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NN's wife = Top Quality SF fit poster.
Gerry, give us the whole shooting match!
You just earned a few days off the forum. Congrats.
The rule applies to every member here and to every thread on the forum. If you make a for-sale post in any other thread on this forum, the penalty will be in effect. As far as the threat not meaning much either, this forum offers a buy and sell area as a favor to its members. The form does not make any money from any of the transactions there. If you don't find that valuable, that's fine. And I'm sure you won't mind being banned from there when you test us on this.
Sadly no. Yeah. I did a fair amount of trying it on, and it just looks too small for my wrist.---I dont hate Hublot and Mr. Biver is a genius.
Umwat. That is horrible news.
I think you might just like it.
Watch it anyways. There is some decent killing/fighting I think. Story not so much.
New Posts  All Forums: