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Good looking combo, Garry, though I would prefer a little less break on the trou. Pents dont seem to be draping as nice as they could.
Crusty and Sander playing hard-ball with the pin stripes and looking good doing it.
V nice zxc, but I wonder if more "standard" leather laced boots would have appealed more to me. Idk.
Suede shoes are best shoes.
Agree on advertising working especially well when informing me of a new item I like, which in turn usually reestablishes my interest in the brand as a whole.
I really just break it down to comfort. If it's warm enough to feel cozy in the winter I wear it and if it's light enough to feel cool in the summer I wear that. Don't really bother myself too much with the particulars.
Pretty much.
Mk & shugz! Now we're talking good sense! --- Veni - maybe not crazy versatile, but yay all the same.
That will be my 3rd navy SC, 2nd if you consider that one of the 3 I rarely wear. And it will be well worth it.
New Posts  All Forums: