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As I noted, it wasn't an exhaustive list, homie.
Whether or not there is right and wrong there are definitely things/guidines that lead ones to looking better. I belive the single most important factor is coherency. It's when people begin to stray from that that things start to fall apart imo. There are a million ways to look great within the universe of "tailored menswear." Just to name a few vibes, Barims, Vox, EFV, Manton, Tira, Cleav, O/O, TTO, The Armoury Crew, Nick, Braddock, Spoo... These are guys that all dress...
Good man.Low blow!
^^ noice ^^
Looking cool, Regis. Before this conversation I had no idea that there was any meaning at all to "88." The shirt reminded me of a raiders jersey I had as a kid and blackbeard is an awesome pirate. Ignorance was bliss.
Really like that fit, Frank. What pants?
Granted a PoW tie like we have seen is technically a wedding tie, I see no reason for any professional suit wearing fellow not to wear one to work with a navy suit. Its not like wearing tux to work. Its a great combo and I think its a shame to limit it to weddings only. The only time I would hesitate would be if I was among people that adhere that strictly to such traditions. Which would seemingly be never.
Late to the game, but damn Tira, that fit was fire.
I did that thing where I said what I wanted to say !Also I liked the way that my post went full circle. Addressing your last 3 sentences would have killed my flow..o0I__I
Almost all my fit pics are with an iPhone, using the camera+ app. As long as you take pics outside in good natural light it works very very well. For both distance and close ups. And the editing tools are great for any needed adjustments. Disclaimer, they were taken by my wife or daughter, so I cant speak of how great it works as a selfie. If you are doing something like Clags, and not trying for a full length shot, the success rate will probably be higher.
New Posts  All Forums: