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Andy, I can agree with you that its not fun anymore. Perhaps though, what you are asserting as a fact, that my opinion is only opinion, and not fact, is, as well, only an opinion. Ok, now I think it might be fun again.
I am sorry, but I must disagree. As much as I am a proponent for not being too rigid, there is a certain semblance of "rules" and acceptable variance, and I have to say, the length of the jacket in question does not make it. I could shorten my jacket sleeves to my elbows and say that I like it and if you don't that is just your opinion, but I would be wrong. Same here.
OP was edited and has all the fits in it. Doofus.
@Synthese - Ahem, I think you have a fit to post.
Um, no. It 100% is objectively too long. Its almost long enough to be a car coat. Now, anyone can say that they like that look, but its too long from an objective standpoint to how long a jacket should be. There is certainly a range but it falls squarely outside the range.---Awesome, Synth.
Indeed.It is. I had not noticed at first, as I was speed scrolling, but I went back to look after seeing your post, and it is definitely too long. The only significant issue with an otherwise excellent fit.
Friday Challenge poll is up! http://www.styleforum.net/t/521580/friday-challenge-4-15-2016-the-20th-century-man/0_20
Poal is up!
Just picked up my first pair of J Fitz's on Friday. Had no idea you guys are AVs! Looking forward to receiving my new shoes.
Lots of really fantastic entries, gentlemen. I'm feeling way too lazy this evening so I will extend the deadline until sometime tomorrow morning when I feel like getting around to putting up the poll.
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