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Tonight, I believe.
Mostly like the combo, but the PS-tie pairing seems off to me. Might be the similar size small medallion things in each item. Also, is the jacket a bit long or is that a camera angle issue?Mostly like the individual items, but too much going on up top for me.
Really cool pieces there, VitaT.
How about, The Look Like a Bauss Challenge? [[SPOILER]]
Re: All the swag on LS.Have I mentioned? [[SPOILER]]
Hey there. Not a bad fit, but you are probably going to get more feedback in one of these threads. Thought you might want to know.
Cleav, Patrick, and Mr. Six winning the day today in my book.
If it was one of you that snagged that gray Brunello suit I haet you forever.
Glorious coat, pope. Stellar fit all around really.
A dank. You shall not be forgotten.
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