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Pretty sure SeaJen is 11 feet tall.I has it the jelly face.
That is an interesting suit indeed. I like it. Very seasonal tie.
I dont think there is any principle issue here, and I really doubt there is any conspiracy theory here either. I also think there is really little point in debating/bantering further on the matter.As is see it there are 3 ways to look at this.1. Who cares, the back is closed and you never the damn thing, so whats the issue at all. Everybody shut up already.2. Its kind of weak, and they should have put more into it, but its not a huge deal, and it might not deter a purchase...
No Way Out - The first 40 min/hour were almost terrible. Should have been 30min man, it did not need that long of a set up. But the rest of the film, along with the ending and the fantastic 80s hair, clothing and music, were superb. Lucky Number Slevin (re-watch) - Loved it just as much as the first time. Real fun flick.
I have been enjoying it thoroughly. Especially the past few episodes.
The IWC movement is not even close to that Panerai fiasco. No comparison.
Thanks, guys.---Garry and Cox (windowpane fit), really excellent stuff.
Home Alone is one of the best movies ever made.
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