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3 TDs, 1 pick, and 2 collisions. I love Thanksgiving football.
LawlzzzPlus one!!
Glad to inspire, CD. U done gud.
Epic win for the stitchy!!!
Awesome. Also really great job getting the pic to show the texture of the Stark.
Can I get some damn clarification on stacking the SF10 code on the FC sale?
I had quite the Dents adventure last year. Thanksfully it ended well. Kop gloves!!
Thanks, Chulillo. Yeah man, it finally cooled down enough to bust out the outerwear.
Monitaly Mountain Parka.I always feel good about NMA kops! But by the time FC events hit I am usually tapped. Do not ever do this, CD. Great kops individually, but together you would look like a Barney the Dinosaur wannabe.
New Posts  All Forums: