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The best fabrics to date are the original F/W offerings.#biased
Comparatively perhaps, but as an owner of that same suit, I cannot in good faith call it an FU suit.
Murl does have a lovely house.
Noodles: 1. Lol at the Formosa PoW being an FU suit. Its essentially a solid gray from a few feet out. 2. Its a F/W and maybe start of spring suit, but past that its too heavy imo. In any case, HANJOY because its awesome!!
@Parker, why did you take down your record setting fit pic? I like to look at from time to time for inspiration.
Of course my fave of the batch is a wool/linen mix.
V nice, Adolesco.
Belli, I love that watch/movement. The finishing is unreal.
Neighbors. Was in the mood for something in the 90 min range and silly. It was by no stretch a particularly good movie, but it had a number of true laugh out loud moments. Id say its not a bad watch if you want some asinine humor that will get a good laugh out of you.
Paired it down to 2 just now. Now the chances of going from wishlist to cart are much higher!---@Anden, I think both those ties are great looking. However, because I am a huge brand whore, and I dont really know much about the TYT brand, and for some reason the brand does not appeal to me, maybe its just because I think the name is so bad, idk, it just leaves me cold, I cant get myself to pay the $90+ price for their wares. On sale at like 50% off, maybe. Ymmv obvi because...
New Posts  All Forums: