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youre welcome!!i really should have made this part of the rules, as its a pet peeve of mine, but its too late now. i feel that all challenge entries should require a full fit pic. when the winning entry does not include a full pic (this has happened) i think its just wrong. id say ymmv, but i think i am objectively correct.i know its not realistic for some people to get a full pic, but thems the breaks sometimes.obligatory emoticon to lessen the douche factor.
this could potentially be a fair critique on an overloaded fit that is bad, but braddocks patten matching here, as usual, is superb. why does it bother you so much that some people prefer color and patterns over somber solids? many people enjoy color and patterns and variety. others dont, look at chocs fit that edmorel brought up a few posts ago (great post btw, ed). no one hates on choc for not having enough pattens, he does what he does, and he does pretty good. and...
full pics, now. awesome lapels.
CD - really awesome. thanks, guys. i come by the b-balls skills paternally, my dad was offered a full ride to play for texas A&M, but he decided to go to israel and be a rabbi instead.
Thanks for the compliments and thumbs yesterday, gents!
#ballin for the Friday Challenge.
#ballin for the Friday Challenge. Tie and PS are of the cotton, tie is slightly "raw," I tried to reflect that in my close up pic.
Friday Challenge fit.
i always keep the watch box and all other goodies. for a few reasons. 1. i am a brand whore. 2. part of what goes into the price we pay is the branding, packaging and extras, so i want to keep that. its part of the purchase. 3. i keep the watch in there when i am not wearing it. 4. should i sell the watch, having the box, papers and goodies not only increase the value, they make it much easier to sell the watch. there is just a bigger market for watches with all the...
newC, tweedy and frank, all looking great. and with superior picture quality and lighting.
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