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So do I, actually. Good look overall.
Throw it away.
This is one of those "if you have to ask..." things. In other words, the answer is no, IMHO. But you're free to try. Christian Chensvold of ivy-style.com has written (and posted pictures) quite elegantly of what he calls "chic ivy," basically decking himself out heavily in black. He proves that it's possible to pull it off with panache... but as anyone will tell you, a black blazer is hard to do well. Here's a nice look, which would probably serve your party's theme well,...
Fortunately my wardrobe is so boring/generic/standard (in a good way), so if someone were to copy the whole thing (well, except for my shoes), I don't think it would bother met at all. What a weird guy though. Once you get a vibe like that, don't tell him. Because. He's. Creepy.
Ugh, what is this, Ask Andy? You shouldn't wear them unless you're wearing a suit. What you "like" doing for whatever "singly" reasons is your deal and I hope that works for you.
Fun thread! Thank you so much for shooting and sharing. Funny thought after looking through the pictures a couple of times: on the whole, the Asians look the best! Lots of consistent classic style, and fewer goofy looks.
Of course it's good to buy high quality clothes and wear them for a long time. It's just not as exciting to take pictures of that. There are a lot more members eager to show off new purchases. Nothing wrong with buying new clothes and enjoying them. Best if they're of good quality and they last a long time. If you can share good photographs of good style, old or new, the forum will love to see them.
Just look at those shoulders. Yikes. This guy...
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