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Yes, I well remember that now that you mention it. Peoples eyes view patterns different especially so in these cases where the pattern is not actually drawn, our eyes are drawing it, in this by connecting the dots (medallions) on Murls tie.That said, although one could connect the medallions in such a fashion that it would make squares similar in scale to the blue overcheck, think the combo looks good, and had no one said anything I never would have given it a second...
Hmmmm. Kamakura has a great roll, but obviously not the same shirting quality. I think all my "fancier" BDs are Borelli, sorry that is all the info I have.
First pair of Aldens and the corner of the SS NMWA Memory coat...
Been a while... Alden / no name / HF
By all means, please do. Agree to underlined portion of course.
Cam is a child. The only thing worse than him using the "I am who I am" excuse, is the fact that other sports commentators are backing him on that. If part of who you are means being a childish unprofessional, who is being payed tens of millions, and part of your job description is acting like a man even when the chils dont fall your way, perhaps you need to change "who you are" a little bit.
He is yet young. Hopefully he matures. Maybe he will learn to keep the dabbing to post-achievement only. Makes it sting less.
What happened? Yes, Im too lazy to find it and watch.
Thanks, archi!
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