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do not disagree.
Ideally, everyone should post professional quality full fit pics, but realistically, its not that simple. Id rather a nice top block and bottom block pic, than a crappy, poorly lit, wrongly angled, dirty mirror, full pic.Also, this topic has been talked to death already. But its slow lately, so what the hell.
New Friday Challenge is up. Summer Ties!!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/406098/summer-tie-friday-challenge-7-24-2014/0_20
NEW CHALLENGE IS UP!!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/406098/summer-tie-friday-challenge-7-24-2014/0_20
The rules here are pretty simple folks, as the time is short.A tie and jacket are required, pants and shoes are optional.The tie must be a summer tie, as defined by the rules below:summery material, shantung, silk, cotton, linen, or some combination thereof. no wool or cashmere or the such.decidedly summery color.summery motif.(added difficulty: the fit actually looks good).Deadline to enter is 7/26/14 10:00PM ESTAND GO !---HERE ARE YOUR CONTESTANTS!!!
i think this is maybe true, and if i like a tie, i wont turn it down just for being a 3 fold, but i will still usually opt for the 6 or 7 fold if its an option. i just like them, and i cant think of a 6/7 fold i have that ties a bad knot.
i think gray trousers with that jacket will be more likely to fail than succeed. also, thats a lot of gray. i think the white pants were the right choice, especially in summer.i wish i did.
Cool hat, Fok. Please to have them rename it to The Kapital Nogin Outlaw Cap. Thnx! --- sometimes i wish my wife would take fit pics with me. then i realize i am glad she doesnt care about clothes. i can only afford to waste money on myself these days.
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