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The only solid brown ties I have are grenadines (I think), so I felt this was a good pick-up. It was also inspired by @unbelragazzo and his recent gunclub post in the NMWA thread.
Some weak selfies cuz idk I was bored at work. [[SPOILER]]
Cotdamn I need so much money.
I'm glad somebody did, because I cried when I saw that.
Found a pre-owned AP RO 15300 in superb condition on one of the watch forums for like $6795. Then I saw the listing was from 2006.
Thanks, guys.
Embrace your SWD side, unbel.
Any time, bro.Thanks. Epaulet mocha lambswool flanel MTO. Got them last year F/W. Highly recommended.
Thnx, man. Btw, the green twill are my go to casual pants these days. I too love them so hard.
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