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I hate to say this, but unless its unless its on a sweet brown leather strap, the Speedy does not do much for me. Edit - NO N8, JUSTINZX, OR ALL THE OTHER SPEEDY OWNERS!!!
Lol. It was purchased a week or so go. Have not worn it yet. There was a snafu, but all is well now.---Elio, I really like what you do with the bold striped shirts. You hath inspired me.
Cool, please to report back when you have watched it. : ) I thought Taken was awesome. Taken 2 was not awesome. Ill watch Taken 3 if only to complete the cycle.
Its not the vividness that I am not feelin, its the color scheme.False cuff + reinforcing fabric = The way to go.
Zomg I just kopped a new brown/white stripe shirt! Kind of a wide stripe too!
Clags, that is nice, and pretty classically you, but I am not sure about the square there.
Well, aside from one micro check, I do not wear any plaids, checks, or graphs, with a tie. That being said, maybe it is just a mental thing for me. I just find smaller scale stripes easier to work with in my brain. Maybe I should go ahead and give it a try with some bolder larger scale stripes. Let's see what the future holds.
In theory, I like bold stripe shirts a lot. In practice, however, I do not have very many of them. I think it's because I am not fully confident in my ability to wear them well, so I am not yet ready to make the investment.
As I understand it, it is much easier to do that when the trousers are originally being made, as opposed to a tailor doing it after the fact.
Due to the ability to easily angle the hem without cuffs, yes that is true. You can no break in front and cover the sock by the ankle, much harder to do that with cuffs, if its even possible at all.All the same, I think you can get damn close enough that its worth going for the cuff, since I think it looks better pretty much always.
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