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both look good, top looks perfect.
you usually do. AYO !
also, as a texture whore, i think anything that would be most me-ish, would have to be something with lots of texturey textures. because YAY TEXTARS THEY ARE TEH BEST EVAR!!!my fit from the last FC was very me in that regard (see below) even if not stereotypically me stylistically. [[SPOILER]]
MoK, yasssss.
is that a euphemism?
mac, that is superb.
if you sell that coat i will smack you in the nuts so hard next time we meet up.
i cant say i would put 1 season mini series shows into the same category as multi season shows. hard to compare the two.that being said, i surely agree about the wire, sherlock i hold reservation until the series is over, but its awesome. GoT is a super fun show, with huge entertainment value, but id never rank it an all time great show with the likes of BB, sopranos, wire, MM, and so on.yeah, i want to go back in time and experience it again. watching all of it in 2 days...
1. my wife knows my passcode. it irks me, but then again, if i had anything to hide, she would be all the more in the right. 2. i wish i was better about maintaining my body/physique.
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