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Its not fair.---Lol more hate from jrd.
I love how for StyFo doods, myself included, the most important consideration regarding excersize and weight gain/loss is how it will affect your clothing.
I hear that. It makes me like it more now.Suks 4 U!So bad.
I was born in Denver. We come here every year to vacay. The Rockies rule.
Oh yes I am!
Depends on the neat and the jacket. That is certainly a more whimsical neat, so I think it lends itself to an odd jacket well. On the other hand, when wearing a solid navy SC, a more "formal" neat will also work well imo.
From a purely visual standpoint, I do not like the tie, but in that fit, it looks good. I would guess its not a very versatile tie. But the truth is, my ties dont get worn more than once or twice a year anyways, so I am not sure how important versatility for a tie is, when worn so infrequently.
Mountain Jew!
Open minds will always prevail.
I check emails on my phone at any time of night if I wake up.
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