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--- Thanks for the compliments, gents! And the lolzy thumb comments.
Almost any tie that you would wear with a gray suit. Solids, neats, dots, stripes... as long as the scale is varied appropriately.
Last time I posted a fit with this suit I was wearing a blue/white striped shirt, blue/brown neat pattern tie, and brown suede shoes, black shoes there would have been bad. But why would I want to limit myself to wearing this suit in only one way? The beauty/fun for me is being able to wear it in an number of ways, some call for black shoes and other for brown. And had I not had black shoes, todays ensemble would have been impossible.Thats why I strongly advocate for both...
My friend took the pic, not me. But that would be a cool trick if I could take that myself.
Thanks for the love and the awesome thumb comments, guys. @agvs, glasses are Persol.
Thnx, guys! Its a suit, btw. : )
My man, helden. Thanks! Also, CM, outside of a black suit there is not really any suit that couldn't work with black or brown shoes depending on the rest of the items in the rig. The point I was trying to make was that while some ensembles could work with either color shoe, others really do call for one color shoe only. Imo anyways.
Posted a fit today in WAYWRN with black DMs. I dont think brown shoes would have worked there at all. Feel free to have a look and share your thoughts. : )
Vass MTO
New Posts  All Forums: