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Latest pope fit is way past my level, but I love it. If we ever meet I hope you will dress along those lines.
I didnt realize you ever werent there!But srs, thanks! Looking forward to seeing it.
What do you have against latrines?
Would love to see a pic of it being worn closed.
The brown/beige. Cant tell if its SB or DB. The one folder over the models arm and being carried. Love.
What the shit is happening here? That Eidos herringbone really is something special.
Black jawnz!Yay Buttero! The brown suit looks great, btw.---Patrick - Awesome stuff---The Eidos high notched SB lapels may be my favorite lapels ever.
Dont love the tie there, G, but I like the rig as a whole.
NewShoes - Those are pretty awesome. Screw $ Kop boots.
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