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excellent reply, regis. keep on being you. note, i only say that because you dont dress like crap. people who dress like crap should not be told that. they need to be someone else, or a better version of themselves.
I want one!
Booo to the winners!! Jkjk, hanjoy, doods.
ftfyit certainly looks good on you, and thanks for chiming in. i mean, we have been talking about you all day, you deserve a say.
there is only one sherlock coat. made by belstaff and discontinued. greg, get on that. plz.
in the heat of summer i give in tho. even then as soon as i get to a desk or my house the pockets are emptied.
lol. everyone should buy everything from NMWA all of the time. but that is not a regis jacket at all imo. he needs more drapey relaxed stuff. NMWA has it, but i dont see that SC for him. maybe that cool blue OS jacket.
i loved all 7 HP movies. 5 was the best, though it was the worst book.---anyone here see anchor man 2? worth watching?
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