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Thanks, G. I heartily agree. Looks like the Barbour will need a new home.Thank you, CD. Lol, I guess it really is right up your alley. Do you have any Belstaff? If not, get some, its awesome.
Idk, I mean, those essentially look like khakis, just with big pockets. Also, they fit very flow-ey, not congruent with the more sleek look of the Roadmaster, I dont think it will be a great fit. Ill probably wear it with jeans, or moleskins, or waxed canvas or something next time.But I am a dad. Yeah, that was just was I was wearing when it arrived. Ill wear different pants and shoes with it in the future.I do think it looks pretty good, in a "cool-dad" kind of way...
I hear yeah, DC, but I really think that you would benefit from the look of a higher gorge. Sometimes the lower gorge just looks sad to me. It's not smiling. Good look, Elio. Lol, "STFU"
Synth, I know exactly what you mean, and it is a source of great sorrow for me. I have had a really hard time finding awesome pants that work for me, especially from the brands that you have mentioned. If it makes you feel any better, I just ordered a sick pair of Iron Heart, black, fade to gray, jeans. I am hoping so hard that they will be perfect.
Another new jacket. I'm pretty sure I like this Roadmaster more than the Barbour International.
DC, I would love to see a higher gorge on your lapels, and some longer shirt collars. I think it would step up your game even higher.
Another new jacket...
Nyce! What again you kopped?
Nifty suit and tie combo, Cox.
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