, eluther and bdeuce, thanks. I have been waffling on getting a pair of Buttero sneakers for forever. I really like them, but felt I didnt have much to wear them with. Maybe these EG pants will push me over the edge. : )
I think trying to critique womens clothing within the same guidelines as you would mens clothing, specifically MC clothing, is almost laughable. The style, silhouette, drape, definitions of coherency, and options of variety are so vastly different. Tira already said this, but its worth repeating.
Well played with the bow tie, Crusty. Nice move indeed.
Thanks, Ill try to do so over the weekend.
I think having a signature look is a bit overrated. Its fine to have a variety of different looks you can put together as long as they are all coherent and consistently good. Its one thing if you happen to like dressing a specific or particular way, but if you dont have that by nature, I see no wrong in putting together different vibed fits.
Most excellent SC, Anden.
Dino - Tell us naow!!! Belli - Looks great, time to do some peeling. Dach - Congrats! Nemo - I hate you too, so I guess it all works out! :-)
Thanks!!---Aleks, I have always been wary of chrono24, and I generally find that the asking prices there are higher than most other places.
New Posts  All Forums: