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1. I liked that PS. Dont know what all the fuss is about.2.More stuff I enjoyed viewing today. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah it was!
Looks great. Especially that tie.
Parenthetically, and personally, I have a hard time considering any watch that costs many thousands of dollars to be a beater watch. I never enjoyed scratches and scuffs on any of the watches I had. :/
Also, aside from the actual mm measurement, you have to keep in mind that some watches wear bigger or smaller than one might expect. All depending on things like the lugs, the case shape, and so on. That said, I have always been a fan of the 36 mm DJ and would always recommend it.
Pleasure! Check with Spoo. I got a pair from him and he might have some more in stock.Thanks! Same to you.
Cool beans, Justin. Brunello makes some great sneakers too.
Ah yes. That was a lot of fun!! Nice to see a pic. Enjoy it, buddy.
1. I am all for advocating that people be themselves. Be yourself and be happy. However, when being yourself, vis-a-vis clothing choices, leads you to look bad in the eyes of a lot of other people, don't get mad when those other people tell you that they think you look bad. You can still be happy about how you look, that is your right, but you also have to be ok with people telling you that they think you look turrble. Such is the dichotomy.2. Without offering any...
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