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While most regular folk are pretty easy to impress, not in a bad way, its just that most normal people dont obsesses about clothing like we do, they almost always pick up on design over fit. A guy who wears well fitting stuff on the reg will be acknowledged as well dressed, but the guy with the louder stuff with get more oohs and aahs.Buy it because its awesome.
Cleav, I have 2 almost identical ties, id call one a rusty brown and the other a dark chocolate brown. I think I only have 1 tie that I would call a true rust.
Crazy story, its definitely cold enough here for an Inis shawl collar toggle neck sweater, and I think it will stay that way for a while.
I call that brown, but its lovely all the same.
People compliment it because its a bold windowpane that stands out. 99% of real world compliments come just because someone notices something, which they equate to being nice.
Thanks for the info, P. I really want to get myself a Despos suit some day.
Please add a vote for NOBD, I must not have had mouse on the box when I clicked to vote for him, along with the many others I voted for.
Have not seen that, but saw all 3 originals. Amazing. You really should have a look.Indeed, both excellent. I should watch them both again.
Sounds awesome.pics or gtfo.Red and green is usually a winner, the trick is not looking too "seasonal."
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