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i find that a lot of the uber high end watches from the smaller specialized boutique brands tend to be that way. for me, what often sets the brands we know and love apart from the rest is simple design aesthetics, and knowing when to restrain.its said about public speaking and writing, that often what you dont say is just as important as what you do say. the same holds true for design, in my book.
need better pic. where is that HD frilly quality? also, im kind of a tourb fanboi, but that guy is not doing it for me. : ( i do like the pocket watch/wrist watch combo they make. that is them right?
sucks for you! * *ups NMWA poast count
I don't think this fit is particularly awesome, I mean, obvi its awesome, but not especially so. I'm posting it because its essentially what i wear most days in this brutal summer heat, and for some reason I wanted to share a more accurate representation of how I am generally dressed, as perhaps there is some value in that. Also, my daughter thinks it's funny to take pictures of me when I'm not paying attention.
just send me a PP invoice. this is true.for me, if im just out tie shopping in a store, or if i see something online, i dont think i have ever passed on something for not being a 7 fold, unless it hit a price point that i felt was not at all justified by the construction, if that really means anything, and tbh, i have paid 7 fold money for 3 folds in the past if i loved the tie. but if i am ordering from hober, or someone who gives the option, 95% ill choose 6/7 fold.
CMT, everything about that post is awesome.
regis - needs unstructured eyetalian SC not MMM. derp. --- irl i have never got comments on any of my SWD type fits. i must be too norm core.
Oops. See OP, I have edited it in.
I am speaking to everyone. This is now over. Anyone who has anything else to say about it can PM me. Further posts here not relating to sales alerts will be deleted and you will probably get a little vacation from the forum to go along with it.
Everyone play nice. If you have beef, do it via PM or on some other forum. Thanks, -S
New Posts  All Forums: