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A year plus. Dropped over 25 lbs and kept it off.For a while it was. Now Im so used to it I cant eat like a pig the way I used to even when I try.
Bite me.
ShhhhhhMake me!
V nice Seamaster, especially the shirt. Srs bsns, Mr. C!
My daily regimen is generally a greek yogurt for breakfast, a coffee for lunch, and then a regular dinner and I do my best to limit myself to light or no snacking afterwards.
Damn. Who makes your toaster, gopher?Check eBay. There is a huge market for all kinds of accessories.
I dont enjoy being contrarian to you, or anyone else for that matter. When I happen to disagree with someone and I feel there is a point in expressing that, I do so.I have noticed though that you offen state your opinions as fact, no "I think" or "imo" or what have you. Perhaps because you see things as so objective its bothersome to you when my opinion, and it just that, an opinion, is not in line with yours.
Amazing. I most definitely am interested, and do feel free to see if any of your buddies are looking to sell some AP signage.
Shoot me a PM if you ever wanna sell one of those.
Damn kg. That is great.
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