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No argument here, but I wonder if we will begin to see that format for dramas, or at least someone giving it the old college try. It allows for a much more impactful ending and a much more condensed and tight story line. Obviously it does not negate the need/value for the classic format of a show that spans a number of seasons, but it would be neat to see I think.
I agree that overall there was certainly a lot of value to how the show spanned decades, how the characters changed or didnt, and its aesthetic attention to the details of the time period(s), which was probably unparalleled in television history, but I still feel that in a way the show would have packed a much bigger punch as a one season anthology with Dons reveal as the close. But, that would have been an entirely different animal, and that was clearly never the goal of...
Gus, that is superb.
That hat is pretty awesome, Bert!
Welcome to the end of your discretional monies, @SeaJen!
Welcome back, Guido!!
In a way I have always felt that MM would have been best had it ended after the first season with the reveal about Dons past. With the success of True Detective and Fargo, its clear that one story per season anthology shows can be awesome.
I just want to say that that photo essay by Mr. Six was one of the best things to ever happen to the GNAT.
Lol that to Vox everyone is just a "a StyleForum Dude."
No fits to report, UC? Ello, G!!
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