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Thanks for the compliments and the thumbs, dudes. I too love the suit fabric and am indebted to @edmorel for convincing me to choose it.JBravo, no idea about the camera, its belongs to my friend who took the pics. All I know is that its Sony and I better not touch it.@The Noodles, WAYWT is simple. Just find the glaringly obvious commonality between the below fits from the dress of these dudes and emulate your way to glory. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the compliments, iGents! I will agree that I think the fuller pants are proper with this suit. Even if only because they are obscenely more comfortable than slimmer trousers. CM, I have posted in this suit a total of 3 times. I think because I post less fits, and because the fabric is so distinctive, it stands out in your mind more. As far as a One Suit, I dont believe in such a thing, but this one is quite versatile imho.
You're welcome! You google imaged right?
Clags and GMM, I'm confused. What single item are you wearing three different times in three different fits?
You mean selfie murkin? Kind of gross that you wear it on your head.
Vass MTO #2 (accompanied by Drakes tie & PS) [[SPOILER]]
For the MC Twice as Nice Friday Challenge.
Tripling up on the suit. Colorful green this week, monochrome last week, colorful blue from a lil bit ago.This Week:Last Week:Bonus Older Fit [[SPOILER]]
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