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At least you'll have plenty of horological company!Oh nice. What PAm would you be looking into?Over under on how many days before TC kops BLNR?Thanks for the invite, @$$hO@1Oh you.
Lol 1. Not my size. 2. Not boots. 3. Not allowed to post about ones own FS listings.
Aka - Clags Jaggof Prize
Lololol I thought you had posted those. Maybe you posted something similar before?Or maybe I have hacked your phone. You will never know.
For what, pray tell...7.5 inch wrist. But for me the straight mm size is not really telling. Case and lugs play a big part. A simple round 36mm case with thin lugs and no shoulders, like a Calatrava, feels small to me, but with the shoulders/lugs of the DJ it feels and looks fine for me. The largest I wore was my PAM112, at 44mm. Also looked and felt fine to me.
StyFo dream wief.
Elio, generally I would agree with you about the blackwatch pants, as I am usually not a fan at all of blackwatch pants, but I think that in Mossrocks pic they look excellent. Cox, I disagree. I think that Betel would in fact benefit from some softer shoulders. He is a pretty tall and broad guy and I think that he does not benefit much from the structured extended shoulders. Sure, he looks great, but I think it would be more flattering with softer shoulders.
PP residing in the upper echelons of the cool kid crowd.
One day I will own a pair of Trickers. I've wanted a pair for a long time, but for some reason I never get around to buying them. There's almost always something else that I want to have more. Weird.
Belli, keep the gold to sell the purple.
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