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did you just go full retard on me? the groupings are chronological. each one picking up where the previous one left off. my group ended 4/4/14. your fits are from 4/7 and 4/8, 2014. they will get posted when those dates are covered. yeeshplease, anyone who has noticed their fit is not here, keep the above in mind. check the damn dates!!!!
i dont like the jacket either, but its not busy at all. its plain jane green, i just dont like it. no h8 CD.
ill reply with this: oxfords are more CBD and easier to wear often than DMs. if you dont have proper cap toe oxfords, buy those first, DMs later.
dammit! sorry, the front end of my spoiler tag was cut out when i removed the text. fixed.can i has deets now?edit - got it from wiki. all set!
GREAT NEWS!!---as to PSs, i have only 1 white PS, its the one folded in my fit today, and its the same one in all my fits that have a plain white PS. its 100% cotton from kamakura and i think it looks splendid folded. i even used it once kind of puffed kind of just a mess for the italian CBD challenge, and i think it worked flawlessly there too.wool/silk PSs are the best PSs in the world.
srsly that my desire for that watch could not be greater.
lol that was uploaded by The Baltimore Movie Trailer Park.
dudeson - i issue 8795 likes on account of the moustache alone.
anyone wanna talk about the fits that were posted?
deets now
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