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I dont mind, but I do not have them handy at all. I will try and do that, on another time (crappy grammar, but I love that phrase).Yup, its tagged a 54 indeed.---Kulata, I think aside from the sleeves, the cut is great, ymmv I guess. Even the gut can easily be buttoned, its just a bit close for comfort. I dont know any measurements off hand, but I will try and post up, along with the arm measurements, on another time (TWICE!!!).
Never apologize for being awesome.
Not really a proper pic, but my new SC came back from the tailor, so what the hell. Sorry the lighting is teh suck.
Thanks, MF. I am very pleased with how I combined it, if I may say so myself. Was not in the mood for a tie today though.Lets get one thing out of the way, the lapel pin is why I kopped the jacket, its not going anywhere.I love the fit in the chest, and I love the lapels. The gut is a little tight, but if I lose some weight, which I should do anyways, I think that will be resolved. But tbh, I will probably wear it open more often than not anyways.The only real issue is the...
Inorite! Since he said he could part with pretty much all of them , I think the right thing to do is to send them to me.
I am also wearing a new jacket, btw.
I like it, CD, and think you have it paired well.
But enough about Barbour. Here is the new Eidos sportcoat. Sorry about the poor lighting. I'll wait for your comments before I share mine on the jacket.
gtfo---Great stuff, Belli. Thanks for the write up.
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