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SB, not sold on the ensemble but I love the jacket. Stefan88, I like your style, man.
Im not much of a loafer fran, but they are spot on in the picture in question imo.
Im no doctor so Ill take you at your word!TASSEKS!!Ware u at, Tira?
And if you mean the hat, in due time pics will be posted.Wanted the brown one (shirt, not shit) too. Went with green only because I don't have any green shirts at the moment.
Correct on shirt.Well aware Greg was wearing a different hat, but it inspired me all the same.
So mad I missed that when it was in stock.
Kopped G. Inglese green checked shirt. Thanks EURO20! Kopped Monitaly navy bucket hat. Thanks Greg's gif!
I was recognized one time standing outside of New York Penn Station and another time in a synagogue in Toronto. True stories.
CM, your jacket sucks. Or. Its awesome. Either way, Id wear it mostly with solid ties. Maybe small print neats too. Happy SF after dark.
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