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Well I wanted more rakish!Indeed. Now buy some damn suede loafers.
The fact that it appears that I will not win this challenge is a travesty of the highest order. Anyone who can't appreciate the good naturedness of that fact, or the simple fun of the entry itself, can call themselves a waaaambulance. Vader, I mean this in the kindest possible way, but the reason you did not garner more votes is because your fit was not good. Cleavs fit was boss btw.
Clags, you should've gone with the tour the picture it was apropos of the conversation, at least I think it may have been headed . Justin and Al, not feeling the shirts there. Otherwise nice. Stanley, not feeling the square. I think a white square folded but with the folds showing like a classic TV fold would've been better. Otherwise nice. Even managed to make the tie that I would otherwise deem unusable look alright.
The Mr. 6 collection is dope. Still can't believe you are selling that Panta SC tho, Spoo.
Congrats Tira!
Rais crushing so hard lately.
Square arrived and is awesome! No rakish note. (no h8 Jessica)
Cox, do that more often. Choc, congrats and great look. GMM, not feeling the shirt there. So many great fits today!
Blind flap hatred will lead you down a dangerous path.
New Posts  All Forums: