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Thanks!! Square is Bigi from NMWA. I'm a little bit sad that you would even think that I would use a suit jacket like that as a sportcoat. This suit, and the navy sportcoat, are two completely different items.
Thanks, man! I quite like that description.----@Synthese, thanks for providing me a new avatar!
This is really not the right thread for that question, try the Quick Question thread. More importantly, its impossible to say anything based on those pics except that that second shirt should never be worn with a jacket.
Timo wins all the awards this time.
I am reasonably sure that that is my sentiment as well.To a degree, it is subjective, but there are certainly movements that are prettier than others. Finishings, beveled edges, amount of different finishes and whether or not they look busy or complimentary, shape of rotor, material of rotor, solid or cut out, screw polishing/bluing, exposed gears, gems, layout of movement, swans necks, engravings.....All these things factor in, and while some things most definitely fall...
MC gear. Almost all from NMWA. Thanks, Greg!
Swaggin it out in NMWA gear. Formosa/Inglese/Bigi x 2
Sounds like you need a better mohel.
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