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I drive an 05 Accord with 150k miles (which I love, and have no interest in upgrading whatsoever) and my wife drives an 08 Pilot. Wardrobe far exceeds both cars without even considering my watches. No contest. Then again, while I love cool cars, I really dont strive to own one.
Clags, before I reply, please post a picture of your definition of a light blue, as opposed to mid blue.
Teh monies, I dont has it. =[ For the record, btw, shatnez is any mixture of wool and linen.
I would put a realistic sale price on a preowned already tailored Formosa suit being sold by an individual not offering any kind of return policy at $600-$800.
Top quality Tuesday, gentlemen.
Yes, I would very much like to own that.
Kg coming up all roses. Poilu and gdffgfhjsjsnsmipz, great fits.
Lol. Harden is awesome.
Buckets are buckets, yo.
Thanks, Cox. Quite the suit you have there your own self.
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