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Of course my fave of the batch is a wool/linen mix.
V nice, Adolesco.
Belli, I love that watch/movement. The finishing is unreal.
Neighbors. Was in the mood for something in the 90 min range and silly. It was by no stretch a particularly good movie, but it had a number of true laugh out loud moments. Id say its not a bad watch if you want some asinine humor that will get a good laugh out of you.
Paired it down to 2 just now. Now the chances of going from wishlist to cart are much higher!---@Anden, I think both those ties are great looking. However, because I am a huge brand whore, and I dont really know much about the TYT brand, and for some reason the brand does not appeal to me, maybe its just because I think the name is so bad, idk, it just leaves me cold, I cant get myself to pay the $90+ price for their wares. On sale at like 50% off, maybe. Ymmv obvi because...
Good look. Shoes are better and defo looks better without the sweater there. Partially the colors but mostly is makes the jacket look uncomfortably snug, and not in a good way.
Belli, that post was magnificent. As to the quasi AP "hate" when it comes to their other models, I just dont get it. They have not shortage of great looking watches. Their ultra slim is probably my favorite gold ultra slim model on the market, and the equation of time perp cal is one of my fave high complication watches, not to mention a bevy of other great models, both technically and visually, and the finishing is sublime. I understand that beauty is in the eye of the...
Agreed. SB did a great job of finding a reasonable nice novelty tie. Mad props.
Excellent stuff, ryden and Murl. Embrace the PS lief, Murl. They are also great for pacifying kop cravings as they are relatively inexpensive.
Thanks, snow.
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