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Really like those summer fits mbaum and CD.
Clearly he has been chillaxing looking awesome.
I caved. 3 votes placed.
Mind blown.Also, Tony is still alive.
Re: Joan. Im not saying that I did not like her end. What I didnt like about it wad its abruptness and total lack of build up. It was forced and it was pandering. Everything was so last second. Like they realized they wasted a season with garbage filler and needed to fix it with tape at the end.
So I have been reflecting on the finale and the series for the better part of a day now, and while I am less perturbed than I was when I watched it, I am still left quite underwhelmed. As far as the pros go, pretty much all of the characters have been given a reasonable end, or at least clear path as to where they are headed, and the final shot, which I totally misinterpreted when watching it, was quite excellent. I think. Im not sure if I actually think that or I just...
Im saving my vote til the last minute. You never know what may unfold!
Even if that was genius, and Im really not sold it was, it does not make up for an almost entirely lackluster final season imo.
If that is what happened thats still a super lame ending in my book. It's almost a non ending. Idk. Whatever it was it was nothing great.
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