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Shoot me a PM if you ever wanna sell one of those.
Damn kg. That is great.
That was srsly one of teh best batches. Awards to all in my book.
Kingsman with a few buddies. Enjoyed it start to finish.
I got my eyes on a few goodies.
Oh nabil that is splendid.
Dles like a baws.
Agreed. Its damn perfect for pants tho.I believe it was a 1/2 week deal only.
Same here. Had to cut my food intake by 2/3 to lose real weight. Also, as you get older it gets harder. (no penis joke plz)See below. That is the green I was referring to.
I was being facetious there. What I meant was that I would not enter on a technicality if I felt that the entry was not truly within the guidelines of the challenge. Also, I have found that I enjoy these challenges much more as a bystander than I did as a participant, while previously it was visa versa. Maybe the tide will change again for me some day.
New Posts  All Forums: