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Financially, that is a much more prudent way to go. As far as the cool factor, all 3 are winners.So frustrating.
I'm not sure I would wear any of those with a sportcoat, maybe the Mac. Edit - Go for the field coat.
You are too kind. I will do my best to post one this week. Special for you.
All I can say is that its pretty clear that WAYWRN is in a really good place right now.
Thanks, man!I did not. But my doc did say I needed to loose weight. Im sure 190/195 is better for my health than closing in on 230. : )---Glad to help, macjedi. I think some light suede shoes would be great with a suit like that.---Noodles can get his dress on when his mind is in the game. No doubt.
V nice, Adolesco. Red stripe shirts are great, I have a very similar one to what you got. What I need now is a non-button-down collar red/white pencil stripe dress shirt.
Braddock loooooooooool
You were my inspiration.
Couldn't resist any longer. Lilac stripe ordered.
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