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Oh yes, newc!!!
I wish it was a little bigger, if so, it would be a grail for me.
@fitchottie. I am getting tired of deleting your posts. Posts mentioning your FS items are against SF terms of service. You may have FS links in your sig line and that is it. Consider this your only warning. Do it again and you will find yourself banned from B&S. The buyback is $500 minimum. Thnx.
Hallo, been a bit.....
#good taste
Now they just need to change that line in The Great Gatsby from being about shirts to being about Rota.
That jacket is gold, Regis.
Amazing. Will watch.
Fun is great. Everyone should enjoy what the buy.Also, most people who put fun at the forefront look like crap more often than not. Looking really good is also fun.
Its not about about where you purchase. Its about what you purchase and why. But maybe that is what you are saying.
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