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Every time an LS listing goes unsold, a rain-forest is destroyed. Just think about that, guys.
Indeed.Also, I mean, a lot of villains seem to be suit wearing folk. So there is that.
Works for me. Scale is appropriately varied across the board and although it is a little busy on the eye, I think it works. Might have been "better" with 3 patterns, but sometimes man just has to go for 4.
Sure thing. There is almost no consistency whatsoever. Even within brands. With shoes there is intra-brand consistency for the most part, as least within a single last, but clothing, by and large, fuhggedaboutit. Often have to work it item by item. That was probably the hardest part to building a wardrobe for me, figuring out sizing and which stuff fits. Especially because I buy almost every online. And I am still working on it. And then once you become SF anal retentive...
Now dats a soot.
Helden! Thanks for participating in the experiment! 1. That suit is gorgeous and the ensemble is wonderfully paired. 2. Yay, Im right!! 3. Cufs 4var!!
Most welcome! Good luck on the journey.Its a cool jacket. Will be fun to wear with chinos and jeans. 99% will fit really slim and also probably on the short side so not likely to get tons of love here in a fit, but I can see its utility. I dont posts everything I wear on SF. I have plenty of stuff I like a lot and wear often, despite its being disapproved.The goal for me is to know "how to dress right according SF" because I think it teaches you how to dress really really...
Solid opener, Citaro. - - - Also jumping on late to the Parker fit love train.
I think I can feel that this one. Yes, you may bid on any items that you wish, regardless of your parental situation. Yay!
Gorgeous shoes, Cleav.
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