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dww - that is a beautiful fabric. sorry i am tapped out at present. : (
lawlz. many SFers seem to find they just always need a beer. or 3.
l2b -
same issue here. i understand that knits are supposed to be narrower, but its still a no go for me.this. otherwise, mostly really nice stuff.
lotta good stuff in there, mr. six.
you realize that is a stupid question right?why would anyone pay 1 mil for an old stamp? why would someone pay 100k for a $5000 US treasury bill from 1936?the obvious answer is..... it has nothing to do with engineering. engineering is not the be all end all of why someone should or would buy a watch. different things appeal to different people for different reasons, and judging them for that is highly pretentious. as if because you dont care about that watch, therefor no...
im jelly. those shots are pure win.
that is not the point. we cant possibly judge how he feels. we can judge how he looks, and for looks, there is no reason to critique jeans for being worn in the summer.
thanks, buddy!
Also, any hate that I expressed towards this challenge was horribly misguided. It is truly an excellent idea. Mad props to Claghorn.
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