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I think I have 3 solid navy ties, none are silk reppe. Im good.Please for sake of all that is good find a way to stop your collars from curling up at the end. Dry clean, iron, longer points, whatever, just get it done please.---HAPPY B-DAY, NOODLE MANG!!!!
Kong wins. Im out. Its been real, guys.
ghd, UC, pope, great fits.
I'm not sure if there is a good horizontal twill, but the rows are far too thick in that one that you pictured, that is the main problem with it.
And thankfully so. There has been some pretty good stuff.
I am so excited. It is probably my favorite show on TV right now. With some of my favorite all-time characters. It is so good. I also love that FX is not afraid to make episodes and hour or longer when needed.
Without a doubt it is my most oft worn suit.
For your style you are definitely posting in the most appropriate thread. It just happens to be one of the slower what are you wearing type threads..
No probs. Fwiw, of all the What Are You Wearing type threads, this one has the least action. The WAYWRN for MC and WAYWT for SWD generate a lot more conversation about fits.
I judge you all the time.Classic Noodles.
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