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Its not about about where you purchase. Its about what you purchase and why. But maybe that is what you are saying.
I dont disagree with that at all. But you are not a person trying to build a tie collection. You can buy whatever tie you like if you feels the kop is justifiable from a financial standpoint. So, should a tie that you love but would not pay 150 for, is available for 75, kop away.However, a person trying to get started on a tie collection should shy away from that. If what he wants/needs is on sale, awesome, but passing on a tie that he "needs" for a tie he likes more, that...
Thanks, gents.Same thing imo. If you buying sale items because they are on sale, you are headed down the same rabbit hole. The exception to these things is someone who already has a solid wardrobe, and is now just adding for fun. Thats cool.
Murl -
Too much win today. I need a smoke break from all that visual mastery.
King. Mother. Effing. George.
I love monochrome. By extension, Gerry and Murl, I love your fits today.
That fits like a glove, Tweedy. Kudos.
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