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Parker looking strong.
Yep. While I have more MC stuff than SWD stuff, when I average it out, I think the cost per piece is about equal.---Solid advice you gave Noodles, btw. Ill add that its also really worthwhile for getting better to post fits, however bad they may be. Not just lurk and see what you think you like best, for 2 reasons.1. Imitation never really works.2. Its quite possible/likely that fits from others that visually appeal to you may not work on you.I strongly feel that trial and...
He felt he had reached his SF apex.I dont think he specifically deleted them from SF. Probably just cleared what he had photobucket/imgur/whatever, to create space, which by default makes all those embedded links die.---EFV - Dat rise thoSeamaster - Glorious
I do not believe in this. If something is not getting used, I sell it, loss or not. Because if Im not using it, its essentially an even greater loss than whatever money it could put in my pocket, regardless of what I paid for it. View it as a rental.
Things I may never own: A knit tie.
Chullilo really is good with MC casual. For real.
Best suit award last batch: Em Ee Best casual cool award this batch: Moss
Stowa really is a pretty watch and a great value. Would theoretically kop.
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