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PI swag is bauss.
Not quite sure what to infer from this, but Ill just say thanks for the compliment, and that I enjoy wearing SWD immensely, and will surely continue to cloak myself in its dark shadows.
Funds allowing, it will happen.
No argument here. Might be my next suit purchase. Dark navy chalk stripe three-piece. We shall see it.Lol all good.
--- Thanks for the compliments, gents! And the lolzy thumb comments.
Almost any tie that you would wear with a gray suit. Solids, neats, dots, stripes... as long as the scale is varied appropriately.
Last time I posted a fit with this suit I was wearing a blue/white striped shirt, blue/brown neat pattern tie, and brown suede shoes, black shoes there would have been bad. But why would I want to limit myself to wearing this suit in only one way? The beauty/fun for me is being able to wear it in an number of ways, some call for black shoes and other for brown. And had I not had black shoes, todays ensemble would have been impossible.Thats why I strongly advocate for both...
My friend took the pic, not me. But that would be a cool trick if I could take that myself.
Thanks for the love and the awesome thumb comments, guys. @agvs, glasses are Persol.
Thnx, guys! Its a suit, btw. : )
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