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By all means, please do. Agree to underlined portion of course.
Cam is a child. The only thing worse than him using the "I am who I am" excuse, is the fact that other sports commentators are backing him on that. If part of who you are means being a childish unprofessional, who is being payed tens of millions, and part of your job description is acting like a man even when the chils dont fall your way, perhaps you need to change "who you are" a little bit.
He is yet young. Hopefully he matures. Maybe he will learn to keep the dabbing to post-achievement only. Makes it sting less.
What happened? Yes, Im too lazy to find it and watch.
Thanks, archi!
So good. Ware devoured Cam a few times too. Homer here, but I find they are a fun defense to watch. Just all over the place.
Vonn Miller. Defensive beast and a class act.
Mr. Six, you are the man.
New Posts  All Forums: