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to answer your your first question, no. thats all i can say without getting mad.it would follow then that my answer to your second question would also be no.
i have no idea what a noragi is (type of sushi?), but i like that denim over-shirt thing.
hahaha g trans. that got a legit lol out of me.
So good rite.
Natural light turns mere mortals into WAYWRN legends.
Matchy matchy goodness, Clags.
Winrar is me!
Done! In there like swimwear.
L2B - good move using a solid shirt and tie, very nice fit. Elio - looking sharp.
a good question. as far as the answer in this case...noalso no.the reason for that fit not getting as much thumb love as it would, i would say, was because he posted in the middle of the whole 2 day brouhaha. fits that are posted during debates/heated discussion and that quickly get buried by pages of discussion posts, usually get less thumbs than they would have. i would bet that is the reason.
New Posts  All Forums: