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[[SPOILER]] SF Family errthang. Attolini suit and GG Rothchilds from LuxeSwap, Borrelli shirt and Attolini tie from STF.
the whole shooting match. its just a casually styled shoe. that is not bad in any way, its just not a dressy shoe, that all.
been waiting forever to wear it. thanks, man!!
Attolini in action. Literally everything in this fit was either acquired from @SpooPoker, or directly influenced by him....
thanks, guys!euro - they are part of an attolini super 130s suit that i will be posting up soon in WAYWRN. here is the top in the meantime. [[SPOILER]] CC - very nice.
something like that.
you may change your mind about that when you find out how much money you can get for them on the used market.
a fair swap, but why not have both? you can make the RLs your beaters.
looks good to me, macs. nice combo, crusty. ---
New Posts  All Forums: