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There are no shortage of examples of charcoal trousers being paired well with a jacket and tie, and like most "rules" here, saying that is a 100% all the time no go, is foolish. That said, I personally do not enjoy wearing charcoal trousers with a jacket and tie. The most usual reason is that I generally find I have a better alternative, but I am not a believer that just because there is a better option does that mean that a fine option should be shelved if a person feels...
This should be quite fun.
Thanks, archi.
Thats some fancy look wine, A2. Dusty = fancy, right?
Belated mazal tov, teger. --- Really like that pic, MoK. Extra awesome.
Voated for AAS. I hope he wins!
Post more posts, @UrbanComposition!
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