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Have you seen em in person?
Dont leave! Well, I know you are way before 2010, but thats when I first joined and I recall you posting fits with some frequency back then.
Super Awesome look, Synth. ZOMG MTO coats!!!! Forecast calls for a high likelihood of me making my first ever Big John kop.
Best "yes we going to be in a bed together tonight" look - EFV Best "yes i really am this cool" look - Anden Best "Im seeing your future and its not looking good" looking look - SeaJen Best is it CBD or is is spreez? look - Seamaster Luuxxxxxxxxe Best pocket pool pose look - timo Best blue on blue on blue look - Gerry Best actual CBD look - Mistah Chrisss Best use of pink shirt look - SVB Participatory awards - Everyone else
PandA and gnatty in succession, its like 2010 all over again!!! You two need to round up our other lost members. Thnx!
Not possible because I have not submitted an entry. But now I really have to get a green SC.
Same here. The black is very nice, but the white faced RN dial is one of mt fave DJ dials.This is awesome. I want one so bad now.I love it to death that green crystal. Seen a few in person and they are some of my favorite models.
Hallo @nicelynice !!!---Thanks, Iso, and thanks for all the thumbs, feedbacks and compliments, errone. ---@Synthese, that is super cool, and the belts looks like you have just made a few purchases from....Spacepopes Intergalactic Arms & Supply Shop!!PS: Deets on pants?
I love shantung because TEXTURES ARE AWESOME!!!
Plus 1 to MF. Some wool and cashmere blends would probably be a really nice addition for Noodles this coming fall and winter.
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