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Looks fantastic, Justin!
Mostly trews and a SC, rarely a tie. And my buddy the photographer doesn't have time for much free foto sessions lately. :/If I should wear something worth capturing, Ill try and post it.I have bought lots of new clothings lately tho! Yipee!Happy to have inspired. Looking forward to see your MTO. Tag me when you post the fit if you remember.
So good!
Best of luck moving forward, Karin!
Sqwirrel looking goooood
Yeah, but tell us how you really feel!Personally, and I say this as a yuge tourb fanboi, I find that often the dial gets distorted when they try and work around it, especially when adding numerous other complications. I find you end up with a wonderful piece of mechanics, but lacking in visual appeal when all is said and done, in many cases.In this AP you get the classic clean RO design and a beautiful, centered, symmetrical tourbillon to ogle without changing or...
Better pic of the Brunello sneaks I picked up at the LS store.
Great start to the morning, gentlemen.
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