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This. Hot shit shoes that don't stand out to people who don't care about good shoes, but impress people who do.
If you have to ask, don't.
UNIQLO polos are great if you can get 'em.
Good choice.
Could you explain that? I don't understand why someone wouldn't black shoes with their grey suit for a presentation to all of one's managers, including the CEO. This is exactly when one should wear black shoes...
Not bad. The shoes only barely pass, in a pinch. If you have black shoes you should wear em.
Why don't you just embed images in the thread? Make it easier on the people who might help you.
This approach to style is pathetic! Spending hours capturing photos of clothes on TV is one thing, but hoping to find the exact same items is another. Trying to mimic one TV character's wardrobe is one thing, but a whole suite of characters from different TV shows is another, as well. This is a dumb project. But I hope you learn something from it! Here's a tip: instead of linking to tinyurl links, why don't you make it easy on the forum members you're asking to help you,...
Acute Style handled this very well. Everyone else is wasting their time. Wait... why did he even start this thread?
I'd give this question an A for content but a B- for enthusiasm. Keep posting on one topic, but in different threads, and with as many exclamation points as possible, in order to become a "senior member." Try using the search function.
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