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My first pair of Lobbs...
Wooooow. Size???!?
Zegna and Drakes via LuxeSwap...
That's what I was going to say! Really great shots.
Helluva photog! Great add to team LS!
All Italian, so on the trim side. Probably yes, closer to 16. I'm sure Matthew would be kind enough to give you some exact measurements.
Nailed it.
I loved it. And personally, I have no beef with Affleck. Quite like a lot of his work.Personally, my watches have come from all over the place over the years. AD shops, gray market/small shops, online forums/individuals, new and pre-owned. Whatever makes the most sense for each particular buying scenario.
Lovely to be here posting again. Sorry for the dearth of fit pics. Here is an x-post of a general presentation of what I wear on the day today as of late.LP / Mazz / RRL / Alden
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