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Sell it to me!! ---Plethora of quality fit today, gents.
Looks awesome, Six. And thnx. HIRE ME, KYLE!!!!
El Oh El
This should be interesting!
Congrats, Leaves!!
Late to the game but wanted to echo the love on that Helden jacket. Great rig, CD. SeaJen, baller wedding. Seamaster, v nice. PS deets?
That was my initial reaction as well, but the truth is, after a second look, I think that together with the rest of the ensemble it actually has a kind of cool vintage vibe, which works well with the wider him opening.---I think the barren landscape is perfect for the Rais fit. Which is awesome regardless of background anyways.
Wats next, Synth?
Ryden and KC #winning the coat game.
New Posts  All Forums: