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Its about as staple a combo as there is. All deniers should be exiled from owning nice clothing.I have pretty much always hated it with a passion. Then this happened....
May have stopped by an AD tonight.
I have 4, thanks G-d, and who knows what the future holds, and 130k would be a sweet sweet game changer. My kops would be off teh charts.
Nice job with the dad-ish jeans, Regis.
Fwiw, photobucket has a great app and a blur tool to mask your pretty face, and then you can use the new, and excellent, iOS photography editing tools to adjust colors, and then post with mobile or tapatalk.Nor I. Too wide a stripe. : (
Tweedy, I dont like any of those stripes with those checks. : (
For me, the thinner stripes dont look good, as they end up lining up with the check lines, which I dont like. Maybe a block stripe would be better, but Id just always go solid. A neat could also work really well, as evidenced by that awesome gdl fit with the green Drakes. Someone find that please.
Es un secreto. No quiero a alguien para conseguir que antes de mí.
Canta knows whats up.
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