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Ill send you some of my neck hair shavings to glue on your face if you want. Should get you a full beard no p.I am so ashamed. I was clearly not abreast of the issue.
I wish guys like Ozzie could get retroactive contracts, because they should get the $ that guys these days that play fractionally as well as Ozzie do.
Murl casual game on point.
@ericgereghty, buy all the Panta you can. @Murlsquirl, great fit and SC is perfect. @Koala-T, a couple things; 1. I am in your boat with the hips, and I too cannot get comfy wearing higher waisted pants, so I wont push that on you. Even though it would probably be for the best if we both did that, comfort trumps all. I find pants are the hardest thing to find, and I would say try Luxire or someone that can make em made to your specs. In the meantime, be very picky...
I always buy the size Gregs tells me to and he has never steered me wrong.
DR, both of those striped ties are great. Use them in a DTO of Clags and you are set.
Harder. I just went on my phone and altered a handful of pics to black and white and for the most part it takes away. Not because it highlights fit issues, but rather, if you are playing with color contrasts and subtle color and pattern matching, you are losing out when you go to black and white.I think a simple fit with a darker suit, a crisp white shirt and a solid tie, will have the best shot here at looking great in black and white.I think for the vast vast majority,...
Yeah, I think an M/L would do it. Go and find one and buy it right now. =]
Monitaly from NMWA. Best summer hat ever.
Summer time, and the livins' easy...
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