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Buy a 15300. You'll never want for anything again...........except maybe a Zeitwerk repeating.
@sebastian mcfox - Its enough that you are dropping impeccable fits like they are hot, but do you also have to be so darn handsome!
Yeahok. Im dying laughing over here. Perhaps there is an inside joke I missed in my absence.
So. Much. Brunello.
Dont bend to the negativity, Newc. I think it looks good. And anyways, when criticism is offered offensively it's rarely worth paying any mind to or trying to appease. #unsolicitedlifelessons
Love that Rad, Kaplan. Would defo be interested in seeing it offered smaller.
Decided to switch it up today. Wanted to pick my favorite fit since the last bunch but couldn't decide between these two. [[SPOILER]]
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