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yeah, i mean, i hear that. but i still dont feel the hunting thing. if an animal needs to be put down, put it down, making a sport of it does not give me the warm fuzzies. i know know, all that money for the conservation... a good point, but im still not pro hunting for sport. im probably a minority there, and i understand the appeal and in this case the value, but its not for me.
why would anyone want to kill a rhino? rhinos are awesome.
still looking for ideas, gents. i have some in mind, but i wanna hear what you all have to say.
my job requires a suit exactly zero days a year. kop now.
fantastic fit, clags. i like this hands in pocket pose.
id vote for that.
i could not have been more wrong. and the taste could not be sweeter.
Lawlz. Unless your name is Vox there is no such thing as sartorial nirvana.
Thanks, EFV!! A well deserved victoreeee indeed. Sweet irony. Yeah I said it. Thoughts for this week, gents?
New Posts  All Forums: