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Indeed yes. Just turned one a few weeks ago. Thanks!Thanks you, sir. Pants are Rota from NMWA. Might be my most comfy and well fitting pents.Will has a look at the other vids.---Good looks Frank and EFV.
See smiling baby in last pic, you silly man.
The one in the link in your signature line. Are there others? ---
Inglese / Rota / Vass Greg, thanks for making the new Inglese with a lower down bottom button. World of difference. It makes babies happy.
SF after dark strikes again!
Nice video, foxtooth. Just watched it.
Those Isaia summer suits are money.
It's Parker's band with a smooth style of syncopationYou got to come on manAnd take a piece of Mister Parker'sClap your hands and take a piece of Mister Parker'sCome on man and take a piece of Mister Parker's band
Just buy everything. Its the gentlemanly thing to do.
New Posts  All Forums: