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Ski goggles are epic.
So I see the challenge for the perfect Merino coat fit is now officially on. Fwiw, imo, its needs more substantial items with it than sweats and tee. Its a beast of a coat. Im very excited to see what people do with it.
I miiiight be in. Would make for an interesting experimental fit I was mulling over the other day.
ITS EASY AS PIE!!! Whoever wins this, would be cool to do the team challenge next, Ill help ya with setting up the thread and poll. In any case, this brown tie challenge should be fun.
That makes 2 of us. Love.perfection.I cant say that I have, no.
Bingham, sorry, mentioning personal items for sale in thread is not allowed, so I deleted your post. You may certainly list your items in our buy and sell marketplace, and you may also have a link to them in your signature line. Best of luck! -S
That tie is a winner.
Not my jam, but id not call it feminine either.
That is one my most beloved watches. Want so bad.
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