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Did not mean it objectively. I just personally almost always prefer cuffs. Especially on a suit.
Thirded. - - - SYCSYC, thumbed despite shoes and lack of cuffs.
Wait. Married men allow their wives to see the bank statements? Im just talking simple conversation. Feminists, I look forward to your messages of complaint.
She better dont.
Oh Im way past that. She doesnt even ask what I buy anymore. But there is always the chance that she grills me just for posterity.
I have found that the cure for the Rolex addiction is a Royal Oak prescription. Derp.
^^ Yeah that sums it up, but it still stings when you are sure that you won and then when you refresh you see that you lost. ^^ But thats why I set my max bid on all listings I want at $10M. Also, winrar again but how to esplain to wife that I got a great deal on sweatpants but spent more than $20.
Dont die yet, you have more great fits to poast.
Beard looking strong, Clags.
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