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Sorry for lumping all the Spanish speaker dudes together.
This one is a warmer color-way I think, buy they are similar. If you are a baller, go for both! I probably wouldnt unless money was literally no object.The shatnez one? NEVAR! I hopped on the one that was a cool/cashmere mix. Fabric was Delfina or something.
Good to know, thanks. A little shrink would be good, but if they stretch I am going to be the sad. Very happy about the softening up.I WANT MY FORMOSA GUNCLUB!!! WHERE ARE THEY???????
I am loathe to say this, but I think another USA v The World is an effort in futility. The numbers just are not there, too many snappy dressers that occupy non US soil. We have been shellacked twice, and I see no reason why a third time would be any different.I think another location based team challenge would be great, but I think we need to break it down more and make more teams.Like maybe, USA, Scandinavia, Aussies, Central Europe, or something like that. Sucks for you...
Very cool, thanks.Its cray cray! Indeed I bought it to go along with the SS FW Merino charcoal coat. As to footwear, for now I will stick with my black MA+ ankle boots.
I think like 34 x 28 or something? hard to get exact measurements. Carteir has the size of the present version of that watch as 36, but this one is from 2008. She is a beaut. Now she needs to find a home!Great look, again. What jacket is that?
Thanks for the thumbs and the compliments, gents. Great looks, mac and crusty.
The Vanda donegals look a lot softer in the pics to me, they look like tie fabric donegal, not pant fabric donegal made into a tie. Hard to judge these things from stock pics, if Clags vouches for the KW, Im sure its awesome. I think I only have 1 donegal tie, from YHNT, I like it a lot.
My man!---@gdl203, @conceptual 4est, and other koppers of Big John jawnz.My Big Johns slim tapered black jeans arrived yesterday. They are awesome, but they are hard as a rock. Hurt my fingers buttoning them up. How long does it take for them to soften up and how can I hasten the process?The size is pretty good I think, definitely comfy in the top block, and I think slim enough in the leg, hard to say right now because they have not settled at all. Do they shrink, stretch,...
My man. I wish I had more friends IRL that cared a crap about clothing. As it stands I think there is my brother and 2 buddies, past that, no ones gives a damn much. My dad does enjoy my clothing, which is nice, despite his relative disinterest in fashion.One of the best movies I saw this year. Also, the wardrobes, like everything else, in Wes Andersons film, are always spectacular. Danny Glover and Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenebaums were so fantastically dressed. OTT...
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