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Sharkskin is usually to shiny for me. :/
Perhaps I will take this to heart and fulfill your wishes and desires.
T3C, I think those fits are pretty nice, and the new camera angle is a great success.
Personally, I was shocked.
CP, shirt/tie/jacket spot on. Unsold on square.
Selling hydroponics now?It done dropped and sold out already.
All good ideas.
Country wise I think it works, color wise its too saturated for me, and I dont love a denim shirt with a jacket and tie in general.Fwiw, I dont recall having an issue with teh shirt yesterday, but admittedly I was behind and skimmed a bit in my catching up.
Wore mine for over a year almost every day. Never got a single comment.Inb4DinowarnsaboutthelugsGood choice.I actually like this a lot, and congrats on the purchase!
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