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Now. THATS what Im talkin bout!
I quite like that Levah sneaker. Really nice. Not sure Id go that route for a six hunnit dollah sneekah, but looks great to me. Will add that it looks like a crepe sole and those get dirty fast and are really hard to clean ime.
Nicely done! I lost on all the items I bid on this week. But hey, more money for Spoo AMIRITE!
So 44 might work for me then?!
So many words !
I would agree to that. Would also add that some of their designs are pretty looking and I think their mechanics are quite good. They just lack some of the history and credibility of the other brands out there.
Don't care about size. Will buy no matter what. I didn't see it up in the listings. When is it going up?
Quite like this, AAS.
All. Dat. Brunelloooooooo. And loooove these. [[SPOILER]] Tell me moar abt this. [[SPOILER]]
I aint no VIP.V nice. HANJOY!I happen to quite like some of the Nicolas Rieussec models. Outside of that nothing from Montblanc has struck me as being memorable. Just my 2 cents.Absolutely love this.
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