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Wearing mine today, one of my all time fave NMWA items. Enjoy it.---Doz pents do...
Late to the game here. If I had to have 5 SCs (lol thats essentially how many I have) they would be: S/S navy F/W navy S/S check F/W check 4 season brown
Hell yes it does. Sometimes I wear all 4 pairs at once.I can and will still make fun of you.
Mom! Meatloaf!! (not sure why this is relevant)
T3C, I bet if you fix your camera angle and had pics that were more square and less rectangular that would be half the battle. You are a tall, skinny guy, and I think you were the right clothes for your build, but I think the pics are fighting against you.
How does a real life ninja handle the cold?
Last time he wore that SC with different color trou you suggested gray. He said he tried gray and did not like it. Now he is saying after another go he does like it. Kahpish?---Looks great, PoP.Clags, excellent tie to chair matching.Anden, great looking new SC.Shen, epic coat. Its a beaut.
I like this one. Shen would be an early favorite.---Congrats, Sander!
I need Whiplash to make itself available for streaming like now.
So you agree with me. Awesome!
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