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Im somewhere between RFX and Belli on this, leaning more towards RFX. I think that IWC movement is boring as heck, and they could have easily spruced it up a little, and from a marketing/advertising standpoint, they know people are gonna see that and its gonna be all over the web, so it was kind of a dumb move I think. But if Im buying a closed back watch Id probably be more frustrated having a gorgeous movement that Ill never see than having a movement that is perhaps...
As do I.
Well, this will be interesting.
Where 2 kop og hl moleskin coat?
Thanks, broes.
Duly noted.
The Marlow is one of the best shoes all time. No Kanye.
Derp nvm
Thanks, man, but I like to think of it as brown AND green, so no competition there. Coat is Esemplare fishtail from last years NMWA offerings.Await? As if its not already here? Psssshhh.
DLes, looks ok to me, but looks not so comfy, like you have minimal range of motion.
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