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High praise! Thanks, G.Indeed yes, but I prefer to refer to him as my friend, not my photographer. Danke, gents.
Fun choice, Adolesco. I predict this will be filled with epic wins and epic fails.
I dont think anyone here is saying they hated the show, I know I sure wasnt, Just that not everyone was enamored with the finale.FWIW, I think the show was at its best early when it was much more procedural. Dilemmas with ads and clients, dilemmas with the company and its future, more focused character issues. As the show drifted more and more away from that and turned into an almost painful a soul search for each character, it became much less enjoyable for me. Give me...
Clags, way to perv out the thread, Mr. Perv. Soon to be Dr. Perv.
Same boat here body wise. Sad solidarity.
Do not like those gray Abrosi pents. Not stylistically and not the way the pleats look. Shrug.
All in the family: Formosa / Inglese / Drakes x 2 / Farnese / Vass
I laugh because I has no summer soots. =[
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