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Yes, we agree. The jacket and pants work well enough, but the actual tie and shirt are all wrong. All together, as is, not good.
Nice coat, FM. Rest of fit far too busy for me. I have to say, for a guy that talks a lot about restraint, and the uber intellectual/academic points of coherent dress (iirc), and general trying to make clothing make sense kind of things, you sure do put together, and generally wear, some pretty outre stuff. Jussayin.
I meant the whole pic. Im sure some of the items are individually wearable, but the ensemble is turrble. He looks like a clown.
Teh Inis hath landed!!! Waiting for boss to leave so I can try on.
Will there be any lobbyists in attendance? I have a matter to discuss.
Silver Fox Award - Sheepy
So much Panta....
Voted Cleav.
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