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I need so much money to bid on all the stuff I want.
Something like that, yes. Lol.Also, it's actually Biblical. Expounded in the Talmud, but written in the Bible.And with that, happy Shabbos!
Passive aggressively insulting people for subjective tastes in watches is a great way to get honest, enjoyable, and unbiased feedback.
Not aimed specifically at you, but also not not aimed at you.
Lol.But no.
I. Saw. It. All.
Brunello really should just make you an authorized dealer at this point.
Old news, but I will reiterate that I pretty much never like very formal structured wool looking SCs with rumply cotton pants, or even regular looking cotton pants. Just looks super inconsistent/incoherent to me. To pull of a SC like that with cotton pants they need to to be really dressy sleek luxxxxe cotton, im(nsh)o, and even then it needs to be just so and its still on the line for me. Only a few examples of such a look that I like. Also, I think it works better with...
Brilliant and smashing, TTO.
Neat watch, kind of feminine looking to me tho. :/
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