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I am pretty sure that you have always been a fat old bastard. I do hope you are at least enjoying your new trousers though.
I recently have moved to slightly fuller cut trousers because they are more comfortable, even though I think they are less aesthetically pleasing. So, there's that I guess.
I see you shop at the excuses store, did they have a sale recently? You seem to be well stocked.
Garry, you sure know how to polish a pair of shoes.
Why are there not moar entires?
This thread has just got epic. Pravda gets my voat.
I think you would be great for very early 1900s Americana.---Great shot, M-o-M!
Love it. Especially the hat and a chain. Really hoping to see an 80s themed entry with a beige 6 on 1 wide shouldered double-breasted suit, a wide, loud tie, and brown loafers.
Come play in my cosplay games!! No jacket or tie required!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/521580/friday-challenge-4-15-2016-the-20th-century-man#post_8401370
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