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American Sniper. I thought it was superb and I hope BC wins the Oscar, but no way the liberals allow it. It was a gem of a movie. As an aside, I really would love to see The Grand Budapest Hotel win best picture. And JK Simmons for best supporting too, he is awesome. Always been a fan of his work.
Colin Firth pretty much always looks awesome. Im a fran.
Thats awesome.
You done nailed it. They are perfect. I probably missed it when I was catching up, but who made the pants?
Shirts, yeah those were all pretty staple as far as I recall, and as long as the fit is well enough its really nbd with a shirt. KW suits and regional bespoke, likely he will "grow out" of them too, but it will be a much less expensive learning experience.I think its almost impossible when getting started to end up with stuff that you will love once you are really in the thick of it. For a number reasons. Firstly, you are going to make mistakes with what you ask for,...
What are you confused about exactly? The fit looks just about perfect.Pretty much yep. Does not have to me moto, but I think thats a great cut. And yeah, it is fantastic.---Pink Panster that is so cool.
I would be willing to bet that if jfrat went to L&L now, and continues on SF, he will be unhappy with the suit within a year.
Elio, yeah I think we are on the same page. That red carpet fit is turrble, bit that DC dressing as DC, not as JB, and there is no accounting for most celebrities personal style. A lot of them have no real interest in tailored clothes and only dress that way when they have to, and those that care are pretty hit or miss when it comes to doing it, as we would call it, right.Yes, you can get that stuff, but I think you would be better off selling the card for 417 and buying...
That too, but I meant the tie, asshoal.
Im with you half way. I wipe down my crystal anytime I notice a smudge or dust or a water spot, and the bracelet from time to time. Scratches however, I have learned to deal with and not even concern myself with. Its part of why I was not bothered buying my last few watches pre-owned. The desk diving scuffs are going to happen anyways, so why get upset about it. The only time it bothers me is when I am trying to get pics and the DSLR picks up big time on any swirlies and...
New Posts  All Forums: