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Wow. Size on RLPL white OCBD?
Oh hell yes.
I want this Brunello shearling lined leather jacket so bad. Anyone wanna sponsor for me?
Dark brown suede Vass cap toes with medallionPolo suede GG cap toes with medallion (the ones you refer to)Mole suede GG loafersAlden unlined suede chukkas in chocolate brownLol. I cant say Rick Ross influences me all that much.
Good looking combo, Garry, though I would prefer a little less break on the trou. Pents dont seem to be draping as nice as they could.
Crusty and Sander playing hard-ball with the pin stripes and looking good doing it.
V nice zxc, but I wonder if more "standard" leather laced boots would have appealed more to me. Idk.
Suede shoes are best shoes.
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