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Thanks, Shugz.
Thanks, Pliny!
Wog, CD, hendrix, and mbaum, thanks a lot, guys. CD, I love the fit on them. Very happy with these pants. Im kinda between a 36 and a 38 on them, so I have a pair in both, navy in 36 and these in 38. Both are great. On the slim side. Hendrix, thanks, man. I was not sure how the shirt would play out, but I as soon as I opened up the box I knew it was a winner. Im really impressed with the quality of OL, btw. Stellar construction and finishing.
He returns!!
Thats what I meant.
Looks absolutely fantastic, Tukker. Dino
I have that navy dot shantung also, cyc. Love it.
Coat is cotton and linen. Lighter than any sweater I own, and also its very flow-ey. Also, the whole from part is wide open.
I am trying to. These boots are awesome.Thanks, Bene. Not sure I see that, but it still to warm for knitwear here anyways. Fall will arrive shortly I hope.That is a lovely realization. I have a hard time with high waisted pants though, due to the, um, well, lack of flatness of my body.As far as a taper, yeah, by all means I would love more taper. I am going to try a pair of SS from NMWA when they drop, that I think will be slimmer down the leg. However, sadly, ime, and I...
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