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1. I dont like sharkskin. So flannel and then PoW imo. 2. I thinking building staples from SuSu is a horrible idea. You are looking at this completely backwards. Your staples should be the items that are the first things you kop and of the best quality and fit as those are what you will wear most often, and btw, that flannel is a 2/3 season staple for DC. You have enough clothing to get dressed and go to work every day, so buy a staple Formosa, and then sometime down the...
Vid was awesome. I want to learn how to do that. Skateboard that is.
I read both your posts as jokes, as they were both little jabs/swings at the gaming topic. You took a little jab at the people who liked games, which I though was a funny little quip, and he took a little jab back, defending the camaraderie of people with a shared interest, which I read as a funny return quip.I guess only you guys know the real intent of your posts, but thats how the exchange read to me.
Personally, Id move on from the trousers, and I dont love the SC either, not in general, and not on you. Shirt is fine, so is PS and tie, but as you noted, they are too matchy, even for me.
Awesome. Is that the same gunclub fabric that was MTOed?Success!
There are about 4 of them in the garage I park in. Love em.---Awesome vid, EFV.
See, I read that brad post as a joke, as I am sure it was meant.
---Awesome fit, Murl. Also, I love your house. Great layout and great design.
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