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Would be the greatest of all honors.
I can't say I agree there, I think the jean cut cotton/linen pants were the right choice for the ensemble.However, you needn't worry about ever seeing these pants again because I totally busted out the thigh doing this....
Thanks for the compliments, guys! @rydenfan, pants were a really cool RL cotton/linen jean cut pant. I say "were" because they were a little bit too snug and I ripped the crap out of them later on in the day doing some running and jumping.
Thanks, dudes! @agvs, glad that you like it, you helped inspire it, along with @Lorcan7.
Was about to say exactly this. The similar scale makes the top look a bit busy. A solid blue or a wider stripe would be better methinks.
Monitaly // Niche // Buttero [[SPOILER]]
Monitaly // EG // Niche // RL // Buttero
Times infinity and beyond. A perfect navy SC should be the first SC that one should invest in.
Don, not related to todays fit, but I think there is perhaps a time and a place for green, red and orange pants, but not with the SCs and ties you are pairing them with. I think they are much better employed with your casual fits that you post in MC casual.
1. I think GS wins this series regardless of who Cleveland had on the floor. They are just a better, deeper, more balanced, better coached, TEAM. 2. Greg is having entirely too much #menswear fun, I CALL NO FAIR!
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