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Bc they need to see the goodness of SWD until they get it.
Agreed!I need an RO so bad tho.---Love that, newc.
Its one of my all time fave ties. Wears really well and super versatile. Kop now.---Also agree with Kulata. This is a topic that I think we hit a number of times in WAYWRN is the recent past.
Well, perhaps. But I think there is a ton of great outerwear out there, much of it on NMWA. Im a sucker for outerwear.
Whoa. I dont think I can handle all that casualness there, MF.
Yes, but jelly = haet. No one does button configuration like Schneider.
See below. Holy crap that is my fit!!I was wearing a navy SC and gray pants there. Kind of garish, yes, but less "in your face" looking from more distance than that uber close up.Thats the only time I wore that shirt with a jacket and tie and liked it ok-ish (the other time was with an olive Hober and I did not like it so I took off the tie). Only did it because the jacket is a bright-ish kind of blue with nice texture, so I felt it kind of worked, and was fun, but in...
I was about 25k short.
Dont love that one, RFX. Also, I hesitate to spend any big money on a Montblanc watch, with the exception of the Nicholas Rieussec, that I love so hard.
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