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Love. Thanks for the info, man.
I want one.
Murl, that looks to work to me. Archi, I wasnt talking about moleskin. But most moleskin I see is not wool SC material. Then again, I have no experince with dressy moleskin.
I almost always hate cotton trou and a wool SC. Needs to be luxe cotton like the NMWA Roats and very country SC to work, imo, and even then its no sure thing. Tweedy, Ill get pics tomorrow in natural light.
Cordial, just keep that link in your signature line and out of the post text, and refrain from posting about your blog or refernceing it in your posts, and you are fine, as far as the rules.
Cool beans.
ITS A TIE!!! Your move @nicelynice and @ghostface.
Well done, A2. When do the poll go up?
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