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So, we all agree that the rotor on the AP 3120 is the nicest all time and that the RO caseback is also pretty much #1?
Lol tifosi
Morning, gents. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. So, I have been thinking about watch backs and rotors a lot cuz I love them so. Please to post pics of your favorite backs and rotors. Will be much fun!
Congrats, mayne! It could have definitely happened to nicer guy, but glad it happened to you instead.
Thx, babi!
Happy happy!!
Awesome pic, trip D.
Dayum! Noice sale.
It must stay for posterity and so future readers can ponder the enigma of your hilarity.
Thanks, Newc! Surely, happy to. KOPKOPKOPKOPKOPLol. That was funny enough that I almost left the spam up.
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