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I think the anti black shoe hate is nothing more than personal preference, not some kind of SF approved mantra/group think. A wrong preference of course, but a preference all the same. Derp.
I do mean that, yes.
Accessories are a moot point. I wear black shoes and brown glasses/watch strap all the time. I know foo, I know. Again, my 2 cents.
I dont know if I would say that everyone "needs" a pair of black shoes, but there are without question certain ensembles with which not only are black shoes optimal, any other color would be poor, and Im not just talking wedding/funeral rigs. I think a black calf double monk is one of the best black shoe options. I have 3 pairs of black shoes, punched cap, stitched cap, and DMs. Almost anytime I have a rig that is not ultra formal but I think calls for black shoes, I go...
Im too lazy to shine my shoes on the reg. Leave the sketch, Clags.
Before now I never had heard of any this nazi/white power 14/88 business. Weird stuff. I strongly believe that swaztikas, the ss sig runes, and the like, have no place anywhere, but to ostracize the use of certain numbers because some white supremacist pulled some catch phrase out of his ass using them is a bit much for me. 88 is a cool number, and it looks cool. If the designers purpose was to hint at or pay homage to the Lane phrase, thats one thing, but if its just...
You're welcome, SeaJen.
He prints money in his mahogany lined home office.
EFV dad ruelz, u guyz also look very similar!
I was there and Im factually correct.
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