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Thanks! One pair Alfred Sargent and two pair Meermin. AS are unworn blue suede loafers and they are awesome. Meermin are one pair of double months and one pair of penny loafers.However, I gave them up for sale because they are either too big or too small on me. Feel free to shoot Spoo a message if you want more details to see if they might work for you, they are in his hands now. Happy to work something out before they go up for sale if you're interested. :-)
Amazing day chilling with @SpooPoker. Thanks for opening up special. Picked up all kinds of great swag; Brunello, Partenopia (thx Mr. Big), Drakes, LP Storm System... Not to mention a fantastic dinner. Oh. Anybody out there who wears a size 16.5 shirt, I may have dropped off about 20 or so staple Italian shirts in excellent condition. Not to mention some suits, shoes, and other odds and ends.
Yes we can! Consider it given up!!
Suits arrived. Are awesome. LS ruelz.
Sorry!!For sure, will do.
If someone was bidding against me you'd have had another tree fittay mebbe or mebbe not. Either way, great week!! Congrats!
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