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eat me.
agreedi have seen that before. its kind of a cool fabric.
ah, well. we have been through this already. it was a small shot. but what can i say, sometimes, you cant get the perfect take. shot 1 - more alcohol, better head nod and exit, but the video started too late and the "action" poster was not caught shot 2 - more alcohol, all in all good take, but there were some odds and ends on the table that got in the camera view, and it ended before i exited the screen. shot 3 - rest of the take went well, but less alcohol (at this...
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @Harold falcon should enjoy this: http://uproxx.com/webculture/2014/07/someone-finally-called-out-steven-spielberg-for-being-a-dinosaur-killing-monster/
i am not sure how to interpret this comment.
lawlz. gonna be a long shopping trip for the noodle man.
Double Monk
oh, i have plenty of people that could easily correct it. just no one local and i dont want to send it away. a few minutes every 3 weeks or so. nothing horrible, and its been this way for a while, does not get any worse, but my previous rolex and panerai, and my present JLC did/do not have this issue.
i quite like that, AAS. well, everything but the square. personally, i like my FU jackets best with a solid square.
i think my ToG is running a lil bit fast, but id rather reset it every couple weeks than sent it in. : (
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