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I know there must be a great meme out there for that.
I wish I had blue shoes, cuz if I did, I could totes do blue from head to toe.
Im torn between a few things that I think will be perfect with my Frozen Waves. Also want to see what Schneider pants are stocked.Also, curious, I bought a pair of Schneider pants once and they were insane slim, had to sell them. Would love to hear about the fit on the NMWA Schneider pants.
On the precipice.
4est and Greg, do you have any awesome, dark, Schneider pants on the way, to work with the reeds shirt?
If there's one thing I am certain of for sure, is that my brother is not miran. I'm going to leave him banned for now.
More than a little bit, if you ask me.--SS drops are epic.
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