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--nice shoes, monty.
FTFY---clags, that is an excellent robopose, which to me speaks more to the quality of your robopose than to the robopose itself, or its primacy in showcasing a fit. in any case, the fit there is great, but we know that because you have posted that suit before.as to purple and white, i think its about hues. i dont think purple is automatically an informal color. i think certain hues of purple however, are informal, ones that are bright or saturated or loud. and that goes...
to the death? what about pope and synth?
Braddock got 50+ I think. Probs the MC record. Kulatas fit now has 20, but it was after the last fit I posted. It will be in the next batch. --- Will address Clags post later tonight.
Give me back jets PS.
My [[SPOILER]] is wet
I lol'ed
My fave ghostface fit ever. Perfection in every way.
y u no post fits lately?
lol, there is almost always at least a fit or two day that hit 50+ in SWD. i have had a few myself *braggy mcbraggenstein*record is this bad boy from @Parker with over 200, and deservedly so.http://www.styleforum.net/t/164384/the-waywt-discussion-thread/104000_20#post_6695514here are the top 10 most liked fits all time, all from SWD WAYWT.http://www.styleforum.net/pages/stats/top/range/1day/#posts---l2b - 100 likes for a fit is not a common occurrence there, though a...
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