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Medium, newc. Both you and Frank making the Wooly Bullies look awesome.
Ballsy tie, Gerry. I guess the pairing against the heavily saturated shirt is a good way to go, but I cant say Im a fran. I think with a white/cream summer suit would be most ideal.
It would appear you have been misunderstood. How would this program help those who sign up for it to have a video free experience. Meaning, I have no idea how the software works.Also, Fok is clearly the only one who can do that, I was mostly just messing with you, as I have not been around your parts of the forum in a while, and have missed the opportunity to jibber jabber with you.I have it. Have not had a pop-up ad on SF since using it.
Good times !
Indeed, charging the entire membership $100 a year would certainly increase participation. 1000 apologies!
Alternatively, if you do not have SF opened up on your computer during a meeting where auto-start videos on a mens fashion forum would be an issue, that would also solve this particular problem.
Fantastic news, Kyle!It is the case IRL too.Yes, they weight about the same. ---Frank - Formosa looks great to me.
This should produce some quality fits.
Texture perfection, pope. I need IE pants.
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