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Really strong fits, MoK and kg. Loving teh summer vibez.
Strong showing from Justin. --- Nice to see you back in action, @Claghorn. Two questions. 1. Why no quotes in the previous batches, only images? 2. Why did you only included the pic of my shoes, you weirdo? --- Thanks for the awards, ya'll. Its an honor as always.
Noice soots, venividivicibj. What else did I miss, guys ?
No h8, DC, but I almost died laughing.
I want so many things I think I am going to pass out.
Planes and trains you say, Synth? How about automobiles eh?
Seamaster wearing that PS again just to rub it in my face.
Agreed.As well, super good stuff, Beatel and Mr. Six.---NMWA taking care of my summer pants needs.Picked up Eidos and Rota cotton/linen pents and choco brown Rota lightweight wool. Gr8 success!
Lol, awesome entries so far.
Ware to kop Franks long legs?
New Posts  All Forums: