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Happy happy!!
Awesome pic, trip D.
Dayum! Noice sale.
It must stay for posterity and so future readers can ponder the enigma of your hilarity.
Thanks, Newc! Surely, happy to. KOPKOPKOPKOPKOPLol. That was funny enough that I almost left the spam up.
It absolutely is. It has been about two years since I picked it up and I have had no interest in adding anything else to my collection since the point. Actually, I got rid of everything else I had. I wear it pretty much every day, and on occasion I wear the B&M that wife gave me when we got engaged.The only other watch I really have my on is the ALS Zeitwerk Repeating but I'm shy by about half a mil. :/
Thanks kindly, gents. I was very much on the fence springing for it, but now that its here, I am rather enamored with it.
Sent in my 15300 for a service and refinishing. They did a bang up job. Got some new wheels while I was at it. Don't worry, I still have the bracelet.
Oh. Dirty mirror selfie of LS Zegna suit and with mah new Lobbz.
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