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I think because we dont have too many mega mega collectors with multi-million dollar collections (at least not any sharing pics!) so for most here if you are so unfortunate to only have one extremely high and watch its probably going to be a PP/AP/VC/ALS. Just a guess. But Breguet certainly makes some stunners.
Would kop.
Thanks, mayne. ---Cool look, SpreezaTrash.
Thankfully not dead, just elsewhere. :-)Pleasure to see you as well. All is wonderful, and I hope the same follows for you and all my other good pals here.
Glad to see Mr.Six is still crushing it like a champ. Mcfox, that dinner jacket fit is exemplary.
Indeed I do.
Been too long. Hows SWD doing lately? LP/Mazz/RRL/Alden
Hey guize ! OG NMWA Mazzarelli shirt on the beach of Centre Island... Dat collar roooooolll tho. LP/Mazz/RLL/Alden
WOOOOOOOOT!!! Just as you predicted!! Congrats!
New Posts  All Forums: