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Times infinity and beyond. A perfect navy SC should be the first SC that one should invest in.
Don, not related to todays fit, but I think there is perhaps a time and a place for green, red and orange pants, but not with the SCs and ties you are pairing them with. I think they are much better employed with your casual fits that you post in MC casual.
1. I think GS wins this series regardless of who Cleveland had on the floor. They are just a better, deeper, more balanced, better coached, TEAM. 2. Greg is having entirely too much #menswear fun, I CALL NO FAIR!
I would just like to note how kind it was of Sir Cleav leave to cordially invite everyone to this party.
This should be gooood
No, because Greg does not lose.
!!HUZZAH!! !Well played, Cleav! !!HUZZAH!!
Dont ever do that. I meant an incentive to WINRAR!!
Been there bro. I may have just posted the worst picture of all time in a challenge some moons ago. Take it as an incentive.
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