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Well rock the hell on, Kyle. Well friggin done!
Superb. Did you out that combo together? /jerk
I think you paired it well. I dont own any pinstripes suits.
I dont think he has nearly enough ties, but I agree he should get a gray suit first.
Looking good, Mr. Seamaster of the Luxxxxxxe.
We are in complete agreement.The amount of additional MSRP added to any diamond accents on OEM parts is insane. We find it very difficult, for example, to buy late model Rolexes that have so much as a diamond dial, which is set with 10 very small diamonds, that do not require great skill for them to set (the diamonds) or manufacture (the dial as a whole, not the diamonds).The reason is because these customers have shelled out big money for the diamond accessories, as the...
Last week I brought a 100k +/- diamond encrusted Corum ladies watch to the watchmaker. For a new battery.
Thirded. I can say why, it feels too busy to me and reminds me of cheaper suits I have owned in the past. NO HATE TO CD BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!!! Ill admit that I have seen some good looks here in suits with closely spaced stripes, but its not a look I personally favor.
Then you suck at shopping.I started with Vanda, and just at glance, I would happily buy all these, and thats just from a little bit of scrolling, not even the full...
New Posts  All Forums: