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Placeholder. On mobile. Will get on this when I have time to sit and type out a reply.
Mathematically speaking, how is voting for nobody any less silly than voting for everybody? I placed 2 voats!
You are welcome.
Love. Collar could use more roooolll tho.
All good, Elio. Only love.
Im honored, AAS.
I guess it depends on what you're wearing, but grey or navy suit, white shirt, black tie, is optima appropriate with black shoes, and brown shoes would be no good there. The same is true for a similar type combinations as well. That is my opinion anyways.---Mac, I don't think the weave makes a difference, and I don't think it is specifically a summer fabric, I just think it looks really great during the summer.
I kind of think it would be awesome all by itself, but I guess a tweed sport coat or something like that would be pretty sweet also. Alternatively, a really cool piece of outerwear would also be perfect.
1. That was me in the double monks taking down the machete wielding bandit. 2. AAS, not sold on the cardigan on top of the V-neck sweater, but take away that blue cardigan and I think it is perfect. Thanks for putting that together for me!
Agreed. Its also often ideal with a gray suit fit.
New Posts  All Forums: