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Id ditch the tie there. Sweater adds a lot more than the tie does.
Was nothing more than a silly joak.He does not pull it off. Its a bad combination. Its too busy and the items just dont work with each other. The fact that that its discernible as AAS style does not make it an ok combo. I like a lot of AASs stuff, and some of it I like a hell of a lot, but that one was a no go for me.
The problem with saying you are leaving SF is that its really almost inevitable that you return in some capacity or another. --- NS1 - Great looking shoes/boots.
Brown or blue.
There is but one answer. Natural light.---NN - Really like the color on that Stark.
Cyc, that is really nice. Especially the cord jacket.
Great stuff, Moo and DL. Hanjoy!
Upping from 45 - 47 would not change that look on Gregs wrist at all, from 44 - 47 on mine, hard to say. Would need to try it out.
When I figure out the answer to that, Ill let you know.Anyways, without saying what I make, 130k would be a game changer. If I make 55k thats well more than double and if I make 110k thats still another 20k a year, over a grand extra every month.
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