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Damn, Kyle. That looks great.
Sounds all good to me. Glad it all worked out. My man.
SVB seems like a man that enjoys life. That makes me happy.
WELL!! DO YOU LOVE IT????I think the shoes are perfect there. Heck, you could could even go darker, similar to the tie you are wearing. Great look all around.Lolz. My kids do the same. The naturally lean the camera as they lean their head and then you have that crooked pic. Awesome. Kids rule.
Noted! Thnx.
Cool, thanks. Are those Epaulets still available/current. If so, could you PM a link?What this man said. Superb value.Remind me, ya'll, is the Lorenzo less trim than the Tipo?
Why? ---@FrankCowperwood, maybe I missed it, did you reveal deets on the chinos and shoes from your cream Inis fit the other day?
I own Run Lola Run on DVD, was a gift, still havent watched it.
Indeed. Fabrics and textures are amazing however.
LD, it's pretty easy to take that offer you made out of context.
New Posts  All Forums: