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Please ditch the damn cargos and put on a proper shirt, otherwise no meaningful opinions can be formed. Kthnx!
i want a group pic of all the doods in their swimwear after dust settles. LS swimsuit calendar?
i have no idea how old it is. if it was really running poor;y id sent it in. as is, its just a minor annoyance and i wanted to whine about it to my bros. my center links are also scratched a bit. say lah vee.
i have done it. not a great option. throws of the pitch/balance. the elbow curve ends up above your elbow and its vey uncomfortable. its also costly and only a real expert can detach and reattach the sleeve head from the shoulder hole.
lots of brands are not cut for my body size. MC and SWD brands. its fucking annoying as hell and i have learned to avoid those brands. i mean, yeah, ill play around with brands and different cuts, but there are certainly some items, and brands, that are just not cut for me. it is what it is.
Lol. Awesome.
Challenge Poll is up!!!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/404149/show-me-your-stripes-friday-challenge-7-11-14/0_20
looks good, greg.
pennance -
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