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Im not sure if I like that better, or the sunglasses cigarette strut. Both are top finishers.The lawnmower is also high in the list.
Yeah. Pretty neat that he is about the most likable character right now.
I have noticed that he has seemed to be quite comfortable in the old house and with the kids in those scenes this season. Interesting point.
Really good points about Peggy. Outside of fast forwarding 10 years or so and finding out that she is an EVP or CEO, which is essentially just confirming what we would assume, there's not really much to add. It truly is a perfect book end. I hope they make this ending for Don truly fantastic. I really do.
PM nicelynice. For the right price, ya never know what could happn
Yeah, thats true. I just kinda wished they never had him show up in the McCaan offices. I think leaving him with the cigar and organ would have been a better ending. But then again, maybe it shows that accepted the fate of his company and trotted off to make some easy money, which Roger is all for really I think.So perhaps I eat my words. Im cool with his end. But. They better whip up something amazing for Peggy and Don or Ima be disappoint.
Justin, that check SC is magnificent.
Me too. : (
What exactly is Rogers end? Seems like nothing to me.This whole Don story line is not doing anything for me. Unless the finale is mind blowing I may have to pretend like this season never happened and MM ends with Don showing his kids that crap hole he grew up in.
New Posts  All Forums: