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Dangerous to be a slow day at work. Oh man I want so much stuff.
Superb kop, Newc and fitchottie, that is a great deal. I think they have done a number of navy versions. The one I have is the triple navy mix or something. Not sure if thats the one that was on Mr. P, but they are all awesome. Mine is not as dark as the picture shows, poor lighting is at play.
Thanks, guys. Best decision you ever made, Newc. What color?
99.9% sure that is a no go.I have never seen a UN that looks anything like that, but much more importantly, neither the case-back, inside or out, nor the movement, are stamped UN anywhere. I have handled hundreds, perhaps thousands, of "luxury" watches in all price points and ages, and if there is one string that ties it all together, its that all companies, at all times, made very sure to put there name on their watches, ime.Id stay far away from this guy unless you are...
X-post from yesterday.
Thanks, MS.Thank you very much, Caveat. I dont know if its a thing or not, and I think it looks pretty sweet irl, but, like mikey, I do it because my arms are not long enough to wear them uncuffed.Why thanks for saying so, mikey.
It is short, but with jeans I think its much less of an issue.
I was just trying to give him a measure of justification. :-).
Thanks, brad. Much appreciated. Late nite fit. Jack and coke numero dos.No vis SS/RL x 2/AS
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