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It was a welcome change.Also. Sandlot. Best movie ever.
Spoiled orange actually a nice color combo:
I guess so. The question is how much value is in the opportunity cost? I think for people it varies. I know this has been talked about, and what it boils down to is how important is it to you that every time you get dressed you are making the most optimal choices possible. For some that is a must. For others there are times where they decide there is something they like and really want to wear, and the fact that there may be a more optimal option is not a deterrent if the...
There are no shortage of examples of charcoal trousers being paired well with a jacket and tie, and like most "rules" here, saying that is a 100% all the time no go, is foolish. That said, I personally do not enjoy wearing charcoal trousers with a jacket and tie. The most usual reason is that I generally find I have a better alternative, but I am not a believer that just because there is a better option does that mean that a fine option should be shelved if a person feels...
This should be quite fun.
Thanks, archi.
Thats some fancy look wine, A2. Dusty = fancy, right?
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