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Acute Style handled this very well. Everyone else is wasting their time. Wait... why did he even start this thread?
I'd give this question an A for content but a B- for enthusiasm. Keep posting on one topic, but in different threads, and with as many exclamation points as possible, in order to become a "senior member." Try using the search function.
It does come down to personal choice, but I'd advise against the navy. Navy is kinda an "advanced" color - meaning it's very beautiful, but it is less versatile. You will have a lot more opportunities to wear and really enjoy the other two colors. That said - the navy looks very nice and you will enjoy that, too. Personal choice.
Dude any medium sized city in Japan has a custom shirt maker that can do this for you in person.
Read this thread: a comparison of eight pairs of the same design from different makers.From@wurger's introduction:
Thanks @europrep. There's also one good store at The Grove, called Unionmade, that carries a suite of Aldens, as well as some French shoes.
Where else can one shop for nice shoes in LA?
Oh, thank you @bourbonbasted!
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