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There is a pair of new Rota, not fawn, that I want so bad.False! My pants are the best pants.Sukkkkkkkk it haeterz
None. The loan would be completely unsecured.If I default then you just extend the 0 interest terms for as long as neccessary. Collateral is the good will that I will pay you back and the fact that my joining gets you to have this suit made.
If you spot me the money and are ok with a 1-2 year, 0% interest loan, yes I am in.
My limited brain space does not appreciate gunclubs and stripes. : ( I am happy to note, however, that no PS has been included in that mannequin with the gunclub.
That would sum up my situation.Awesome.
Nice fit, SB, but your photo collage app, like most such apps, is degrading the picture quality and crispness. Just post 2 seperate pics, via computer, mobile, tapatalk, whatever. I appreciate your attempt to conserve space and lessen scrolling and page loading, but not at the expense of your fits looking as good as they could. My 2 cents.
No. Just taking a breather. Will return after Thanksgiving.
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