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Whats up, guys?
Might be my fave from you to date, foxtooth.
Cant recall if I ever posted this. I almost want to say that I like the card art more than the shirt. Its tie at worst. Baltimoron, good reminder to upload pics to the gallery. Thanks! Damnit those Drakes ties are beautiful.
You shut your mouth.---Justin, you really have hit a new stride. Keep on keepin on, man.
I dont really care about the bluebirds, Im just happy that I am happy.
Some really awesome stuff here, and thanks for the tag, Synth. I dont own single SWD blazer, so I fear Im out. : (
I won a tie on Sunday and Im happy as a bluebird.
Black boxer briefs count?
@gettoastyLate to the game, and knowing the risk of going full on micro details mode, since you tagged me, and perhaps someone on the internet may gain something from this, here are my thoughts.I think people want to think sometimes that achieving an exemplary break is easier than it really is. There are a lot of factors to it, and in the end, like almost anything else here, if you really want to nail it, you really have to care. You have to put a lot of thought into it,...
New Posts  All Forums: