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Hard to argue with unbel after that pictorial. For most of it's clearly the best look there I would say. --- Greg, please hire me to do customer service so I can tell people who are being ridiculous, that they are being ridiculous. I would also tell them, that if you're sizing questions are going to be that freaking specific, you are required to buy something. Period.
really like that jacket a lot, tonio.
i still struggle with this. i know im better off leaving it but my brain has not fully accepted it.
v nice, mac.
it means gucci tag, from teh era when TF was doing their design work.
been meaning to watch that since i saw the previews months ago. you have put me over the edge.
we need some of those, "how i think i look, how i really look," memes, up in here. STAT! HF, is there a time constraint on when the fits have to be from?
damnit butch that SC is fantastic. excellent use of the new shoes, as well. also, i think the navy tie was a superb choice.
New Posts  All Forums: