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Still have no idea what that is. : ( But whats the next challenge going to be, @kgfan5? Or are you really deferring? @conceptual 4est, ideas?
Yes, that is why it would be fun to do if people participated. What means "HBA"?
Dont know about the brand but they look nice enough to me.
Eff yes.---Now Romans, that was a great post.---I love being able to meet cool like minded people.
Any time.
It would seem the point of the thread is multi fold. For some people it was a fun/silly thread to bust peoples chops on their idiosyncrasies and to talk about the general idiosyncrasies of SF, and why all these things make us love SF.. For others it was about complaining that no one one knows about their idiosyncrasies, even though they never take part enough for people to know anything about them. And perhaps if they joined in more conversation in a positive way people...
BUT YOU ARE TEH ONE TROO WINNAH!!! I do think an SWD does MC, jacket, tie and PS required, would be awesome if people played.
More Things I Love About SF: Thread derailments.
Means they are not quite a formal dress shoes, they are a bit thick/chucky, and lean towards being a dress casual shoe imo.I think so as long as they are not too obvious.
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