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you freaking better.
correct. only a striped tie is required, not suit or jacket.
Happy B day, B!
In other news, the new Friday Challenge thread is up. The theme is stripes!!! YAY!!! Go here for more fun and excitement: http://www.styleforum.net/t/404149/show-me-your-stripes-friday-challenge-7-11-14/0_20
New challenge!!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/404149/show-me-your-stripes-friday-challenge-7-11-14/0_20
Required: A striped tie and a jacket (jacket need not be striped, only the tie). Not required: Anything else. Time frames: Fits must be from this week. Fits Must be submitted by Saturday 9:00PM. Go!
i do not doubt they are brown, bro. i am just saying they do not look brown in the pic. ---kulata, crat, incontro, superb stuff.
For you, anything. This weeks challenge will be the striped tie challenge. Because striped ties are now my jam and because I think it will promote entries. Ill start the new thread sometime when I am bored at work later today.
Its summer. People are on vacation, or generally dressed down for summer. There is a marked decrease in traffic and both fits and posts per day, and thumbs, that I have noticed. I imagine come fall it will pick up again.
New Posts  All Forums: