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Whats the price on that suit again?
Coupon used. Only a PS.
The next Noodles project should be Formosa bespoke. Greg will make sure you dont do anything boneheaded.
Congrats, rtc. Best of luck.
Thanks, Frank!Loves mine I do.
Rexy tyme!
I like the jeans with that jacket. And I am not usually a fran of jeans with SCs.
Welp, I certainly still have all those goodies in my closet, but since you asked, there are a number of reasons for my dearth of MC posts.1. The truth of the matter is, Ive been super lazy and also rushed in the morning, and since my job requires neither jacket nor tie, most days I just grab a nice pair of dress slacks and nice patterned shirt, usually OCBD, and throw those on. Often with a SC or sweater and a coat, and I always look outstanding, but its not exactly fit...
New Posts  All Forums: