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That was a fun post to read, Clags. If it wasn't midnight and I wasn't posting from my phone I would reply with greater detail. Perhaps tomorrow.
Dude. I put a hashtag in my post. That means its the truth.
Most excellent reply, Dino. As I expected it to be.
Aux, that coat is magnificent.
Detroit. The city that has gone to crap but makes for stellar WAYWT backdrops. #totesworthit
SNS Herning (not sure the model) from last years CSC sale.
It was more your previous BR/JC comment + this comment about not caring for "better" tailoring as much as a better stake, all the while being so invested in fashion, that was the root of my comment.
Braddock, ep, Cleav and CP tied for the win on my book on that last batch.
Congrats, Spoo. Cant think of a guy more deserving of the press than you. Also, Home Alone ruelz.
Its in my closet now. Will wear soon. You are correct, I was just making excuses with that one.
New Posts  All Forums: