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Sadly, I have no FU suits at present. If you mean my Formosa PoW, you can find it on the NMWA Gallery page and my tumblr. Im too short on time to post up pics of it now. Sorry. : (
The best fabrics to date are the original F/W offerings.#biased
Comparatively perhaps, but as an owner of that same suit, I cannot in good faith call it an FU suit.
Murl does have a lovely house.
Noodles: 1. Lol at the Formosa PoW being an FU suit. Its essentially a solid gray from a few feet out. 2. Its a F/W and maybe start of spring suit, but past that its too heavy imo. In any case, HANJOY because its awesome!!
@Parker, why did you take down your record setting fit pic? I like to look at from time to time for inspiration.
Of course my fave of the batch is a wool/linen mix.
V nice, Adolesco.
Belli, I love that watch/movement. The finishing is unreal.
Neighbors. Was in the mood for something in the 90 min range and silly. It was by no stretch a particularly good movie, but it had a number of true laugh out loud moments. Id say its not a bad watch if you want some asinine humor that will get a good laugh out of you.
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