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Yes thats correct, I have one. Its an Isaia for SFA and I like it a lot. Its about as formal a navy SC as you can get. Which of course limits its use to a degree, but I find it very useful when I am going for a SC and tie and want something very crisp and formal leaning but not quite a full suit.
Just watched final Hunger Games movie. Much of it was like a SWD heaven of some sort.
Sup dudes. Had dinner with @the shah last night. Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. Hope ya'll are well, just wanted to say hey cuz its been too long.
Hallo!Sorry, guys. Been super busy with new job, but I has not forgot my watch broes.
Welcome to my lief charcoal Casentino ulster coat. Thanx, FC sale price.
Looking good, @Synthese. COME AT ME BRO!
I realize that due to my poses those pictures are probably useless. Sorry.
Hard not to, really.
My pleasure!Thanks!This is a fair point. I knew that I was asking for uber scrutinized feedback by posting those pictures in the context of a rule driven post, but I felt that it was worth it to help our buddy Koala.
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