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Placed 7 votes, much more than my usual. Good stuff.
I try to be somewhat practical in now I dress, but lets be honest, do any of us really only wear things that are 100% practical and never only for fashionz? I think not.
Pepsi + leather = looks good, cyc.
Elio, my brain wants to hate that club shirt, but I actually like that fit.
I believe the client. He be speaks (tells over) his request to the tailor. So I read somewhere once anyways.
Field jacket looks magnificent.
That's very true.Because I needed money.
NS1 - Jacket looks good to me. Clags - That still from the vid is super awesome. Unbel - I used to have pointy chukkas. Sold em.
Looks like the MC challenge is officially canned. Im out for Shabbos, will revist more ideas when I return. Kg and 4est, think of great ideas. Maybe something requiring drapeyness? Or a sweater challenge? No pants challenge?
Brilliant, Sander.
New Posts  All Forums: