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EFV dad ruelz, u guyz also look very similar!
I was there and Im factually correct.
I think that the no skinny lapels mantra often gets taken too far here. I think we can all agree that the super skinny ridiculous lapels look bad, but lapels do not always have to be quite as wide as we might necessarily like to still be considered good-looking imo.
The 70s beat the crap out of the 80s and 90s style wise for the most part.
I want a guy with a white shirt and an ooooood jacket...
Yeah, a few months ago. Got railroaded. Back been messed up since then, but defo a lot better now than at first. Hopefully Ill be 100% again soon. Thanks for the well wishes.
Getting there, but not 100% yet. Thanks for asking!
I feel like he maybe was being not serious there.
They better!Good man.
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