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Just picked up my first pair of J Fitz's on Friday. Had no idea you guys are AVs! Looking forward to receiving my new shoes.
Lots of really fantastic entries, gentlemen. I'm feeling way too lazy this evening so I will extend the deadline until sometime tomorrow morning when I feel like getting around to putting up the poll.
Thanks, LD. You are not too shabby yourself.
I was thinking more Nucky Thompson, but either way it is fantastic.
I quite like the square there, but it is well documented that I am a fan of the machy at times.
Generally speaking, I believe that getting fired is either not stressful at all or stressful for far longer than 15 or 30 minutes. But yes, in the end, most people are, in fact, OK.
I am pretty sure that you have always been a fat old bastard. I do hope you are at least enjoying your new trousers though.
I recently have moved to slightly fuller cut trousers because they are more comfortable, even though I think they are less aesthetically pleasing. So, there's that I guess.
I see you shop at the excuses store, did they have a sale recently? You seem to be well stocked.
Garry, you sure know how to polish a pair of shoes.
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