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Both excellent choices. HANJOY! No go out there and find some simple light gray flannel pants.This. Also, dammit, put on some shoes.
Maybe Ill gift you one, some day.
I think that would be a winner. My personal preference for the combo would be black, but I dont think I could argue that it would be better than dark brown.
RTC deserves love for that fit. Im not sure what to name his award, but he should get one.
Killer coat, eazye. Superb combo, Tweedy.
I did sell it. One of the few, if perhaps only, items, that I got back pretty much all I paid for it. I even brought it to edmorel for his opinion on if it could be altered to fit me properly, and the sad answer was no. The hips were wrong, and the cut of the jacket was what it was. I just never felt my best in it. : (
This is the correct, and thus the only, answer.I have those pants, and they are awesome. But if you want something for the gun check, start with the plain light gray flannel. I have those too and they are the perfect pants for a loud SC up top. Kop the herringbone also though because they rule.
As you might guess, I think blurb compliments are nice. Unspoilered quotes, however, are the devils tool.He still thumbs.---I love thumb comments, but its almost beyond me how if someone has something useful or funny to say in a thumb comment, that it cant just be made in post form. Really?
Elio, my bigger issue is with the socks. In any case, in order of what I think would look best with that excellent suit, tie, shirt ensemble: Black shoes Oak Brown shoes The shoes you have on. Only love. --- MAZAL TOV, SHEEP!!!
This look is perfect for you. Toss your jackets and ties, brah.Oooompf.
New Posts  All Forums: