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Sick pics, Zach. I need that Brunello bomber.
Did someone say Schneider? His stuff, particularly the outerwear, is bananas.
My post count isn't bad, but lets not forget my witty repartee, rakish style, and rugged good looks. @lawyerdad, my manhood is never in question.
Not sure that was ever considered conservative, but one would assume that conservative as a definition of mode of dress is a fluid concept, not static.
Your flavor is just fine. Don't disappear.
Dat Gucci leather tho....
As an aside, besides the lapels, the boldness of Seamless's pinstripes take the suit out of CBD territory, imo. Either way, its a very nice looking fit. CBD is but one of many nice ways to put together an ensemble and saying something is not CBD is not a negative point, its just a matter of classifying an aesthetic.
Belated HNY, doods.
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