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I do my best to wear all of shoes at least once every other week, or every 3rd. There are inevitably some that get more wear than others, either my wet weather shoes, or a few pairs that I just like a lot. Regarding the comments about lasts, I would not do the 888 on the Dover I dont think. In general, despite your guyses senseless dislike of more chiseled lasts, they are my favorite for a jacket and tie attire. I try to have my jacket and tie fits on the...
I meant that I cant imagine having 20 even as a max. I have about 12, and the last few shoe kops I made were accompanied by a sale of something from the arsenal.888 is the last I want.
Perhaps that will be my next shoe kop.
I dont think I will ever have 20 pairs of dress shoes. :/
Lawlz I really need some EG in my closet.
Its amazing how much it throws off the look a suit/jacket before you have the sleeves shortened to the proper length. Its almost impossible to judge fit with sleeves that are too long like that.
V nice, but like you said, not sure the derby is going to lend itself to you wearing it with a suit. Probably not.Had em and loved em, but I got the wrong size so I had to sell them.Well, I know what its like to want a specific brand, so I cant fault you for that. However, the GG St James or St James II in mole suede would be perfect, as would the Vass dark brown suede medallion cap toe, which you can MTO from NMWA. I know because I just did that. : )Edit, HANJOY THE...
A2 summed it up. Yeah, its a real shame. We miss you @Holdfast!---Welp, Clags, at the very least, your non suit wearing agenda has provided us a great discussion on this fine Friday.
Not making fun of you at all. But to be honest, I think it's a combination of the above, and the fact that I want to wear what I want to wear and what I enjoy, and if other people have a problem with it, will that's just too bad.
I think because I am a next level asshole and general nonconformist I kind of enjoy wearing things that are nonstandard.
New Posts  All Forums: