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yeah, thats not me. i have one navy suit and 2 black ties, and they are doing a fine job. your do great on the set of six feet under tho.
dude where have you been, lol.--six - good stuff.
HE'S BACK!!---EFV, so cool. you look to have very long and not fat legs. i hate you.
sooooo, who on SF qualifies? anyone wanna make a list?half perhaps?
i think everyone here would be shocked at the relatively small size of my wardrobe. and yet, i dont think i have many holes in it.as to shoes, i think i have 12 pairs of MC shoes i wear on the reg. more than enough for me. yes i want more.plus one!
friily, i think those are all fake. please send to me for authentication. make sure to fully insure your shipments btw.
Anyone else getting the vibe that Belli wants a 5140 really badly?
I feel that same way. It is just that sometimes I bemoan that I don't think I have a consistent defining thread throughout my style. I guess I don't bemoan it too much though, or else I would probably try to develop one. In the end of the day that I guess I just rather have variety. Horses for courses.
That is a fair description, even though it kind of paints a broad stroke. I guess tho that I am pretty into textures, that is kind of a thing. Goth-rabbi
New Posts  All Forums: