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I hope this means you canceled your haircut appointment for Monday.
I believe we had an arrangement.
I think you could have an excellent custom title, but I doubt that whatever LA Guy comes up with would be something you would actually enjoy. Then again, that is kind of the point of it.---I placed my voat. This is fun.
You guys are all pronouncing it "fox" right?
Sounds cool to me. Just remember that whatever the reality is, if that is what you buy, I will make sure to rag on you about it being faux. : )
This thread has turned me into a bigot.
Well, either it is faux or it is not, no?
I will leave that up to him.
"JLC Reverso Grande Taille ($7,650 retail)" - Tried that on once, no way Moo will be ok with that size. Will feel tiny on him I bet. Unless I am thinking of something else, but i dont think I am.
Looking or dreaming, Im not sure, as my grasp on reality has completely slipped.Yeah, when I have the dough Ill start trying on and I think that will be what tips one over the other. Your pics are a major influencer for the 400 btw.
New Posts  All Forums: