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Nice set up, penis weasel.
Hoe Lee Crap.
Would not wear any suit in denim. Barf. Well maybe a SWD suit might be cool, but certainly nothing even bordering on MC.
In other news, Parker has cracked 100 thumbs, yet again. And in summer no less.
Waitwut?Wat?--Greg, I have always been curious about Tie Your Tie. Tell us your thoughts on their wares, please.
Bikes are not ideal family cars.
CP crushing the jacket tie BD color look. I think if he just pushed up with his tie in the collar roll a little bit it would fix the flatness at the top of the roll. Either way superb.
A more likely explanation would be that your suit is not actually midnight blue. :-)Hmmmmmm. New fit with mucho gray or old fit with mucho blue.WHICH ONE TO USE FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY??
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