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Neither. They are both colors that are oft considered "formal" here, but if you were going to a black/white tie event, you would be woefully underdressed either way. They are not really "formal" they are more just conservative. As to which is "more" conservative, I think they are equal, and it boils down to the aforementioned details. Assuming all those details are equal, I think the colors themselves stand on equal ground in this matter.
Lol, I was not talking about you, I was just saying in general for people dropping in to SWD. But truth be told, its a pretty good life rule in general.Same year regarding SWD kops.
This.Just dont be a turd.
For me neither gray nor navy is inherently more formal (talking darker shades obviously). I think it is really about a lot more than the color of the suit. The cut, details (pockets, lapels, stitching....), and what is being paired with it, are essentially what takes the suit up or down in formality, imo.
IInorite. Le. Sigh.
Freed from budget I find it unlikely that I would have more than 30 pairs of dress shoes. Suits and SCs, maybe like 10/15 each or so, and probably 15 pairs of pants. I could have 50+ shirt tho (I think I do already), and endless ties.
Perhaps in time!
It never gets better. Happiness is disallowed in SWD.
The gaz has quite the wrist collection. I has a jello.Ok!
Cannot believe that tattoo convo did not have single moo post.
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