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I beg to differ. But thanks all the same! Im glad you took the time to read it.
@Koala-T, I know your question regarding multiple patterns was not directed at me, but I am going to address it anyways because Im awesome like that. As further proof of my magnanimity I am even going to include previous fit pics of mine for you to be bedazzled by, learn from and use as a tool to garner inspiration. You are most welcome. As such, please treat my words as final and dismiss any other notions that have been presented to you.First off, I personally do not play...
Yes, and based on your lack of reply I will have to assume you fully agree with everything I wrote.
Best Clags fit all time.
Works for me! Get on over to Charm Citay.Looking sharp today, per yooshz.x infinity
I need a green SC. Murl, make yours to be my size and send it over pronto.
Read it now.
Im thinking no.
Mr. Six, plz visit Bmore so I can confirm this. Ill even let you buy me dinner!
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