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Im not even sure why this needs to be said, but Ill say it anyways for clarites sake. Miran is a banned poster. Banned posters who return without explicit permission from Fok get banned again. Those are the rules. It does not matter how entertaining the poster may be. I was given a set of rules to follow by the owners of this site and its not up to me to differentiate when I do or do not follow them. There are not a lot of hard and fast rules here, but this is one of...
Oh. I thought it had to be hard core SWD vibez. Ill see if I can put something together in time. But anyways. No MC fit should win. Should be a real deal SWD blazer/suit situation.
Obviously people everywhere need to be treated with respect, but its natural that people adapt a different personality online, often unintentionally. Some more heavily than others, but no one comes off the same way online as they do in person. I think thats all Noodle meant. Not that he thinks he can be a dick online because its not in person the same way as face to face interactions are.
SVB, sorry peeps in MC are no help to you.
Perfect pants length, ghost.
Rock on, Spoo!
I bought the 1 TB version last week. Manufacturers Q&A says yessir 100% Mac compatible.
Its merkur.
Playing around with my new iPhone lensmag... Excuse the indulgence.
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