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Ill assume this was answered, but in case it wasn't, Doing The Other, as in, an homage.Yeah, my work and personal schedule changed a lot, leaving me way less time for SF. Which incidentally makes this thread almost impossible to follow. I miss a few days and its a almost a couple hundred new posts. A week, might be close to 500 or more new posts. I cant get myself to go through it all, so I kinda fell off the Noodle wagon. Now I just like to pop in from time to time to say...
So, where is my NMWA special new Schneider Merino coat? Hm?! Where you at, coat!
Rewinding to the Spoo-fit conversation. I liked the fits. A lot. I see where Elio is coming from, and how technically what he was saying is valid, but for me, in the end, it always boils down to what is pleasing to the eye. Perhaps, for some, when technical points are not scored, the look by default becomes displeasing to the eye, but for me, that is not always the case. Ill just take pic #2 from his post as an example because I liked it the most of the group. Yes, the...
Yes I really do. I may even submit an entry myself because I like the challenge idea a whole lot.
Love. Congrats on the pick up! --- Some more Genta in the wild...
1. Roomy enough to by comfy in the top block, but not so much that they look saggy in the butt, and a strong enough taper down the leg from just above the knee down to the hem to keep my legs from looking like tree trunks.2. Most welcome. Study up and I look forward to seeing your results!
Only MTO I did with NMWA was Vass, and even those I just went with Gregs sizing advice when placing my order.
Ill send you some of my neck hair shavings to glue on your face if you want. Should get you a full beard no p.I am so ashamed. I was clearly not abreast of the issue.
I wish guys like Ozzie could get retroactive contracts, because they should get the $ that guys these days that play fractionally as well as Ozzie do.
New Posts  All Forums: