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Thanks, guys! Nice to be seen.
I mean, I get not wearing slubs if you dont like them, but not even thumbing a nicely put together ensemble because it has a slubby tie? Dag, yo. That's harsh.
This dude is so busy he is forced to work in the nude.
Thanks, guys. Its nice to be back. DapperMoose - SC is Panta, rest is from No Man Walks Alone.
Drakes / Calabrese / Inglese / Farnese / Rota / Vass [[SPOILER]]
I like it, and I'm not even usually that much of a Tudor fran.
Im doing splendidly, thanks. Ever since the 15300 though my watch needs feel quenched. I also spend most of my day dealing in watches, so there is that too. /notsohumblebrags
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