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Why not buy a pre-owned one and just send it in for a polish and service? Save alotta money over NOS and also actually attainable. Might be a long wait for a 15300 NOS.
Le white.
Good question! Personally, I went from watch to watch for nearly a decade, but since I got the AP RO 15300, I liquidated everything else. I haven't had the urge to swap it. It has truly scratched the itch for me. From what I have noticed in the industry, there's a lot of both. There are people who switch what they wear almost every month, just selling off what they have on their wrist when a customer notices it and replacing it with something else, and there are also...
I think my range for watch size is 36mm on the small end to 44mm on the large end, with 40ish being my sweet spot. Echoing Dino, trends will come and go, but the most important thing really is how it looks on your arm/wrist/hand, taking not just listed size, but also case/lugs/crown design into consideration.
Chiming in on above questions and pretty much echo the previous responses. Regarding weight, defo a toasty jacket for most regular winter weather areas. Has a nice heft to it, way more than a standard waxed cotton, but not for sub zero temps. Also, without a sweater underneath it would be fine in moderate cool weather without smoking you out. Size wise, Im a 42/44 and I went with a 44, which works, but will probably swap for a 42 for a slimmer profile.
And I you, babi.
I almost never polish mah shooz!! Will try and post pics this week. Fun thread idea.
This.Also, Spoo, and RJ in my size?
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