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I bet @GusW would have a suggestion as to how to successfully wear them with a tie, something colorful and fun, but its not what I would envision buying those shoes for.
Weather finally drops to 40s and 50s Buys heavy knit sweater and scarf Items arrive Weather immediately climbs back up to sunny and high 60s
Bee Argh Bea, off to NMWA. They know your shipping info I presume?
Casually. With khakis/chinos or moleskin... and a plaid shirt and a knit. Or a blue OCBD and a country SC that jives with the pants.
Murl, thats about as classic as it gets. Personally, I like the suede belt and shoes, but if you were so inclided, a dark brown calf leather belt with some texture, nothing shiny, would probably apease mafoos delicate sartorial palate. The Farnese tubo on NMWA for example.
Loves those pleats, Braddock.
Green SC and cord suit are dope. --- Yesterday's arrivals...
I see what you mean, jrd, but it did not strike me as too short when I looked at the picture. It could also be the angle. It does look like a probably covers his behind, which is an acceptable length.
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