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Sounds good. Was not really meant as an actual question, was supposed to be a joke. Not a very good one, clearly.
^^ This ^^
Guys, embarrassing question, but here goes, is 36 the largest waist size that EG pants can be found in?
I have to say, when I posted that pic, I was not at all expecting the response, and the very strong feelings on the jacket. Kinda cool that it brought that out, and it was nice to see all the different opinions. After some thought, and looking at the pic, I do love the coat and the patches and the lining, and I like very much the way the coat fits me, and the vibe it gives, so its a keeper. Thanks again for all the halps, and talking it through, dudes.
My brother. Joined and tried to mess with me in SWD. Succeeded a bit too.---Anyways, I think that Clags would love that square. Where art tho Clags, we miss you and your nerdy ways.
Please no
Not cool to go back on your word, bro.
Didnt I win one in that last contest? When are you shipping it?
Nice set up, penis weasel.
Hoe Lee Crap.
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