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Claghorn, thanks for providing a nice pic. I've worn a satiny black silk tie at night with a blazer, and I thought it looked sharp... but I wondered if it was a bit too funeral. This guy looks good.
Who knows where or what you're wearing this for. If you are aiming for "classic menswear style," then this this a miss. But if you are going out to a club where men wear jeans and black ties, then you are sure to be a hit. A few "classic menswear" tips: Don't wear a tie with jeans. A tie is for work, and jeans are casual. If you are dressing up, you would look better in wool pants or chinos. Wear a little bit of contrast. Everything you are wearing is dark and...
I love my tassel loafers, but a penny loafer is less eye-catching, and so a bit easier to wear often. I like the Alden leisure handsewn penny loafers. The C&J Poole is nice, as is the J.M. Weston 180. Allen Edmonds' new Patriot loafer looks good, too. I wear an Allen Edmonds Clifton blutcher very often. Not too ornate.
Throw it in the hamper.
No, don't do it, teenagers aren't supposed to wear ties. You're going to stand out in a bad way almost everywhere you go. You'll get made fun of. Girls will think you are a nerd and even if they like you, will risk ostracization themselves if they approach you. So just dress like a normal person. Wear sweaters. Button downs can be fine. But ties? And also, wearing this every day??? Come on. Don't be that guy.
Works for me. Perhaps ImageShack is censored in your country?Anyway, ill second (or third) dark brown brogues. Tan desert boots are really nice idea - but it's a specific look, and not as versatile.
Pretty weird, dude. But it will probably pair well enough with the basics - tan chinos, grey wool trousers. "I don't want the look to be boring?" So wear a pink shirt or a yellow shirt. Trying too hard to come up with a clever look based on a weird jacket and some special pants will look gimmicky.
Navy blazer with navy chinos doesn't look good, because it looks like you are trying and failing to fake a suit. If the jacket were distinctly lighter or paler, it could work.
This was fun - thanks for posting.
This is so pathetic.
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