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On my chest and arms, not my legs and pelvic area. You want to put your arms, not legs, through the holes.---New sweater arrived! Its 90 degrees out.
That is a shame.
A weekend of sequels for me. Sin City 2. Amazing. Utterly gratuitous and corny in every way, a perfect follow up to the first film. Loved it. Anchorman 2. Liked not loved. Some lawlz, and was as absurd as the first, but I just wasnr quite feeling it. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Solid movie, very good action. Could have been a little shorter perhaps.
Thats a damn cool pic, EFV.
I think the purple shirt jives fine with the jacket and jeans.
Lawlz, I dont really like any of those besides the last ones a little bit.
If only. It aint payday, son.
Drakes suit, want. Man 1924 coat, want. Funds, sorely lacking.
Oh hai, guys! What did I miss this time?
New Posts  All Forums: