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big plus one.i PMed GMM, it was probably mostly personal preference stuff.mostly this. i will agree that most times i see white shirt hate i think its off, but there are definitely fits here that use white shirts where they should not have.
nah. that dude is as crotchety as it gets.yeah they do! kop kop koppity kop. marlow > lindrick for me, all day.
1. when i saw this challenge idea the clags fit i had in mind was the second one he posted (the one after teh toilet shot). kinda bummed he did not go with that, but we all knew it would be some blue up top, gray at the bottom, fit. 2. lol SB. im not sure if the navy formosa or the lighter blue pants is more "me"
greg has to be the sweetest guy of all time.
yeah, when i was browsing 11-13k was what i was seeing.
not i so much. id like it to like nice, and it has to feel comfy on the back, but i have enough areas of obsession as is, so i worry less about what i cant even see.
i am immensely unsure.
do it now. DBs are the ish.---GMM - i gave you a like for the top block. bottom block not doin it for me, buddy.
oy vey !
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