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Not a bad last at all, Clags, but not awe inspiring enough for a theoretical one shoe for me. The 348, oddly enough, is the CJ last that does not hurt my feet. The Dovers on the 606 are delectable. We have very different shoe last tastes though. I prefer the GG 71 and 73, and the Vass U, and the Carmina Simpson.
Nah man, you look great.Sick fit there, kg.
I caved. Brown panama silk and green paisley ties ordered.
It's gorgeous.Personal preference in that I am right?
No way a chukka can be a one shoe imo. Then again, the closest I could come to a one shoe would be multiple lasts and leathers of one model shoe, and even that I couldnt do. In any case, I dont see a chukka as a one shoe. Dress boot like the Galways maybe, but not a chukka. Just my take.
I also wear my darker suede mostly in the summer. Then again, they are loafers. Derp.
No hate Clags, but a one shoe needs a better last.
TM, if you are my size, I can help you out pretty good with Vass sizing.
Looks great on you. Thanks! Getting polished now. Should be a quick sale.
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