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If you dont write catalogue blurbs for a living, you should look into it.Plus one! Super cute kid, HC.
Hilariously accurate.
After solid navy, solid brown is probably the most versatile color for a SC. Wear with navy, cream, tan, brown, or gray pants, and almost all shirts.
Any time! noice!
Best I will mess you up look - Anden Best happiest man alive look - bytor13 Ball so hard award - Gerry
She has tried many a time. Success rate pretty weak, but thats more on me than her.
When you can ball in vicuña, you can tire of it and toss it for a new one.
Jrd - I dont own any, but Im not adverse to them. Just havent come across the right one, and Im still working on more basic stuff.
Sounds like a partay!
Usually you have to pump something else to get to touch the vicuña.
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