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Pro Tip: If you are ever thinking you want something, just shoot Spoo a message. Like, maybe you are wondering if he has a Brunello suit that might be coming in and you want first dibs, always worth checking in. You are all welcome.
WTC QUOTED IN POAST # 15K!!!!Page #1000 for somma ya'll apparently.
You mean this?
Size 44 mine. Donesky!
I just switched to special moderator mode, one post per page, so I am on page 15,000 almost. Suck it, plebes!!
Lolmypleasure.I am very temped to just post 15 times in a row right now, but will restrain myself.
Would have been better if each of those words was a new poast.
I figured the meme would maek up for that.Le sigh and for shame. Custom Title revoaked.
15 posts per page? N00bmuch?
@AndyGarton - Just checked the link in your original post. Not only is your collection most amazing, your photography is outstanding.
New Posts  All Forums: