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Why are there not moar entires?
This thread has just got epic. Pravda gets my voat.
I think you would be great for very early 1900s Americana.---Great shot, M-o-M!
Love it. Especially the hat and a chain. Really hoping to see an 80s themed entry with a beige 6 on 1 wide shouldered double-breasted suit, a wide, loud tie, and brown loafers.
Come play in my cosplay games!! No jacket or tie required!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/521580/friday-challenge-4-15-2016-the-20th-century-man#post_8401370
New challenge thread is up and running! http://www.styleforum.net/t/521580/friday-challenge-4-15-2016-the-20th-century-man/0_20
Here are the rules, iGents.1. Pick any decade from the 1900's and put together an ensemble that defines its quintessential/stereotypical style.2. Make sure to note what decade you are going with in your FC submission post. An inspirational pic would be nice, but is not required.3. Don't just put together some kind of "timeless & classic" fit that you would wear any given day and try and say it would fly 50 years ago too, so it counts. I will disqualify such tomfoolery.4....
After much thought, I have made my decision on this weeks challenge. The 20th Century Man Friday Challenge The basics are, pick a quintessential/stereotypical style that defines any decade from the 1900s and emulate it. There will be more specifics, and I will have the thread up, with all the rules, later today. Most importantly, be awesome.
Not 100% sure what the lolz about the graphic design back comment are about, but I think it a great looking jacket and the embroidering makes it even cooler. Edit - Just read article about sukajan jackets, I get it now. Very interesting back story to the sukajan.
New Posts  All Forums: