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Lol, I cuff all my pants. We really need to have that drink.
Awwwwwww yissssssss
Too late tho. Congrats @CruzAzul on your victory! What's next?
Odd. I guess I messed up there. I have fixed it now.
Actually, with as much variety and open-mindedness that can be found on the other side of the wall, I think that they are actually even more vehement when collectively people believe something looks wrong.
@Andy57, since you mentioned Thom Browne, I would like to address that, because I think it brings up a valuable point. And for the sake of peace, please understand that when I use words such as "fact", or "objective," that I what I mean by that is, in my opinion, such is fact or such is objective. TB suits, or at least the ones we are talking about, are objectively too short in the sleeves, jacket length, and pant hem. How could this be if so many people like that...
Andy, I can agree with you that its not fun anymore. Perhaps though, what you are asserting as a fact, that my opinion is only opinion, and not fact, is, as well, only an opinion. Ok, now I think it might be fun again.
I am sorry, but I must disagree. As much as I am a proponent for not being too rigid, there is a certain semblance of "rules" and acceptable variance, and I have to say, the length of the jacket in question does not make it. I could shorten my jacket sleeves to my elbows and say that I like it and if you don't that is just your opinion, but I would be wrong. Same here.
OP was edited and has all the fits in it. Doofus.
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