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I have not found that one type particularly looks best. I try and stay away from cut aways when wearing a tie, but outside of that, I find that many collars look nice on me. Never saw a need to wear only one type.
I am teh sad that I cant buy all the watches I want. --- DL - Croc.
Super cool pic, UC.
I like them.
Another winner from Frank. Great combo, Murl. I hope to have my green Rota back soon.
This is partially a result of not wearing custom shirts, and partially a result of liking variety, but I prefer to have a number of different collars on the shirts in my rotation. Dont really see a need to commit to only one type of collar.
Its cool to like different types of things, but within each ensemble it needs to be one way or the other. Any look that is neither here nor there will never land well.
Not everyone has to dress to SFs tastes. He can read all he wants, but if another style appeals to him more, shoving SF mantra down his throat is not beneficial.
New Posts  All Forums: