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lawlz. WhooOOooOOPs! yeah, its just a different vibe there. Lots of flowy stuff and tees and other stuff too. Some love it, some dont. I like most of it, and some of it I love.
Thanks. It naturally falls that way. I wish it didnt, not because of the liner, but because I prefer the look of a jacket that has a collar that stands up.Its not really to fulfill any specific purpose, just to have another cool jacket. I love outerwear. I have more outerwear pieces than suits or SCs. I have a pea coat, no idea what a field jacket is.Idk, I just thought it was a super cool coat, in part because of the lining.I guess I am alone on this. :/Will have to...
I assume you mean SWD, and the truth is, if you dont understand it, there is no way to explain it. Its a different aesthetic there. For example, the last fit I posted here in MC in the Casual thread with the print shirt got little love. In SWD, plenty of love. Its just a different look. As to the baggy pants, honestly I dont think my pants are baggy, but I have monstrous thighs that make my pants look baggy. Any smaller and I would not be able to put them on. If I wasnt...
Thanks, man. It might be too late now that I think of it, maybe I have 1 more day, but Id certainly be open to other similar mil/moto jackets. I do love this though the more I look at it. Maybe I am just a lame ass poseur?
Also....Freedom's just another word, for nothing left to lose....
Well, some SWD yes, but some SWD definitely not tamer. Still awesome, but far from tame.
I guess its different strokes for different folks. I love the lining and the branding.
Yes, yes it is. Yup!Thanks. You know what they say. If you cant be a boss, at least you can look like one.Well, you can shave your head, but you need to leave certain areas with some hair, just above, and in front of, the ears (sideburn area), so it would look odd if I shaved my head but left the required areas with hair.
I hope not!
New Posts  All Forums: