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Thats awesome, LeBeef. Post fit pics when you can. Supreme pick ups, Murl.
Jfrat, I like that. Bumble bee and all.
You watch your mouth, young man!!
Lol. Nothing this moment, but I think that VC is the way to go for what you want.---Playing with my watch this morning. Derp...
Hate is a strong word.
NMWA Vass MTO.It's a fine coat, I just don't think that the color is working there. It especially stands out because everything else was so low contrast.---Elio, legit I lol'ed.
Awesome! Which one?
No. You would take a 6, and then to ship it to me.
Could be because I am a magician, but I never have a problem with my tie riding up during the day. In any case, I think I may try the middle of the buckle length a few times. Just for variety sake.
Dopey, when do you plan on making this purchase?
New Posts  All Forums: