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Pretty much no. You should PM members that you think would be interested. No hate to anyone, and I understand the value of such posts for both the seller and more importantly, people looking to buy, but the rules are pretty much no exemptions as its too fine a line to walk to decide who and when can make note of personal listing and who cant.
Yeah, I saw the measurements they had listed. Also no 38s. I was hoping it was just a stock measurement and that perhaps they run a little bigger. I shot them an email asking to verify. I love those pants. Pretty much exactly what I am looking for. Schneider also runs mad slim. Why does no one want to make cool pants for me?
Anyone know about the fit of the Cinch Pant in size XL?
Gents, forum rules are pretty clear on this. There may not be any links in ones posts to their own B&S/eBay/whatever listings. They may be in your sig, and there only. Failure to abide can lead to B&S bannings. Thanks!
Good colors, but Im not feeling the fit of that SC, DC.
Dis challenge tho.
Damn Im handsome. And I have amazing shoulders.
Eat my shorts!
My best friend from HS lives there, and I visited a few times. Good hood.Tis the way of the internet.If you dont find time to hang wif me I will kill you.
Sharon, MA, FTW!!!!
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