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I lack the data to refute this assertion.
Im special like that.
Defo interesting and Im all for trying stuff out. Shoes look great.Honestly, I probably would have liked it better unbuttoned.
This right here is probably NMWA's greatest success story.
Yes, thats very specific. Thnx.
I have kids and watched the whole series at a clip of about a season per week. Do it.
Six, not feeling the square there. DW, not feeling the vest in the top fit. Clags, not feeling the BD collar there, at least not one with so little roll. Otherwise, very nice all. Loving the beard, SeaJen.
Kop now.
Personally, I do not like case engravings on almost any watch, aside from something personal on the back or even on a Reverso which can be flipped to be the front.
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