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Welcome to the end of your discretional monies, @SeaJen!
Welcome back, Guido!!
In a way I have always felt that MM would have been best had it ended after the first season with the reveal about Dons past. With the success of True Detective and Fargo, its clear that one story per season anthology shows can be awesome.
I just want to say that that photo essay by Mr. Six was one of the best things to ever happen to the GNAT.
Lol that to Vox everyone is just a "a StyleForum Dude."
No fits to report, UC? Ello, G!!
Perhaps, but I think that that would not be necessary. There are a myriad of optimal color, pattern and scale combinations within most pairings.I would even say that once you have two optimal items together the third optimal item could be a variety of items. For example, if you were wearing a navy suit and a light blue shirt I don't that a green tie would be any more or less optimal than a brown tie, or visa versa. Or that a blue suit would be any more optimal then a gray...
It was a welcome change.Also. Sandlot. Best movie ever.
Spoiled orange actually a nice color combo:
I guess so. The question is how much value is in the opportunity cost? I think for people it varies. I know this has been talked about, and what it boils down to is how important is it to you that every time you get dressed you are making the most optimal choices possible. For some that is a must. For others there are times where they decide there is something they like and really want to wear, and the fact that there may be a more optimal option is not a deterrent if the...
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