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Tony II in black arrived. Have not tried on yet, but super impressed with the quality of the leather and the workmanship.
Also, can someone please kill Chuck. He is even more annoying that Walt's wife.
Right. So have 6 years here. 3 times the ground to cover. Same Jimmy, same bad guys, same girl of interest. If Mike had pulled the trigger, now that would have been something. Oh, and the secret tape recorder has to be the most tired plotline of all time. Gag me with a spoon.
Eh. Solid writers could do it. I mean, timeline the Breaking Bad took place in what, six months? And this show is taking place six years prior to.
There is always debate about it. I think its silly. There are plethora of ways to successfully pair navy pants. Just ask gdl! I hope this upcoming challenge proves this point of view, and not the opposite. :/
It's interesting to me that for most part as I watched the show I did enjoy the episodes. However, as I finished watching the season two finale it made me realize that we are not really all that much ahead of where we were when we started. I would really like to see some actual movement in the story and characters.
Worst, yes. Remotely interesting or new concept as a character, not so much.
Is it just me or has this show basically produced 20 episodes and aside for maybe three cool scenes with Mike, absolutely nothing has happened.
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