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yeah, when i was browsing 11-13k was what i was seeing.
not i so much. id like it to like nice, and it has to feel comfy on the back, but i have enough areas of obsession as is, so i worry less about what i cant even see.
i am immensely unsure.
do it now. DBs are the ish.---GMM - i gave you a like for the top block. bottom block not doin it for me, buddy.
oy vey !
bummer about the pacific. that was what i figued, but ill watch it anyway. generation kill is also on the watch list.have not seen the others, will have a look-see. thnx!
Just chillin in the backyard. Inspired by @Cotton Dockers. [[SPOILER]]
thanks, mok!plus one. but not sure why you changed the adjectives there.
Cotton Dockers - Thanks, man. You are worthy indeed! -- ATTN everyone else. queen/gay convo ends now. period. you want to talk about feminine looks on men, go ahead, thats cool. but keep it at that. thnx.
It was truly amazing. I do love war movies in general, but BoB was something special. I did watch the first half hour of the first episode of The Pacific, and it did not grab me the same way BoB did.
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