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Solid batch. I like that there were three 3 pc suits. Braddock, Crusty and A2. You guys all get a prize. Yay!
LD, nice combos lately. Murl, Eidos trousers look awesome.
Yes, everyone please act like assholes to each other, and excuse it with the fact that you are merely saying what you think, that will really make things pleasant. Or not.Anyways, CD, that fit a few pages back was real nice.Pangolin, awesome.DLes, good look. Give me your hair.
Good stuff, guys. Victor, I think that post with the blue suit is your best of recent. Excellent.
Gino taking a strong lead!
The white pants. I dont has them. : (
So much goodness. Wow.
Rill gud, Murl.
I don't know if there still is, but there definitely used to be a limit on how many thumbs you could issue per day. So people were probably like, "oh man I really want to like this fit but maybe KG or pope or diniro will post something later. Hnnngggggh WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO???!!?11111"
4est, those ensembles are amazing. Very inspiring. Also making me lust after a number of items.
New Posts  All Forums: