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Limited engagement post. Thought better of it.
Correct, and thanks!Vintage oak calf also works well ime. As does black calf.
Fantastic! It is a really great color that looks different depending on the lighting.
I pretty much never take off my shoes upon entering my home, and I can't even remember the last time I went to someone's home who required shoes off. Offhand I can only think of one person around here who is specific about that.
Welcome welcome, and thanks!I hope you find one on your wrist someday sooner than later. :-)
I too am a fan. ---
Indeed, Mujib, most likely it would. All in all I think the solution that I ended up with works fine given the situation. I'm cool with it.
Thanks, guys, Yes, Revilo, polo suede it is.The St. James II is one of my fave shoes all time, kind unsold on making an changes, dont really see the need for that. :/
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