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I never said it was more SWD than MC. I said: 1. Its not in any way a sleek shoe. 2. It can easily cross into SWD type fits. 3. It is one of the few pairs of shoes that is worn and appreciated on both sides of the forum. 4. It is an awesome shoe. I am unassailably correct on all four accounts. Also, jrd, I don't think you understand how counting score works. You don't get to count points for yourself when people agreed with you and dismiss points for your opponent...
If I was doing the FCs these days, I would defo rock it. It belonged to my late Uncle. The coolest Uncle of all time. He is missed.
Um. No. You lost. And badly. Go home, jrd, youre drunk.
Roycru wins the internet!!
Ill sell you mine for 600 bucks. Spend enough money and you will be getting a deal.
Not really. But I thought people might enjoy it all the same.
I have a Calvin & Hobbes tie. Jussayin
Lolokbuddy. The Marlow is an MC shoe that easily crosses into SWD, and its one of the few shoes that is worn by folks on both sides. A2 - I mostly just dont like the color of that fabric.
I dont like the extra wide date window, I think its not aesthetically pleasing. Ymmv.
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