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Fwiw, I would have preferred laceups in PGs fit as well.
GMM, Im with Clags on this one. The whole rig looks very sharp and crisp, slubby tie and denim-ish jacket or not, and the loafers and no socks is very jarring there. Thumbed anyways, but socks and lace ups would have made that equisit.
SAs are hit or miss. For those who are just doing it because it is a job it is more likely than not that they don't know crap about what they're selling. But for those who are doing it because they actually really like clothing, they are often fairly knowledgeable or more. Also, ime, and understandably, higher end stores usually (but certainly not always) have SAs that are more knowledgeable, or at least have on hand one dude who knows his stuff.
Cox, imo, I think a solid blue shirt would have serve you better there, ala PoP after you.
Perhaps not the only good one, but arguably the best. And probably the easiest to use and hardest to mess up.
@Mr. Six - Tough call.For low contrast this: [[SPOILER]] For higher contrast this: [[SPOILER]] If I had to pick of those two, Id say I think I like the second one better.---@TweedyProf - Good call on the gray herringbone tweed. For shame I dont have one. Its the perfect go to F/W SC with or without a tie.
Herringbone looks delectable.
That would be truly shameful.
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