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regis, dont you wear some orlebar brown, swag, too?
so we now have 2 post imperial ties in this thread. its a win already for the summer tie challenge!!!
oh, that is nice. i like.
you dont have a problem. you have styleforvm-itis.
HF and SVB looking sharp and crisp in those summer suits.
NS, please post a post of all your current watches. kthnx.
both awesome.v nice. what pants (if any) do you wear with that.plus one.
u r missed.
SVB that is fantastic.
excellent kop. will be perfect for your casual fits.well, for those who like ages shell, the wrinkles are part of the appeal, for those who dont, the wrinkles are a turn off. im ambivalent, but i have the wingtips so there is pretty minimal wrinkling.
New Posts  All Forums: