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I really just break it down to comfort. If it's warm enough to feel cozy in the winter I wear it and if it's light enough to feel cool in the summer I wear that. Don't really bother myself too much with the particulars.
Pretty much.
Mk & shugz! Now we're talking good sense! --- Veni - maybe not crazy versatile, but yay all the same.
That will be my 3rd navy SC, 2nd if you consider that one of the 3 I rarely wear. And it will be well worth it.
With an OCBD, gray flannel pants, and suede chukkas. Will be amazing. Classic yet distinctive. Bro's, ya'll needs to open your minds eye a little.
Because it is. And it is awesome. @gdl203, please elaborate.
Well, I mean, obviously, yeah.
I thought so. Still love all 3 of course. Just sayin...
If anyone in a size 50 is looking for a sick navy SC for a great price, have a look see... http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/navy-wool-waffle-knit-jacket.html# 15% off with code TAILOREDEXTRA
I miss that guy. - - -Perhaps the wrong thread, but since Im here and its on my mind, is Casentino wool the new grenadine, shantung... of the style universe?
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