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Curvaceous Jowl Protrusions
Cantankerous Jettisoned Parishioners
Bene, I think that silhouette is a big improvement and the look is more coherent than some more recent ones. Pants and shoes look better with the top block. Also, sweater looks best buttoned there imo. If teh sweater was a shade or two closer to gray and further from white I think it would have been even better. Kg, Synth, and pope, all on one page. Exultations abound!
He is so awesome.
damn (that was for kg and Synth)
Nice, Betel. Excellent use of a gray tie.
Greg sells booze now?
I have a few Battisti (sp?) ties from eHaberdasher and they are exemplary. Sadly, the ones I have were bought at the beginning of my SF days and I chose some rather shiny offerings. =[ The Bigi and Calabrese from NMWA are also excellent. Also lets not forget Yellow Hook Neckties!
I, for one, have always appreciated a date function on a watch, be it a window or sub-dial. Personally, I would define the joke as a personal preference.
I just reviewed all the deleted posts. 1. Zero of them were relevant to the topic of Gennaro Paone tailoring. 2. Many of them were on the nasty side, taking swipes at members for no constructive reason. 3. Manton deleted his own off-topic posts as well, so its not as if he was being selective/biased about removing off-topic, useless, mean, comments. That being said, I have no issue with Mantons deleting of posts for the purpose of keeping a topic specific thread on...
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