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As an aside, besides the lapels, the boldness of Seamless's pinstripes take the suit out of CBD territory, imo. Either way, its a very nice looking fit. CBD is but one of many nice ways to put together an ensemble and saying something is not CBD is not a negative point, its just a matter of classifying an aesthetic.
Belated HNY, doods.
It seems you are on the money.
Danke, shugz! Things are swell.
But if you meant at that moment when the pic was snapped, I can't recall if it was a spontaneous pose or if I was pointing as someone in specific. May have been Spoo or Red after one of their smart aleck remarks.
Who am I not pointing to?
Hallo my doods, its been far too long. I had the great fortune to visit the Luxeswap store yesterday and man alive is it awesome. Location is great, there is a giant bronze statue of one of our past President's, which is soon to be replaced with an even bigger statue of Spoo speeding along in his F430 with various menswear items flying in his wake. Shortly after settling in, and once given a fair amount of time to recover from taking in the sheer volume of goodies, I...
Yes thats correct, I have one. Its an Isaia for SFA and I like it a lot. Its about as formal a navy SC as you can get. Which of course limits its use to a degree, but I find it very useful when I am going for a SC and tie and want something very crisp and formal leaning but not quite a full suit.
Just watched final Hunger Games movie. Much of it was like a SWD heaven of some sort.
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