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@rnguy001I too miss you guys. :-(Will this do for now?
Enfilate and defilate!
You are most welcome.
@JezeCHere ya go.
Srs.Thankfully, I
Well said, frills. That was my feeling with the RO. Well, kind of. I always liked it, but when I put it on, it was a big fat love. Have not put it down since.
1.75 for me, every time. Im 5'10, if that helps.
diniro looking dope as always. Miss you guys. : (
Congrats to @sugarbutch and @Darkside! Whats next? Also, I never got the playing up degree of difficulty business. Best looking fit within the rules gets my vote every time. Poor looking high degree of difficulty, not so much.
Late to the game, but whatever. The MC v SWD debate never tires to be tiresome. No idea why there is so much invested in making some kind of competition out of it. They both showcase excellent style when done right, and atrocious style when done wrong, and anyone who wants to invest equal time, effort and money in either one can be successful to one degree or another. No one has to like both, or either, for that matter, but neither one needs to achieve some kind of...
New Posts  All Forums: