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Very awesome indeed, but I can't justify it on top of the Monitaly from last season. Which might be my fave coat all time.Speaking of coats, whats up with the Schneider pre orders? Any announcement on ready date?
@kulata and @EliodA. Interesting conversation before about button point. For me personally its about the right balance. I need the button point high enough that the jacket does not look droopy and dated, but low enough that my belt buckle is covered. If the belt buckle is visible, I find that it makes me look very rotund, and for this reason, I feel that Formosa works very well for me, it strikes that balance. The only other solution is a higher button point that has...
Nice wrist watch > nice tailored clothing.
A thousand apologies.
Yep. Still here. Mostly in the background at present, but very much still here.Hope everybody here is doing well.
B8, ya'll.
Thanks, mayne!Pretty sure 8.5 inches. Ill confirm later. Shoes are UK 11. And thanks!
Eh. Some yes some no. Thanks for the warm fuzzies tho.Those shoes are dope. In any case, yes, that model does accentuate the pointiness ofcthe last.These St. J II are on the same last. Look same same to you?
G&G Uppingham on the TG73.
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