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RFX, of the two, I like the Louis more, based solely on looks.
I know in my mind that they have been watchmakers for a long time, but I still consider them primarily a jeweler, not that that is necessarily a reason not to buy their watches. I do consider them to be a fashion brand, but I do not consider their watches poorly made and highly overprived like many other fashion brand watches, they have a long and venerable watch history and I respect that. Im not sure I would ever own one, but I have nothing against them, they dont make...
I am so jonesing to wear all my coat. As soon as it cools down a little more I think I will wear them all at once!!!
I am a big fran of many Tank models, and Dino will be here shortly to praise them at length. I tried on the BLNR too and I love it. Would love to have one some day. I also love that Rolex uses a cyclops. I like how it looks and I like the practicality.
The blue green/combo is awesome. I guess as far as the orange markers and hands, I like the color together with the blue and green and since I do lean towards the kitch/gauche at times, it appeals to me, but I can see why to others they may be less desirable. NIce job playing the SA.
Have you seen em in person?
Dont leave! Well, I know you are way before 2010, but thats when I first joined and I recall you posting fits with some frequency back then.
Super Awesome look, Synth. ZOMG MTO coats!!!! Forecast calls for a high likelihood of me making my first ever Big John kop.
Best "yes we going to be in a bed together tonight" look - EFV Best "yes i really am this cool" look - Anden Best "Im seeing your future and its not looking good" looking look - SeaJen Best is it CBD or is is spreez? look - Seamaster Luuxxxxxxxxe Best pocket pool pose look - timo Best blue on blue on blue look - Gerry Best actual CBD look - Mistah Chrisss Best use of pink shirt look - SVB Participatory awards - Everyone else
PandA and gnatty in succession, its like 2010 all over again!!! You two need to round up our other lost members. Thnx!
New Posts  All Forums: