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Akoustas - Those are both absolutely excellent, but very different colors of brown, and both with very different hues. One warm, one cold. I actually have one of each, the Hober you saw, and a Drakes, and I would recommend highly you do the same.
Im going to pretend I can co-exist with that shirt, and I know if not for the FC you would have picked another, so you done got a thumb from me cuz the rest is spot on.
Yeah, Im kinda bummed about that too. Im hoping I can at least wear my NMWA Inis.
Better imo. Smaller check and less loud color.
Real talk though, ghost face killer is maybe the best textural fit poster on SF, and an all around top 10 fit master.
Its not an NMWA coat that she had some choice words for, so I did not want to get into details.Yes, because in that case, green was not the best choice choice for me.
Ie - Dont wear it.And Im still holding back on my true dick comment!
Yes and no. It takes exposure and an open mind more than anything else.Pretty solid vibe these days. Friendly, helpful and a lot of pretty solid MC fits. Different vibe than SWD, but good all the same.
I get a lot of love for mine too. Glad I twisted your arm on that one. Plus one. Dont even want to say what she said about the jacket I recently kopped. She loves the SS FW Merino tho!
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