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If I dont get my sweater, there will be blood.
This times a million.FTFY. RIP Nick Hayek Sr.---The Cartiers look great on both Foo and RFX.
Mazal Tov, Gerry!
Alexander, I think you could use some taper on those pants, maybe hemming will fix that, idk. Cool look, brad. Pretty girl, too. No creep.
Resident Moran
A circle would be negative drop. I thought Asians were good at math? :puzzledLThe beauty of NMWA is that you can order stuff no risk to try out sizes without the NYC travel!
I certainly have no objection to that.---I have almost no drop. I am built like a square. :-(
No hate here, noodles. I have a hard time seeing suit supply suits workout for someone with a pear-shaped figure. But I have no experience with them, so I'm kind of talking out of my butt on this one.
Super fantastic, Murl.
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