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Sweater plus shorts is a pretty classic look. Often very Ivy. On top of that, I dont think its uncommon for your legs to stay warmer than your torso, so its often a sensible combination as well.
Incoming. Deets next week.
Selling AE to fund Vass/EG = DO IT NOW
Oddly, despite the fact that I heartily agree with you about the issues, I think you could still call it a matter of taste. I think in today's pop culture, and if you were to have a look in GQ, I think the ultra tight look is still in favor with many. I don't like it at all though. Ymmv I guess.
Thanks, Rais. The SWD entries are looking dope.
I love that emoticon.
My fave blue shirt is an oxford cloth spread collar. Just sayin.
Thanks, k.The past month has been hell, but the past few days have been pretty nice. More importantly tho, sometimes we must suffer for fashionz.
So happy SWD has entered the fray.
For the FC.
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