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Not an issue for me.#jewish
Yeah babi
Yes, the snowman line is awesome, and the ice castle is the ish, but there are much better animated movies imo.The Incredibles is an all time great. Brave is superb.As to Jungle Book and Dumbo, 100% my love goes to the older Disney movies, even though obviously they are very different visually, or maybe not as good visually. I think Peter Pan is my all time fave. But that is probably just because I relate to the fantasy of never growing up and having to work, in a very...
^^ What he said. ^^ I never buy a watch that "hits me," without waiting at least a few weeks to see if the love is passing or not.
Not at all. You did the right thing.I lol'ed. That is awesome, EFV.
I feel like the older European countries have a plethora of awesome walls, and the US, not so much.
Thats awesome, Mr. Six.
Once again, too many good fits to list my name. Thumbs have been issued. @upr_crust, it it makes you feel any better, I liked you fit much more than Butlers. (no h8 to Butler)
Tough call, Moo. Id go with the DJ there.
Pretty much this. I actually quite enjoy a lot of the animated kids movies, whereas the kids shows mostly make you want to gouge your eyes out. There are a few good ones though, Phineas and Ferb is awesome for example.My only issue with Frozen was just that it was not all that great of a movie. Disney/Pixar/Whomever, have all done much better. It was pretty good sure, but I dont get why the kids love it THAT MUCH.
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