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Poop face? No h8
Feel free to shoot a PM to LA Guy and emptym. CC me if you think it will help. Lets see where it goes.
My fave pants in HS were beige A&F demin cargos. Jussayin.
Such as?---Love the hat, Marc.
My man.
I hate AE with such a fiery passion and I dont even know why.
At present, it seems that way. Only the Zeitwerk Repeating in plat stands out in my mind as a burning desire. But thats 6 figger territory. Its a dream not even a plan, in the aforementioned supercomplication category.
I believe I still have every card from every NMWA kop I have made.
I know, Im astounded as well. I thought I would forever have a Rollie in the stable.Alas, funds were low, but more importantly, the 15300 could really be my one watch. Its the first time I find myself not planning my next kop because I feel like short of a supercomplication, nothing could top this.I may get a leather strap for it tho.
New Posts  All Forums: