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You are such a disgusting turd, Clags.
Inglese check is gawgus.
As noted in Noodles thread, sleeves dont appear to be falling right for some reason. Body looks great. Waiting for experts to comment.
Lol TWAT will have now caused every manufacture to send out 1000 catalogues within the week.
Just not falling smoothly and shapely. Could be the shirt or the way you are holding your arms though.
I too enjoy hobnobbing and chatting with ADs and boutiques, provided the people working their are both knowledgable and nice. Its always fun to talk watches with fellow enthusiasts. LIKE HERE!!!
I placed one vote after seeing one of the fits and I did not even check the rest of field. Is that bad? I may or may not be lying though.
I dont know if this has been a factor, but lately I have sometimes only caught up after a week and I know I have bumped a number of fits from 19 to 20.
Hard to tell from pics, but body looks good. Sleeves look weird to me for some reason though. :/
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