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Belated mazal tov, teger. --- Really like that pic, MoK. Extra awesome.
Voated for AAS. I hope he wins!
Post more posts, @UrbanComposition!
No not really.
I would like to give an award to UCs suit!
Srs. If they had the Rotas in one size smaller I would robo kopped. Picked up another Niche shirt for a steal tho. Yay salez!!
I am not aware that I have style to begin with, let alone any distinct kind of style. :/ If I were to profess having any kind of distinct style, it would really be about fit, coherency and textures. I like to mix things up a lot item wise, different colors and patterns... so I cant really say I have a specific "look" nor am I convinced that I want one. Eat it, haetrz.
Looking forward to my first spin in the newest LS mobile.
Amongst many others I placed a special voat for teh zissou beard/stache.
Mazal Tov! Noodles, you are one entertaining son of a gun.
New Posts  All Forums: