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Aha, thanks.
Thanks for the compliments, gents.@Caustic Man, I thought a bit about the square, and basically my decision boiled down to this.Pretty much everything there is a cool color, particularly the square. Brown does not exist on the color wheel, and apparently there are cool browns and warm browns, and I would say that the brown grenadine I have on falls in the cool brown camp.On top of that, I felt the burgundy shoes tied it up nicely. I know stylistically there are not...
Thanks, guys. Todays suit is Formosa, the one in the PTO link is not.yes, yes you do.:push:
Hey, its under 100k, go for it!
Now it is. Sick look, pope.
Interesting. I had never been a Vass man myself, but after handling and trying on a few pair, Im sold. They also feel much sturdier than some of their counterparts.
Thanks, Elio.All good, the shoes always get a strong love or hate reaction. Fortunately, I am in the former camp. See below as well. Thank you, Chaconne.Tie is Drakes, as is the square. Shoes are G&G Uppingham.
Thanks, man. I dont know if I will ever top that, but there will be more SWD fits to come, dont you worry. I just have less items to work with, so it takes a little longer to get new stuff and figure out how I want to wear it.
Drakes x 2 + Formosa
Cool. Thanks, Bene.---Back to my porch for now. Oh well [[SPOILER]]
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