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Late to the game, but whatever. The MC v SWD debate never tires to be tiresome. No idea why there is so much invested in making some kind of competition out of it. They both showcase excellent style when done right, and atrocious style when done wrong, and anyone who wants to invest equal time, effort and money in either one can be successful to one degree or another. No one has to like both, or either, for that matter, but neither one needs to achieve some kind of...
@venividivicibj, as a Denverite, implanted in Baltimore as a kid, I have no real "hometeam." My father was, and is, a dyed in the wool Broncos fan, like his father before him, OBM, and I always have been as well, as is my son. However, generations prior to me never cared much for the Nuggets and the Rockies came into play after I was already in Bmore. Essentially I was a man without a team for baseball and basketball, and I never really cared much for the Orioles, and I...
Great fit, Newc!
Only presently? Either way, it does not affect how correct I am about the matter at hand. :-)---Noodles, you are/were without a doubt an excellent customer. Truly. However, the last thing that I wanted to do was to get involved in last weeks difficulties. Not my place.
Best bball all time dynasties are: 1. Celtics 2. Bulls 3. Lakers 4. Who cares This is fact. And Im a Spurs fan.
Don't quite understand the dislike of the three striped ties that were posted. They look nice to me.
Kops made from Justin. Thanks, man!! --- WTL - All good. More suit-ey to me, but would also wear with a navy SC, in a more 'formal" type SC+trousers look.
You ate a whole girl?
Lots of great pick ups in here. Regarding servicing. As of late, in my line of work, I have found that for the most part, refinishing of a brushed surface is the only standard work item that I think factory service cant be beat. For almost any normal repair, standard service and lube, and for polishing of mirror finished surfaces, there are so many really great watch makers I have found that can do it for a fraction of the price, and have it back to you in a matter of...
New Posts  All Forums: