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Yeah, I has MA+, never tried Guidi.Either way, like LA Guy said, really not much to compare between Guidi & C&J. Totally different boots that would be best used with totally different ensembles.
YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY BRUNELLO!!! - - -Spoo, just letting you know I really dont appreciate that you never have gorgeous new shoes in my size.
So good.
The color blots are one of my fave parts of the new OP design.
^^ Correct! ^^
Cant fault you for that.Anyone should be happy to own a 15300! Depreciation rates are really hard to nail down though. Lot of variables there between types of buyers and sellers, mediums and scenarios through which one is purchasing...Anyhow, for pretty much any watch, if you buy pre-owned, you can avoid any significant depreciation, and on occasion experience appreciation.
I have found the same in the 4 or 5 I have/had. As a pretty broad dude, Schneider coats work really well for me.- - -Great looks, Occulta and memen.
Tonight, I believe.
Mostly like the combo, but the PS-tie pairing seems off to me. Might be the similar size small medallion things in each item. Also, is the jacket a bit long or is that a camera angle issue?Mostly like the individual items, but too much going on up top for me.
Really cool pieces there, VitaT.
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