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Shouldaville, that combo is $$$.
I want it so bad. Its also perfect for you. Did you buy one?
Finally caved and perused the F/W selection. Wow. Walked away with a S&C knit and a Schneider scarf. The outerwear selection is unreal. Especially that Monitaly ranch coat with the faux-fur lining.
Lol. It means I will be watching this one.
Don't be ridiculous.That picture was taken and posted with you expressly in mind.
Magic needs many steps.
But of course. Id be glad to.Before you do that though, this is my method.1. Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger.2. Lay the PS completely unfolded over the circle with the print side facing down.3. Pull the square, from its center, through the circle, like you would a dinner napkin.4. Fold in half. (Position of the fold will also depend on what portion of the PS you want to be at the top of the fold to display.)Admittedly, it sometimes takes me 5 or 6 tries. Or a...
Good luck and godspeed to you! --- @jcmeyer
Sorry. Looks like LA Guy got to it. Also, I was pretty excited, thought tog had a potential kop for me. I has a sad. : (
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