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Not even funny Im considering it.
That is the original crease from when I purchased the pants from Epaulet, I rarely press my pants. Part of why I have a large rotation is for that reason. Also, i never press or iron anything myself. Thats what good cleaners are for.
Great looking tie, thanks for the link. If it was from NMWA Id be more tempted.
I want it.
Oh. Close up of said tie plz. Maybe I have another kop ahead of me.
I love the boots, Newc.
Is that Yohji coat men's or women's? Either way its awesome.
The only solid brown ties I have are grenadines (I think), so I felt this was a good pick-up. It was also inspired by @unbelragazzo and his recent gunclub post in the NMWA thread.
Some weak selfies cuz idk I was bored at work. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: