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Thanks for all the love, guize. And really really excellent pics from all ya'll. Gdl, not Pittsburg, that is the Howard Street Bridge in good ole Bmore. Euro, I did not intend to have the sleeves done that way. Formosa made a little boo boo on my MTO, and that was how it played it. I have since come to favor my cute little buttons and their unorthodox placement.
Black hoodie jacket thingy is REDONK.
I only count 3 Braddocks. :/
Thanks so much for all the compliments and thumbs, gents. Bust day at work, so unable to to reply, but I am back in the saddle now!@EliodA and @SeaJen, no, no personal photographer lol. But I do have a good buddy who is a very talented photographer who does me teh favor of taking pics from time to time.As far as the jacket sleeves, the SC is MTO Formosa from NMWA (that answers your question @Betelgeuse), there was a snafu when the jacket first arrived which needed...
Been a while, gents...
Formosa MTO gunclub.
Financially, that is a much more prudent way to go. As far as the cool factor, all 3 are winners.So frustrating.
I'm not sure I would wear any of those with a sportcoat, maybe the Mac. Edit - Go for the field coat.
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