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Apparently, it's not just me who has stopped posting, @SpooPoker.
100 thumbs worthy?!
You look like crap, bro. What happened?
I think you are thinner than me tho. :/
Sup, doods. @SpooPoker, I need a summer weight suit. Something blue, navy or a darker gray. You know my size. Find me something good, babi. And cheap. But also awesome. But still cheap. And really high quality. And cheap. And handmade.
Thanks, b. Things are well, and I am loving life. Thats the one! Sorry you missed it.
Thanks, guys. Very cool idea, Synth. I don't think I have any white trousers right now though.
Long time no post. Hope everyone is well. Camoshita and other stuff. Navy pents even!!
Hello, dudes. Hope everyone is surviving the heat Camoshita / Borrelli / RRL / Alden
New Posts  All Forums: