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i had not seen that one before!! off to their site, thanks! edit - still dont see it there.
for this challenge, i have decided to use my fit from yesterday. suit is wool, light enough for spring/summer but warm enough for the chill that remains in the air from winter. the tie and shoe colors definitely hark back to fall, but together with a crisp white shirt and PS, they are just bright enough to usher in spring i think.
@shen - im also wearing linen!!!
i have been wearing the SS valve jacket almost every day since i bought it. i never would have guessed from the online pics, but its exceptionally versatile.seamlessly moves from SWD to MC imho. one day with an SNS, jeans and MMM space zips, and then i wore it yesterday with my rota herringbones, a borrelli shirt and GG monks. [[SPOILER]]
pretty much, yeah.
very cool, steve!confession time for me, something like this is pretty much what i wear probably 60% or more of the time. simple trou + shirt + some form of outerwear. [[SPOILER]]
evil - the silver tie looks a bit washed out against the white shirt to me, especially together with the similarly colored PS. rudals - nice fit, but you could benefit from a better camera angle. something more head on at chest level.
lawlz. btw, that was a dick way to approach the topic.
As long as the shirt has some nice texture to it, like a royal oxford or something, I am fine with the white shirt and a three patch pocket suit.
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