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There is always debate about it. I think its silly. There are plethora of ways to successfully pair navy pants. Just ask gdl! I hope this upcoming challenge proves this point of view, and not the opposite. :/
It's interesting to me that for most part as I watched the show I did enjoy the episodes. However, as I finished watching the season two finale it made me realize that we are not really all that much ahead of where we were when we started. I would really like to see some actual movement in the story and characters.
Worst, yes. Remotely interesting or new concept as a character, not so much.
Is it just me or has this show basically produced 20 episodes and aside for maybe three cool scenes with Mike, absolutely nothing has happened.
Lol, I cuff all my pants. We really need to have that drink.
Awwwwwww yissssssss
Too late tho. Congrats @CruzAzul on your victory! What's next?
Odd. I guess I messed up there. I have fixed it now.
New Posts  All Forums: