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yeah, those guys crush that good spreezy look.lol, yeah i was under no impression that my fit was spreezy at all. pretty tame that one. tbh, i dont see myself as a particularly spreezy guy at all.tbh even further, i dont even think i have a theme at all. clags has a consistent theme, so do you i think, and pingson and incontro and nick, and spoo... i am happy with how i dress, but i dont think i have any consistent theme. sometimes that bothers me, and sometimes that makes...
eh. yes, a lot of places, like cable companies, dress everyone in polos, but they do not strike me as dress code only gear.i hate to use this word, but my issue is, that i find a lot of polo shirt fits to be uninspired. but the ones that do not suffer from that, or of frumpiness, or of ott dad look, are nice.
I dont own a lot of different brands when it comes to footwear really. The sizing makes it really hard. I found what I like and what fits and I stick with it. But I tried on Vass at NMWA and know what works for me. Shoes are not a major need for me though, so I have not kopped. I am sure I will in time though!
Guys, I am getting tired of deleting posts here. The forum rule is simple, you may have FS items in your sig line and that is it. You may not post in thread about items you have for sale. If you think someone specific may want them based on something they said, PM them, do not post in thread. Thnx!
agreed about pocket gap. i hate when i have that.
i cant say i love or hate polos. i think that within the SF world they are hard to pull off well, both in MC and SWD, but not impossible. i have seen polo fits here that i liked a lot.
CD - v nice. Don C - also v nice, but i dont love the belt.
i need some vaaassss in my life.
some of it just looks like lint. but before you pull those balls off (AYO) due what l2b said.
those pants are pretty much perfect, and the look insanely comfortable.---nick, my fave from you to date i think.
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