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Never seen it. Perhaps I will after this.
Good looks, Gerry and Murl.
And a good kop it was, and very nice fit no question.Im out til Sat night. More later if its still pertinent.
Doubt it. For him to bulk up to the point of making his shoulders 2-3 inches wider might be impossible, and certainly not easy. The proper thing is for him to buy suits that have a little shoulder extension and a slightly narrower waist, to make the silhouette look good on him.Most people do not do well with clothes that actually follow their natural body lines, myself included.No hate to RTC, but many of those thumbs were a compliment to his improvement. Not to say it was...
I hope so, a$$hoal!
Im not much of a blog guy, buy I will agree to your point, as it sounds reasonable, agrees to my point, and I like you.Interesting, I have not checked it in months.Ill hold my tongue as it pertains to the whnay thread, but suffice it to say that I think certain attitudes on various sides killed an otherwise excellent thread. A thread that perhaps taught me more than any other thread here, certainly in the realm of application, and probably helped me to improve my dress...
Times infinity.----V nice, Cleav.
It did not come out right, you say? That still sounds bad. Perhaps you can seek medical attention?---ZOMG INIS IS IN MY FUTURE!!!! ( or maybe I already have it )
@TM79 - Can I get a witness!!! --- Noodles, you have smaller-ish shoulders, and not narrow hips. Deal with it. I have plenty of build issues myself.
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