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excellent choice!agree that its best on a nice croc strap, but also agree with newC that you should but it with the bracelet and then add the strap, not visa versa.
indeed we now have 4 people deciding this weeks challenge. AWESOME!!! well, guys, thoughts?
nn - i liked no belt better.
Long time no post. A couple from last week.
Soooooo, thoughts for whats next?
Yep!Disagree.You cray. It's more like a double leather sole, by the way.
a stunning couple.do it now.
marlows are the best. suck it. also, marlows are not PTBs. in case anyone thought that, i meant the ones i have, the ones below. anyone who dont love that, aint right in the brain.
i figured that was the case. i was just hoping you were going to say that you are the CEO of llyods of london or something.
New Posts  All Forums: