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Your mistake is in thinking that a tie dimple is objectively supposed to be centered. Id say most people like it there, myself, and Noodles, included. However, not everyone wants that. Some people in fact prefer an off center dimple. Its a little more louche, and there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that. Its just personal preference. As long as the shape and length is right, there is no hard and fast rule regarding how centered the dimple should be.You dont have to like...
Indeed it is! With another in the works. ---Thanks, CD. Looking good your own self. Love the pose.
Never trust a man with a beard. You never know what he is hiding in there.#life lessons.Thanks, guys!
Edouard looking like Mr. Sechsay Pants! My wallet thanks me for not being a big scarf guy because there are some real winners there.
RTC Image 1 - Do not like any. Image 2 - Far left stripe ok for interview, far right ok to own, but am not enamored with either. Image 3 - Same as image 2 with the exception that I dont hate the middle tie as much as I do the one in image 2. Image 4 - Second from left is the only one I dont hate and its ok for an interview. Sorry to be so hateful, but I think its a pretty weak selection as far as nice ties go. Thankfully, you are in the right place to change that, if...
Looks great, RFX. Deets on the leather seats of the auto.
Lil bit MC ... [[SPOILER]]
Well, belated Mazel Tov!
Thats why, as Fok says, some people cant have nice things.I do my best to make up for the small percentage of psychos.
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