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Its cool to like different types of things, but within each ensemble it needs to be one way or the other. Any look that is neither here nor there will never land well.
Not everyone has to dress to SFs tastes. He can read all he wants, but if another style appeals to him more, shoving SF mantra down his throat is not beneficial.
PCK, needs block stripe if you must go stripe, in my opinion. Also I do not think that the jacket needs a square at all.
Iso, it occurrs to me that you favor the GQ/tumblr/#menswear look that is pretty much shunned here. Hence, every time you post a pic of something you like, it gets lots of hate. SF is not the be all end all of clothing. If you find that through the advice you get here you are more often rejecting what you like in you heart than embracing it, then you should probably do some thinking.
1. How did kg get to win at life so hard? 2. I thumbed the Synth post.
I pretty much always wear stays. But then sometimes I dont. I also never wear stays with a BD collar, even when I wear one sans tie.
That would be you, bish.
Placed but a single vote this time. For none other than the bish.
There is no natural light in the land of the Fins?
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