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With an OCBD, gray flannel pants, and suede chukkas. Will be amazing. Classic yet distinctive. Bro's, ya'll needs to open your minds eye a little.
Because it is. And it is awesome. @gdl203, please elaborate.
Well, I mean, obviously, yeah.
I thought so. Still love all 3 of course. Just sayin...
If anyone in a size 50 is looking for a sick navy SC for a great price, have a look see... http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/navy-wool-waffle-knit-jacket.html# 15% off with code TAILOREDEXTRA
I miss that guy. - - -Perhaps the wrong thread, but since Im here and its on my mind, is Casentino wool the new grenadine, shantung... of the style universe?
Regarding slim fit, I have moved away from that as it pertains to pents. Mah "athletic" thighs just need some more room . :/
4est, that is really really awesome.
Indeed. They well pass the halfway point between lapel fold and shoulder seam, which is my personal sweet spot for a notch lapel.
Awe shucks! But hold on a moment. I dont think I ever hit 1k poasts (or posts) in a day. I know I have hit 180, but never 1k.Thanks, man. Took the pic on my iPhone 6s, quite surprised how crisp it came out and how much texture it picked up.Re: watches. I cant imagine not caring about watches. I probably "care" more about watches than clothing, but I very much understand why many people have no emotional response to them. Except the RO. As you proved, everyone has an...
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