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Really really nice, Elio. @UrbanComposition, superb SC. Maker?
Regis, you need to own a restaurant/bar. Something like the place in Casablanca.
I want that jacket and that tee so bad. For shame I have not picked them up.
Perfect, sent it my way, please.Where was that pic taken btw?
Tracking says UPS brings my package to my city early yesterday AM but wont bring to my house until Monday. Y U CRUSH MY HEART UPS?! --- Murl, great chillaxed fit.
Garry, really good stuff your past 2 fits here.
I would not call that tie particularly casual, but I would say that brown shoes would have rounded out the ensemble better.
Who forced you into wearing a suit, Clags? Gimme their contact info so I can get them to pressure you more often.
Oh, I don't think he was anybody we knew of. I thought that was the point, whatever possible story he could've told was not going to make a difference at all in what Boyd was going to do.
Indeed.---DB looks good to me, Elio.
New Posts  All Forums: