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'Grats,@Gerry Nelson, and belated 'grats to you, @EFV, on the previous win. Lol that I was entered into this challenge. Thanks, C.
214 new posts since I checked in less than 24 hours ago. What the noodles is going on here? Someone gimme the 411.
I forget which one I had exactly, something very similar to one of those, but when I wore it it made my feet hurt so bad I literally cried. Could have been my foot was a bad match for that last, or a sizing issue, but the sole was like walking on a wood plank on the pair I had. Total misery.
CD, that is super boss.
Justin that is awesome.
@Tirailleur1 would be a solid competitor as well if I dare say.
V nyce, Cox.
Sadly back.Thnx!An exercise in futility methinks.
I'm not sure what it means it was just the rabble that came out of my brain. And thanks! It's nice to be back. I really did miss being part of everything.
New Posts  All Forums: