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Perhaps there is not such a big difference between "good" and "bad" cotton fabric for suiting as there is for wool, but can anyone suggest a place to ask for samples/order fabric for the tailor? I want to order a cotton suit or two from Peter Lee in Hong Kong next year. I could just ask for his own samples, but perhaps you all know better. I want to make a tan twill suit, and am particular about getting exactly the right color. For what it's worth, I sure notice a...
There's nothing wrong with walnut in the winter. Depends on how you wear it. It's true that we generally wear darker and more muted colors, but if you have some accents of lighter or brighter colors, it can be fine.
Well said. Same here. It's cool.
If you're doing this because it's too expensive to buy a shirt, I suspect that you would be better off finding a part-time job to raise money for your wardrobe. The time you spend learning how to sew and attempting to produce a well-fitting shirt will probably be greater than the time it would take to earn the money to buy a well-fiting custom shirt. Perhaps you want to do this because you have a genuine enthusiasm to learn how to sew? Cheers to you. I think that you...
What makes you say that?
Interesting, but more of a fashion piece than a serious bag... And it dtrikes me as too ephemereal to be worth $350.
Sounds like you should wear a suit (and a tie, of course). Dressing up is appropriate for your interview if nothing else, and you might learn that you can wear more casual clothes after you start working. Personally, I am comfortable and confident in a suit. Are you not? If you're afraid it would make you uncomfortable and awkward in your interview, then I think it would be fine to wear a sports coat/jacket and a tie, but not a full matching suit. However, the suit would...
Claghorn, thanks for providing a nice pic. I've worn a satiny black silk tie at night with a blazer, and I thought it looked sharp... but I wondered if it was a bit too funeral. This guy looks good.
New Posts  All Forums: