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I highly doubt that man will ever have to work a day in his life again if he does not want to.----AAS, not feeling what looks like an orphaned suit jacket there, but the new shoes are great.
But did they win the world series? DID THEY?
I could easily drop 400 bucks on PS on some of the new PSs right now. Prolly even 600. Le sigh...
I dont even
Are looking heavenward for sartorial guidance?
Been wavering on seeing that. Still unsure.
I like the idea of a loud/large print, paisley madder tie, but I think I have only seen one with a pattern I did not hate. They tend to look like close ups of the slides you see with a microscope in HS, to me.
Worth noting btw, the system does catch a fair amount of spam that gets immediately hidden. I get multiple emails a day from the system flagging spam posts that people never see, so its not like it does not work at all.
Please 2 PM me links.I have actually been looking for a bolder paisley madder, but I hate almost everyone that I see.
Collar aside, the whole vibe definitely works for you, and even though I don't particularly like many of those items, it definitely is your style, and it's a lot better than the stuff that you started it with. Glad to see you headed in the right direction. It's only a matter of time before you start picking out better items with the same vibe, and then you'll really be hitting the sweet spot.
New Posts  All Forums: