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Looking forward to my first spin in the newest LS mobile.
Amongst many others I placed a special voat for teh zissou beard/stache.
Mazal Tov! Noodles, you are one entertaining son of a gun.
I am teh so sorry, Parker, but I honestly own zero blue denim items.
Thanks, man. CM, sounds like you have a good situation going there.
@ CM - A really good point in a vacuum. Lol imagine if we all lived in vacuum cleaners. But, often a tailor will impose his sense of style on his work, like a barber who decides to cut your hair how he likes it. So, it does kind of matter how much you agree on style, because it often creeps in in some way.
AAS wont leave (at least he better dont!), but I would not begrudge him, or anyone, peeling back from daily fit pics. Its not an easy task.
I actually dont hate the 2 looks in that last pic. Super non SF, and not how I would dress, but its spot on for the current in fashion GQ look. And I think its kinda cool in a way.
Now these are nice looking trousers. BNT.
Larryr, amazing.
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