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whiners do the same for me!
i figured as much.the truth is like this, for me. pants that are cut like tchoys are going to be infinitely more comfortable for anyone who is not build like SVB. they allow a much greater range of motion, and are much more enjoyable to walk in, and especially to sit in. for a guy with a horrible top block like myself, i really should have trousers like that. like, all my trousers.the problem i find for me is twofold.1. i prefer the look of a slightly trimmer pant. i just...
i had been keeping an eye on this. kinda mad i missed the monumental occasion.i was about to be incredibly, incredibly, jealous. nah, i actually actively try and keep my posts less than greg here. i check the stats from time to time.
Syeknom so good. Love the avatar too.
^^ love that model. always have. that is a real proper throw back. ^^
noodles, you hate cappelli, we get it.
idk, maybe its just me, but there is a "bunch" behind his left knee that i dont love, and the right leg under the knee is kind of off to me. its a nit, but its just not what i prefer. its certainly not bad, its great even, its just not what i love, id like it a tad more crisp. you may now berate me for being a #menswear luzar!--HF - sublime.
A lovely fit indeed, but Id prefer some taper there. Not loving the drape that some of the excess fabric is causing. Ymmv.
I would agree. Also, as he is in the middle of taking a stride and has bent knees, it makes the hem look shorter than it actually is.
well, i like the color and neat pattern of the shibumi better, although the hober pic quality is for shit. but, id give a significant up to hober for being able to customize and get a better tie knot. also, pricing favors hober.
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