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A true, and beautiful, rust tie, can surely be in ones first 10. imho
Umwat?I see BIg C still lives and breathes, though he has confined himself. Shame.
Almost forgot, that jacket is amazing, diniro. Looks so soft and yummy.
SB - Nice hat. FM - Great look with the coat. Are you going to hem the sleeves? Apologies if this was mentioned, I am catching up on a lot a of missed time, skimmed through a lot. Welcome back, RDiaz and Scbrown (looking great, btw)!
Liszt, ghost, popex2, magical (some others I forgot) - Awesome. nn - I like the cuff there. Synth - Vive la Stark! Looks great.
Im waiting for my gunclub. Whare its at??---MAZAL TOV, NMWA!!!
Don't snooze!
@justinkapur Kop now. Color is perfect.
To quote Lonely Island, "still counts!"
Umwat?Also, screw the NPC.
New Posts  All Forums: