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Well, not putting my head in this fight, but NMWA has gone above and beyond for me personally. Thats all I'll say.
Hello again. What was the best fit this past week? Edit - Loafers look great, Murl. I will assume that was the best fit of the past week.
Sorry, dude. Its so hot here I can barely muster up wearing underwear, let alone a jacket and tie. Great entries all around though!
Ah. Well, in that case, I think a simple solid tie in a brown shade that complimented the jacket and pants would have worked better. Probably in a shade thats a bit lighter than the jacket and darker than the pants. My 2 cents anyways, buddy.
Sorry I was not clear there. I did not mean fashion suit in a bad way at all. I mean it is a fashion suit in that it is clearly an SWD suit, not an MC suit.As such, it makes no sense, imo, to critique it from an MC stand point. I mean, for starters, its black. SF MC mantra, which I actually agree with within the confines of MC, is that black suits are for funerals, weddings, waiters and clergy. Also penguins. Once you take off your monocle though, and step out of MC, there...
I think it looks nicelynice. Id shorten the sleeves to the point of no break at all by your wrist though, especially on a "fashion" suit like that.
No sh*t, broseph.
No I dont think so. It sounded like he was saying if you are not narrow shouldered and narrow hipped SS will always look bad. That is categorically wrong if you ask me. There are plenty of Schneider pieces that work exceptionally well for "broad-shouldered and lusciously-hipped fella" guys.I think if certain items do work for you then that means a designers aesthetic works for you.I dont believe that anyone needs to copy look book combos to wear a designers stuff. I dont...
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