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no regrets!
apparently there is confusion as to the requirements here. so, to be clear. you must wear a tie, and the tie must be striped. you must wear a jacket, but it does not need to be striped. PSs, shirts, pants, belts, socks, shoes, undershirts, underwear, are all optional.
oh jeez, guys. one has to wear a tie and jacket. the tie needs stripes and the jacket does not.i was hoping someone would do better and leave out the pants too.
hope so!
same here.
damnit. sorry about that.this. post has been fixed. for me.
Trying to recall all the AVs, past and present, I have used. LuxeSwap NMWA Bespoke England Shop The Finest The Armoury Howard Yount Hanger Project Shibumi Malford of London Gustin Tiberias Suspension Point Conrad Wu A Fine Pair of Shoes Exquisite Trimming eHaberdashery Leather Sole Epaulet Jorge Wilson's Fine Yarmulkes and Select Judaic Sartorial Trinkets SF peeps non AVs Panta Hober Vanda Yellow Hook Maybe there are more, I dont know. Sincerest apologies to anyone I...
tell them to get lost. you have more important things to do. like buy clothing and meet internet people.
thats part of the beauty of schneider for me, many of his pieces are amazingly versatile.
looks fine to me. nice actually.
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