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It was like waiting 71 minutes for something to happen and it never did. The closest I got to getting interested was when I thought maybe just maybe he might go back to nyc to be a dad to his kids and make up for being a crap dad/person and pick up after himself and all his messes... Looks like the idea was just to show him stripped of his earthy things and starting fresh. Via a super cliché California hippy group. And his great awakening brought to you by the most...
Wow. That couldn't have been worse. I mean on just about every level that was crap. The Peggy Stan bit was cute, but thats about it. I dont think I could put MM in any kind of top list for TV series after that.
Thanks, Don. And thanks for the thumbs, gents. So many great fits in those batches.
Epic challenge is epic.
There isn't really a better place to be.
Spaceship deserted, with rod and staff in hand, Synthese ventures forth through the mountain terrain. In search of new life forms and potential Cloak shearling, he sets to conquer all.
Damn you, Synthese, you mysterious magnificent mountain man.
Poast of teh day.
zomg !
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