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SF after dark strikes again!
Nice video, foxtooth. Just watched it.
Those Isaia summer suits are money.
It's Parker's band with a smooth style of syncopationYou got to come on manAnd take a piece of Mister Parker'sClap your hands and take a piece of Mister Parker'sCome on man and take a piece of Mister Parker's band
Just buy everything. Its the gentlemanly thing to do.
Just dont wear it with a tie. Wear it casually and its no probs. Thats what I do anyways.---AAS, yes, I would say too much yellow. Had you just described it I think I would have thought worse of it, but all the same, I think too much yellow
No vis, but just had dinner and beers with @Cotton Dockers. Now I really want an EG Bedford. Also, CD is a good dude to chill with.
This will be interesting. In my opinion, the best way to accomplish this is with a casual vibe. Anything that leans formal in the suit and tie paired with loafers usually seems off to me.
Ghostfaaaaaaaace yessssssss
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