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What I have found mostly is that people who come here dressing poorly and pushback against all the feedback that people take the time to give them get ridiculed. People who dress poorly and take a hard look at the feedback they receive inevitably improve and are welcomed in the community. People who come in dressed well from the get go get the praise they deserve. There are no shortage of first time posters that post fits that get tons of love. Looking funky, Shoreman.
Funny cuz it's true.---Poilu, I think the fit as is looks rill nice, and I don't think I would call it incoherent, but I also think that the more destroyed sweater would look even more amazing.
Sounds awesome!We meet up in Lowery. Im in Summit County now. Shoot me a PM!
Lol. Well, within subjective guideliness/preferences the feeeback was objectively correct. If that makes any sense. :/
No one is trying to be mean, JB. The feedback you received is objectively correct based on what people here consider good. If you dont care for people's opinions here, and just want to rock on with your bad self, then by all means. But if you are interested in receiving honest feesback that help you dress better, it would be wise idea to consider the feedback you have been given. Welcome aboard.
@spacepope, you missed out, mayne! Find time to chill before I leave. Beers on me!!!
100% good times indeed, @Synthese! Hope to catch up again sometime soon. Love that pic. Jacket thing is Schneider Valve coat, bt dubs.
Looks good to me, but don't think Id pair that kind of suit with that tie. Clash of formalities to me. Needs a cooler more interesting tie to jive with that suit fabric imo.
ATG - Really good. Liking the challenge x-posts a lot too.
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