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Any of those shoes my size?
Planning on trying on everything in the store. Ev.Ree.Thang.
But of course, good sir.
Yup. Love it, b.
Also, I am gearing up to send a boat load of stuff to Spoo. Suits, SC, pants, ties, shoes, outerwear... The whole shebang, as it were.
RE: The PS of UC. Overall I like it, the colors and scale all work. Although it does look to me to get a little lost against the SC where the swath of green is, which is certainly better than poorly standing out. Also, UC, the saturation level in pic looks high, maybe that is it. Was the color adjusted at all? Lastly, if that is the Drakes square I think it is, I have the same one and its one of my faves.
Most welcome.It sounds harder than it is. Meaning, you might want a PS that is mostly shades of brown in background but has some maroon, green, and/or blue in it as a small portion of the motif/paisley. That way, overall, it provides contrast, but the small bit of interplay just makes it easier for teh brain to digest that it all makes sense. At least it makes it easier for my brain.Here are two examples from fits of mine from the past. If I may be so pretentious. One has...
@dalevyOk, so took a closer look. Only have three feedback points.1. While some might argue against a blue tie and a blue SC, I think it works well here. The tie is significantly darker than the SC and the large medallions with green and maroon provide sufficient contrast against the lighter blue SC. Going back to the previous conversation regarding pairing neat print ties with SCs, as I said then, with a larger print neat I have no qualms pairing a neat with a SC. So,...
Heading to a meeting, but my initial reaction is that outside of the square, which I do not think works there, everything else is pretty much spot on. Will take a closer look later this evening. :-)
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