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There is always white cotton! And waiiiiit for iiit..... ................................................................cream silk
Ive been there, and have since sold all my similar type paisley ties. Go for smaller scaled paisleys imo. They have some on NMWA. They are essentially neats, but they are also enough paisley to satiate that paisley urge we all have. Also, large scale paisleys on PSs can tastefully satiate the urge.--Jcmeyer - Hober or Vanda?
CM - I like that mostly, but unsold on the PS choice.Jcmeyer, Moss, SB, Clags, SeJen, EFV, and others I am surely forgetting, v nice.I regret not getting that BB SC that Moss is wearing. I know another forumite that has one and loves it.
Umwat.If you have managed to hold off so far, please continue doing so. Lol no your not. I mean, you could, but you wont. Agree to both.I think that a light blue jacket looks super awesome with even lighter gray pants, like in the Cox example.
Newc, I agree they both look good. If you are going to be tucking in the shirt I think the larger size is better, and untucked the smaller size looks better. So, yeah, keep both. I am saying that seriously.
Bene - I prefer your other stuff to that fit. Sorry, man. Pope - Awesome.
Because the Fit is a snooze-fest and Coopers are awesome fun cars.I thought you meant value of car, not purchase price. In any case, my wardrobe still well exceeds the purchase price of both of the stitch family cars.Id guess you are in the minority, yes. Lol.Interesting question. For me:Art - Marginally interestedClassical Music - Love it, but rarely seek it outHigher Education - Appeals to me, but but due to life circumstances I never went beyond my Bachelors degree. I...
Id say awesome, obnoxious or not.
Worth noting though, that most people here are constantly buying clothing, and quite infrequently buying cars. I purchased my car over six years ago, and my wife's car about three years ago. If I bought a new car and kept the old one as frequently as I bought clothing, obviously the cars would cost more.
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