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Thanks, guys! Super helpful.
What means this, "Panama" silk?
I am yet to try EG. One day the boots will be mine. I recommend Vass becauae they are not that expensive. Telling someone to jump from 300/400 to over 1200 is silly, but to try out something at 700ish is not total crazy talk I dont think. As far as top comfort goes for me, GG on the 71 is my most comfy fit.
Y u no try Vass tho? If you admit you find a lot of shoes uncomfortable, and you drop coin on BNT, so its not like Im giving this rec to someone who never upspends on menswear, why not give a shot on some Vass or something? You might be surprised.
Zenith reminds me of an owl. Subdials too close to center for me personally.
Try Vass.
Look like you need the white dial 15300 to cool your jets.
It was meant in a loving way, I assure you, your actual face bears no poop like resemblance.
Some call it intuition. Others call it advanced spyware. Six in one...
New Posts  All Forums: