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ah, cool. i was gonna say as long as its from this spring/summer, id allow it. i gave you the benefit of the doubt.
agree. its a cool bonus to have on a jacket, but with RTW i think it hurts more customers than it helps.
lucky you. they are a few inches too long for me.
congrats, Mok!
thats a shame. i have noticed that a lot of the bogliolis have long sleeve lengths, which is is an easy fix if not for the pre-made functional cuffs.i love the semi washed out look for summer SCs.
simply beautiful. what a great watch. thanks for the pics, gaz.
v nice.now lets see some pics of that PP 5124.
MC FRIDAY CHALLENGE POAL IS UP! COME VOAT!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/406098/summer-tie-friday-challenge-7-25-2014/0_20
FRIDAY CHALLENGE POAL IS UP AND RUNNING!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/406098/summer-tie-friday-challenge-7-25-2014/0_20
alright then, the poal is up!!!!
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