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DBs are best. Ya'll better play to win.
Gotta be one of your best, SVB.
Herp mah derp methinks Im in love...
I look forward to commenting on this matter in the upcoming weeks.
This looks infinitely better with the sweater open.---@VitaTimH, love that fit.
This. Tapering is not going to help you here I dont think, and I bet in motion they look fine. Not to mention, I can almost guarantee you that after the taper the pants will be less comfortable. Especially when sitting down. Which I bet is how you spend most of your day. Im not even sure you should mess with the seat unless you have a huge amount of excess fabric, which I do not think you do.Dont alter clothing for the sake of how they look in pictures, or how you look...
Congrats, Crusty.
Those are so pretty Im crying.Not only will there be a sale.......... WE WILL BE ALLOWED TO STACK DISCOUNT CODES!!! :faints:---In other news, I have long needed/wanted/needed a burgundy neat. Filled that gap today. Thanks NMWA!
Yes. Well, let me rephrase. Absolutely.---@Claghorn:1. What is out of the ordinary there?2. I think Id have gone oak brown shoes there.3. The fabric on the SC is quite lovely
Thank you. Thank you. Ill be here all week, try the gifs!
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