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Happy to acquiesce to this being strictly personal preference.- - -Have more to say on some previously posted fits. Will hopefully respond when at my computer again tonight, only on mobile for now.
All good, hombre.
@LAluck5Here goes. As polite as possible and meant to help not be mean. 1. Personally, I don't particularly love the tie, shoes, or socks. But that may be straight up subjective.2. I will assume that is a suit, even though in the separate pics on my computer the pants look to be a different color than the jacket, but that is probably just lighting. If it is a SC and trew, they are way too close in color and fabric texture to work together.3. If it is a suit, the tie...
@sebastian mcfox, really great fit but not feeling the scarf, particularly with the PS. Also, personally, not entirely sold on the tie/square pairing. Otherwise outstanding, per usual, and really love the detailing on the SC.
Fair points. Will keep it here, well argued.Thats a fine idea. I will try and respond to such requests within 24 hours.
Probably disqualified because these are not from this week, but never posted these on this side and might be good inspiration for teh challenge. Forgive me the indulgence.
Hmmmm. Good question. The main answer is that I really don't want to deal with blow-back from people who had no interest in my opinion. Not everyone wants that, which is fine. But then when that happens, it will have been a waste of time writing up the lengthy critique, and the ensuing brouhaha of, "Shut up I did right" ... "No, no, you really didn't, because x,y,z" ... "No, seriously shut up I did just fine because of a,b, c, and anyways I like it just fine as it is, even...
The Italians think your crazy. It provides great contrast, the same way contrast is great between other items. It really doesn't make sense to say that a tie and PS should contrast tastefully but a shirt and PS must have direct interplay. In any case, while you certainly don't have to like it - that is your prerogative, and that of anyone else who would like to posit that a white PS must be worn with a shirt that has white in it - but its a staple look that is well...
On the topic of white pocket squares with solid blue shirts, this combo won me a Friday Challenge some years back and I think it is fantastic. If I may say so myself. :-)
L.O.L.My version of brevity is different than the version of most, I believe.
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