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Bingham, sorry, mentioning personal items for sale in thread is not allowed, so I deleted your post. You may certainly list your items in our buy and sell marketplace, and you may also have a link to them in your signature line. Best of luck! -S
That tie is a winner.
Not my jam, but id not call it feminine either.
That is one my most beloved watches. Want so bad.
Britches of Georgetowne is a throwback to my HS years. Damn. I remember my dad having a long talk with me after I bought a suit there for 350 and a tie for 60.
Sweet! Now start the thread and lets get a move on!
I too thought the coat was going to be that shorter one from the look book, but I do love the longer length one, and I have more of a relatively justifiable position (if that even exists for me anymore) to kop the longer one.
Very cool. Want so hard, as I dont have any light colored dress coats.Also, superb NMWA article you just put up, unbel! I got a hearty laugh from your descriptor, "StyleForum mascot."On a more serious note, it was a very interesting write up. Since you were using me as an example, I thought you would have compared my two fits in the Valve coat, one low contrast and one high contrast, but with the same item as the centerpiece. Then again, had you done that, you would have...
Seconded.He is a fit pic wimp! But the above idea from SeaJen should give him a great shot. All he has to do is post any fit and represent his country. No time like the present.
New Posts  All Forums: