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I definitely have more brown shoes than black shoes, probably 4 to 1, but there is no question that for the ensembles where I wear the black shoes, brown would have been a poor choice.
Saw it ! There are few Statham movies I have not seen.
Congrats on the weight loss, CM.
Bene, for some reason, I find that more often than not your shoes dont work with your fit for some reason. :/
Mostly because my boss wont give it to me for free. Its the Explorer 39mm 214270, random "serial" number, AD stamped date of purchase 12/26/14.lawlz we do not.
DLes that is so damn cool. Sorry, but I am presently over my thumb limit, Ill try and go back later and thumb it. Also, noice beard!
AAS, what you actually wore was ok, but that fit with the pink OCBD, no tie, and the cardi was pure win. Anden, that is great. Kind of rumply, very comfy and natural looking. Love it
Already watched Crank. Honestly tho, I am going to see Taken 3. I may wait for the streaming release, but I will see it. I am committed to completing the cycle.
Superb! Are those the Oxford on the GG06 last?YesNooooooooo
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