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The first brown and last green look wonderful.
Buttero is baller? I thought they were kind of mid range? Whats the consensus here on Chucks and the like with EG?
Lol, I was about to ask you post that pic in the hopes that it would incentivize MZ to add a super jubilee to his collection. It is really so perfect on the pepsi.
Olden day toilet hand bag ftmfw.
This is why I dont critique womens clothing, especially high fashion womens clothing. I dont know dick about it. I dont know what the goals are or what constitutes a properly executed look. Im sure their point of view and lens of beauty is very different from how I approach clothing. It would be akin to me trying to critique a dog and pony show.
I got nuthin. : (---MZ, that is superb.
Most excellent. The jacket does look particularly good. Nice that you have a local place to do that.
emiristol, that is great.
Wearing today, Vass Norweger, Rota herringbone trew, Inis toggle shawl. #lifeisgoodtG
But they are rugged suede not shiny calf! I can dig it.
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