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Yesss!!Cant wait to get mine back from the tailor.
Power shmower, its a must have. I need one so hard. : (
Poll still has 6 more days. See if your mom can get a bevy of friends to join StyFo and cast voates.
Spacepope, that leather is fantastical.
If I use a timer, which is rare, I just use the camera+ app, and set the timer to 30 seconds. You can count the beeps and it counts off numerically the last 5 seconds.
Top of your game, CD.
You are teh suck. Why you have no self confidence? Why you play in a challenge if you no think you are winner?
That Cartier is Dope.
Ok. So now?Yep!I dont get it. A wide chalk stripe suit does not seem very bold to me. Could wear it just about anytime I would otherwise be wearing a suit.
Soooooo....... later today then?
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