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Lol. Indeed I do. Trying to keep using my friends loft tho. Way better location.
Yeah, no comparison. Natural so much better. Sadly, there is not a spot in my house that gets enough natural daylight and that is also a decent looking place for pictures, that I can use.
Congrats! Looks great, Krish.
Thats great, but how do you get such a good product out of the indoor shots?Tell us now!!
Most amazing juxtaposition of sentences in a thread ever? I think yes.With each passing day I am becoming more and more convinced of this. Im still fuming that we were not able to get together when you were in the area.
Damn. 5 years and 2 kids for me.
They seem to so far, but they are yet young. Hopefully they take after their mom in this regard.That is the truest post in the history of SF. And I am a huge advocate for making babies. Not just going through the motions, but actual baby making.I lol'ed
Indeed. I wish I could plan purchases out to 2-3 years. Once I get something in my mind to buy it needs to happen yesterday.
Whatever the official name is, I think its a cool looking dog.
If I was to get a dog, I think it would be a mini doberman.
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