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This!Also, while I personally prefer a deployment, many 6 figure watches come on tang, as far as I recall. So, I think its more an aesthetic choice made by the manufacture than anything else.
Moar 54EU/44US plox
Wat is with all the spoilers in the quote? Also, teh moran spelling was no mistake, n00b.
Sooooooooo, anyone care to venture as guess as to who just called the LS store about a Kiton suit with a best offer option on eBay and then gave his credit card number and procured said soot and is now having the best day of his life? Who was it??? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Love dat!
In any case, as penance for my disappearance, I have bid on 3 items this week. And am eyeing another!
Just a smidge.
Oh hai guize.
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