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Thanks!Funny story, its probably my favorite suit, cut wise, as well. I guess custom/bespoke is worth it. Im having another made up in a gray. Cannot wait.
I wouldnt't bother. Its not going to get you anywhere.Um, I generally try not to phrase things objectively, but assuming you are using the right shades/hues, you are simply wrong. Black and brown is a killer combo.---Unrelated, x-post from MC.... [[SPOILER]]
V nice. Every time you employ non bit loafers in a fit where non bit loafer are the better choice, it makes my heart sing.
Why thanks you kindly. Though I do not particularly share all your views in this instance, all the same, much appreciated. Also, after looking at it a few times, I do think black shoe was the way to go, especially considering the black overcheck in the tie (which actually was the reason that I chose the black shoes over brown). Hat was second time, you seen to have forgotten the first time. Feel kinda dirty saying that.
I would not say I am not a fan, its noice, but I do like the proportions and the look of the explorer better than the DJII.I agree with your wife, but not for her reason. I quite like the cyclops, and I find it very convenient when looking at the date, which I do many times a day.
Explore over DJII every time.
Does not look bad at all.
10-12! What are you, a 28 waist and 38/40 chest?
Both highly durable. Pretty similar except one is fuzzy and one is weavy.
Those SCs tho.
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