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Great fit, Newc!
Only presently? Either way, it does not affect how correct I am about the matter at hand. :-)---Noodles, you are/were without a doubt an excellent customer. Truly. However, the last thing that I wanted to do was to get involved in last weeks difficulties. Not my place.
Best bball all time dynasties are: 1. Celtics 2. Bulls 3. Lakers 4. Who cares This is fact. And Im a Spurs fan.
Don't quite understand the dislike of the three striped ties that were posted. They look nice to me.
Kops made from Justin. Thanks, man!! --- WTL - All good. More suit-ey to me, but would also wear with a navy SC, in a more 'formal" type SC+trousers look.
You ate a whole girl?
Lots of great pick ups in here. Regarding servicing. As of late, in my line of work, I have found that for the most part, refinishing of a brushed surface is the only standard work item that I think factory service cant be beat. For almost any normal repair, standard service and lube, and for polishing of mirror finished surfaces, there are so many really great watch makers I have found that can do it for a fraction of the price, and have it back to you in a matter of...
Nice hat, SeaJen.
Congrats on yet another excellent LS feature. May the $ pour in.
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