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Do I even need to say it?
Its expert jargon. Those who know, know. : )
This.And yes, Noodles, it looks awesome.
Noted. A sweater should protect the AP. Thnx!
1. I am an expert. 2. I am always right. 3. I am also humble. 4. Suck it, bitches. Get in line.
Id sell that unless it was a suit.
Spot on.As above.
Size 46. There was also the Rider Jacket in 44. Emailed Greg and he said that if I want to layer it over chunkier stuff Id need a 46, so there was that decision made for me!
Alright LuxeSwap bitches. Grab your balls and squeeze your wallets tight, because I am about to send some grade A primo menswear swag to the Casa del Spoo.
New Posts  All Forums: