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Very very good, ryden. Love that sweater. Awesome, fuzzy, trio, Frank.
Thanks, Snoopy.
Lol jrd the cloth hoarder.
Oooooh! Im intrigued!--- Dino
Don't worry, Noodle man. Flannel is a must have. Just dont wear it every day, just to be safe.
Really? Sounds great! I want to do that. How often do you plan on that being?I think it is about twice the price.---As far as durability goes, it's something I'm always very nervous of, and therefore I try not to wear any suit more than a few times a month.
Thanks, guys.Good look, randomt.Well, this summer, if you dont stand me up, maybe we can make that happen.My wife is not going anywhere!Oh wait. Wrong beard.
Thanks, man. Its been a long and crazy journey. Still trucking along.
My suit? It is decidedly a chocolate brown.
I think it is. You cant compare the proportions of a suit made to compliment and drape your bodies exact measurements, from neck to heel, to a RTW suit altered to fit as close as reasonably possible. But yeah, I plan to keep doing that.Panta.
New Posts  All Forums: