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Of course it's good to buy high quality clothes and wear them for a long time. It's just not as exciting to take pictures of that. There are a lot more members eager to show off new purchases. Nothing wrong with buying new clothes and enjoying them. Best if they're of good quality and they last a long time. If you can share good photographs of good style, old or new, the forum will love to see them.
Just look at those shoulders. Yikes. This guy...
If you're buying your first pair of dress shoes them make sure you get a pair that fits. I wouldn't order online. Try on a couple sizes in person. Make it a Park Avenue and you can compare everything against it with pretty good confidence. I bought my Park Avenues for about $240 on sale at Nordstrom. Maybe you can check the Allen Edmonds thread and they could know if a sale is coming up.
If you say so. I've bought a couple of bags from Frank Clegg and they hold up. He's very receptive to customization. The bags are not too rugged, but not to precious. He makes portfolios, which you can see here: http://frankcleggleatherworks.com/accessories/portfolios.html He used to make them a little thinner, much more like a sleeve... I'm sure he could make one like that for you if you asked.
The Leon looks nicer.
Actually it kinda sucks for the OP. If he were a white guy in Asia, he'd automatically have some status because he's exotic, he looks different. In Japan it's harder for a foreign Asian guy because people expect him to to be native and speak Japanese... until he opens his mouth, and looks like a retard who can't communicate. Maybe it's the same in China. If you're trying to compete with the rich Chinese men, then you've already lost. Women are into them because they're...
Bring them to a cobbler and ask!
This sounds weird. Why don't you keep a smaller wallet in your back pocket? Why are you carrying expensive accessories into the auto shop, and throwing greasy gloves into your leather bag? I don't know how to offer a suggestion because your needs are confusing.
Misogyny, racism, stupidity, it's all here in full display. If this is how you attract women, you're inevitably going to be disappointed (as will she).
Black knit is perhaps relatively more useful with a blue shirt than a white shirt, so you still have a little color. Black and white may be stark, depending on your complexion. But wear what works for you.
New Posts  All Forums: