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Quick and dirty pics of the Kiton DB from LS. Won a few months ago.
Strong FC poasts, Euro doods.
Fantastic as always, timo!
Overall love it. Might have liked a lighter color shoe choice though to complete the wave, and perhaps a slightly more tapered pant leg from the knee down. Although in muggy weather that may not be particularly comfortable.
Every time an LS listing goes unsold, a rain-forest is destroyed. Just think about that, guys.
Indeed.Also, I mean, a lot of villains seem to be suit wearing folk. So there is that.
Works for me. Scale is appropriately varied across the board and although it is a little busy on the eye, I think it works. Might have been "better" with 3 patterns, but sometimes man just has to go for 4.
Sure thing. There is almost no consistency whatsoever. Even within brands. With shoes there is intra-brand consistency for the most part, as least within a single last, but clothing, by and large, fuhggedaboutit. Often have to work it item by item. That was probably the hardest part to building a wardrobe for me, figuring out sizing and which stuff fits. Especially because I buy almost every online. And I am still working on it. And then once you become SF anal retentive...
Now dats a soot.
Helden! Thanks for participating in the experiment! 1. That suit is gorgeous and the ensemble is wonderfully paired. 2. Yay, Im right!! 3. Cufs 4var!!
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