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Excellent points. The truth is I noticed the loophole when the challenge was introduced. Whether or not that was my intention, well, let's not loose all the intrigue so early in the game.
Indeed, with a brilliant display of both guile and irreverence he garnered my vote as well.
7_r - As much as I do not like the tie as a stand alone item, I think that it actually works really well in that ensemble and makes for a great summer look.
Awesome, Lorcan. Japan crew is best crew.
Thanks, Ian. You guys must have terrible computer monitors because I am totally playing by the rules on this one.
Tbh tho, if we can share a couch we can certainly share pants. Love the shades.
In like Flynn on this one. Bam!
You are correct, Cox. I am a very handsome man. Especially today in my all Clags get up.
Thank you kindly, CD! Correct on the tie. Excellent fit yourself. Really great colors together there. Love the shirt, bummed out that I didn't pick up one in my size from no man.
New Posts  All Forums: