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CD - I think if you loose the denim jacket the proportions would be mighty cool, but that jacket is not working at all for me. I had some snappy snark, but Im trying to be less of a dick.
As well you should.We all know how fond you are of a good thumbing.
At first glance that read as "Anus."
Still not sold. You need to find the right hue, but I would never dismiss an entire color range due to skin color. Thats just silly.
I have. 2 people I can think of off hand.
Im not sold on that making a difference.
I like that they are slightly obnoxious/ fu I dont care that these are 80s glasses I can rock them and you cant, so suck it!---Murl looking like a BAWS!
Shoulders and lapels look ok, but why is the jacket so badly creased? Was it shipped to you?
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