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Do not Urban Dictionary that, folks.
No Snia?YasssssARCADES!!!I hate those damn kids who just smack the console. Cost me so many quarters.
Would commute.
I loved that movie. Excellent throughout.
OMG best work environment ever.We are too smart for that.
Thats the one! No vid, just pics.
Fair deal. If its MK I am Liu Kang. I think I still remember all the codes for the special moves and the fatality.
I just think it looks cool, and feels cool when my hand passes over it.
Here is an old one of mine that I hate with a fiery passion. Pants fit horribly, shirt is the wrong blue for the jacket, tie is much more of a suit tie, and the pointy suede chukkas were also a poor choice, rounder longwing calf bluchers would have been much better. Also should have cleared the AmVets bag from the porch. Feel free to pile on any more issues you may see here.
New Posts  All Forums: