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Lawlz I mean..... OY VEY!
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Thats a great fit, synth. Sad that outerwear weather is on the way out.
IM OUT! But a good idea all the same. -- salmon - did you inquire where he got it?
HF - I too think that collar would look much more at home with a SB suit. Something slim and with smaller lapels. Its really more of an SWD look, but I think it will look much more coherent.
A hundo and fitty cent.
Sorry, HF, not feeling it. I dont love either, but the roll neck looks better than this imo.
Kulata, thats a really nice fit. Had that top block been accompanied with navy suit pants and dark brown calf shoes I think it would have been a home run.
NS - That AP is just fantastic. How did you get that little AP plaque?
Sa'll good!
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