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A thousand apologies.
Yep. Still here. Mostly in the background at present, but very much still here.Hope everybody here is doing well.
B8, ya'll.
Thanks, mayne!Pretty sure 8.5 inches. Ill confirm later. Shoes are UK 11. And thanks!
Eh. Some yes some no. Thanks for the warm fuzzies tho.Those shoes are dope. In any case, yes, that model does accentuate the pointiness ofcthe last.These St. J II are on the same last. Look same same to you?
G&G Uppingham on the TG73.
Looks quite nice. The small nits I have, I have posted over by your MC x-post so as not to further disturb the peace here.
V v nice, SVB. I personally do not like those PSs. Too J Crew for me, but maybe thats just me, and Id like a flat fold like that to show the edges up top. With cuffs that size I think you could use a tad more length so they rest a smidge on your shoes, will help the drape. Also your tie should be tightened a bit, if only for the pic. Small nits though, overall quite nice.
Elf shoe discussion is silly. Every major maker makes a variety of lasts, some pointier than others. I happen to like some (but not all) of the more aggressive last.
Ill show you mine...
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