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We all walk by hundreds of poorly dressed men every day. Who gives a flip for your four? It's weird that you're posting this, and obviously done more for your satisfaction than ours, which is rather pathetic or sick.
"Is it worth it yes or no answer my poal" is probably intentionally dumb way to ask this. Maybe you'd like to wear some nice socks, and you're trying to stretch your bucks. Lands End sells some nice over-the-calf socks in navy and gray. Wash them in a net and they'll last a little longer.
The discussion of Renovateur has been very interesting for me. I often use it in place of basic conditioner, which is perhaps a bit lazy and indulgent of me. ("I bought this stuff, now I'm gonna use it as much as I can!") I'll be using normal conditioner as the first step of a usual polish from now on (and hopefully I won't see any bad results). David, it's still reasonable to use some kind of conditioner before the normal polish. Allen Edmonds sells some for $5.
I would suggest a suit of navy hopsack if you'd like to dress like, say, a garbage collector.
LOL at Reev as a timless gentleman.
I've been living in Japan for several years now (during the time when Japanese goods were comparatively expensive), but will probably leave for my home country (the US) in 2013. I've been thinking that I might like to have some Japan-made shoes before I go. However, I'm not sure how much the sentimentalism is worth... it seems that US or British made shoes are much better quality for the price, if they're not bought in Japan (where their prices are steeply inflated). What...
There's a shoe shop in Osaka called "Old Hat" that offers MTM shoes and boots for a similar price, about 40000 yen, or $400. I thought the shoes looked very good in person. I don't recall the maker unfortunately, but I do remember that they are "made in Tohoku," which is the same region that Miyagi Kogyo shoes are made. The owner of the shop in Osaka was trained in the UK and speaks very good English. He's also a super nice and helpful guy. Here's a google-translated...
Here are some shoes at a similar price point (around 40000yen, or $400 USD) from SHIPS, made by Hiroshi Tsubouchi. I think they keep the price low by only offering a few models in a few different leathers. I think the leather quality isn't that great, honestly, but in Japan it's a pretty good looking shoe for the price. I really like the shape. They also have cute details inside (little heart-shaped broguing). I took some photos of a double-monk in the shop today, and I...
Ha, yeah, I'd feel pretty beleaguered by Alden if I were them, too.
Pretty boggled by this claim (which I'm not pinning on you, of course). Sounds like meaningless patter in the form of a humble-brag.
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