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Not a bad look, but don't see an orange tie and a Sub as CBD. Suit stripe also on the liberal end of CBD. *braces-self-for-CBD-flamewar* Also, I imagine the white shirt is a result of your CBD needs, but a light blue would have better there with that suit and tie, imo.
Nice fit, Clags, just wish you hadn't taken a scissors to the end of your tie. Derp. - - - @shirtsnob, great participation, but it might be appreciated if you took advantage of the multi-quote and spoiler functions. Are you familiar with them? If not, shoot me a PM, happy to instruct.
Ahoy! I have had the Arran, and I know that fits me the same as the other shoes, just thought the heftier boots might fit different. I often have to size down on boots. Also emailed Nick as BE asking him, waiting to hear back.I have a fun project in mind. Awesome, thanks!
Hey, gents. Long time no speak. After plenty of G&G shoes, I am now thinking about my first pair of G&G boots. For those of you who have both boots and shoes from G&G, do you wear the same size in both or size down/up from shoe to boot. TIA!
The race is on!
Like that quite a lot, AAS.
How about instead drop on Monday morning?
Coat, coap, cap, cape. All teh same!
Mrs. Spoo > Mr. Spoo. Its not even a discussion.
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