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Regarding slim fit, I have moved away from that as it pertains to pents. Mah "athletic" thighs just need some more room . :/
4est, that is really really awesome.
Indeed. They well pass the halfway point between lapel fold and shoulder seam, which is my personal sweet spot for a notch lapel.
Awe shucks! But hold on a moment. I dont think I ever hit 1k poasts (or posts) in a day. I know I have hit 180, but never 1k.Thanks, man. Took the pic on my iPhone 6s, quite surprised how crisp it came out and how much texture it picked up.Re: watches. I cant imagine not caring about watches. I probably "care" more about watches than clothing, but I very much understand why many people have no emotional response to them. Except the RO. As you proved, everyone has an...
Since we are talking about advertising, I believe a huge piece is, "out of sight out mind." The reality is that people forget pretty quickly and there are innumerable different people/companies trying get our attention. Fact is, if we arent reminded by these companies that they exist, we will forget and turn our attention towards someone else who grabbed our minds eye. Aside from people who naturally investigate every single decision they make, probably the vast majority...
Thanks, man. Trying to stay involved.x infinity.
Love. Also an example of an RO that looks stellar on a oak brown strap.
Hallo, NMWA friends. Hope ya'll are well. Picked up 2 Camoshita SCs from the sale. Schneider and Dents for your viewing pleasure in the meanwhile...
Been a while. Nothing new, just sayin' hey to my watch broes from the snowy east coast. : )
Sick pics, Zach. I need that Brunello bomber.
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