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No I dont think so. It sounded like he was saying if you are not narrow shouldered and narrow hipped SS will always look bad. That is categorically wrong if you ask me. There are plenty of Schneider pieces that work exceptionally well for "broad-shouldered and lusciously-hipped fella" guys.I think if certain items do work for you then that means a designers aesthetic works for you.I dont believe that anyone needs to copy look book combos to wear a designers stuff. I dont...
Saw that in WAYWRN. Superb.
Some luzar n00b.
Lies! Its in my closet!
I bought it even though it wasnt my size because its super dope.
Quality challenge, Garry.
Hey, guys. Just want to drop in and give a big thank you to Greg & Co. for fixing a small issue I had, and for doing so so quickly and competently. NMWA service is tip top all the time.
Thanks, MTM. Much appreciated.
I think its been 11 days since I posted, or thereabouts. Shameful, I know, but I have a lot going on right now. Working my way back tho.---Danke shein for the recap, A2!To answer your question, I would pay up to $5,000.01USD for any article of clothing or accessory, if it fit my specifications.Alternatively, Id probs pay 140 for a dress belt if I loved it and needed it. However, Ive never actually paid more than 40 or 50 bucks for a belt, and the one really awesome Farnese...
Hey dood. Justin, I don't think that tie works there. Actually, in that fit, I'd ditch the tie entirely and opt for a nice summer BD collar with great roll. I think that would be a perfect summer look.
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