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I am a hueg tourb whore, but I still wish they found a way to keep it from affecting the symmetry in those models.
Try the 1880s! Derp.
I dont hate the shape, and I think for the general design of that watch it works, but the asymmetry bothers my brain. If the 3 and 9 were at the halfway point top to bottom, I would like it more.
Yes, it was necessary. No one has gone OTT to warrant actual moderation, which is nice, and a welcome improvement in SF slap fights, but still, this conversation is garbage and it would be nice if it would end. Id rather no content than this content. Slow days are ok too.
This.Rains all the time here and it drives me mad as far as footwear is concerned. Basically, the rain dictates my footwear, which in turn dictates the rest of my wear.If I am actually going to be walking a significant amount in the rain I wear crappy shoes that I dont care about or galoshes. If I will be walking minimally I wear something with a thicker sole, or a Dainite sole, and a durable leather.I have a pair of pebble grain Dainite soled boots, those work with MC...
Sure you can! Just manually enter the code. Sup, @Parker!Great entry, CM.Lol Clags. I would like to consider that pic of your my entry.
Was going to name names, but there are just too damn many great fits today. Well done, iGents.
Superb combo, Six.
Lol. Good luck with the icebergs. Pic was taken with a Samsung Galaxy btw.---Thanks, Chulillo! Looking good your own self.
65 new posts!! Who posted a life changing fit? kg? ghost? diniro? synthpope? Noap. Utter trash. Not even effing glaciers, or swagburgers, or anything of amusement or even general educational value. Just. Utter. Trash. And fwiw. I think the entire concept of trolling is a waste of everyones time and brains space. An occasional prank by a general non troll is sometimes lolzy. But persistent and consistent trolling, complete waste of the communities time. Someone please...
New Posts  All Forums: