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Option 1:Option 2:HES BACK!!Looking good, looove that watch.Pretty much all of this is excellent, as usual, but the suede chukkas are not working here for me.
It was a summery looking tie, was wondering if that was to be your entry. As long at the tie has no wool or cashmere its A-Ok!You is behind the times, broseph!Also, play anyways. Pretend its summer.
regis, dont you wear some orlebar brown, swag, too?
so we now have 2 post imperial ties in this thread. its a win already for the summer tie challenge!!!
oh, that is nice. i like.
you dont have a problem. you have styleforvm-itis.
HF and SVB looking sharp and crisp in those summer suits.
NS, please post a post of all your current watches. kthnx.
both awesome.v nice. what pants (if any) do you wear with that.plus one.
u r missed.
New Posts  All Forums: