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Well said. Same here. It's cool.
If you're doing this because it's too expensive to buy a shirt, I suspect that you would be better off finding a part-time job to raise money for your wardrobe. The time you spend learning how to sew and attempting to produce a well-fitting shirt will probably be greater than the time it would take to earn the money to buy a well-fiting custom shirt. Perhaps you want to do this because you have a genuine enthusiasm to learn how to sew? Cheers to you. I think that you...
What makes you say that?
Interesting, but more of a fashion piece than a serious bag... And it dtrikes me as too ephemereal to be worth $350.
Sounds like you should wear a suit (and a tie, of course). Dressing up is appropriate for your interview if nothing else, and you might learn that you can wear more casual clothes after you start working. Personally, I am comfortable and confident in a suit. Are you not? If you're afraid it would make you uncomfortable and awkward in your interview, then I think it would be fine to wear a sports coat/jacket and a tie, but not a full matching suit. However, the suit would...
Claghorn, thanks for providing a nice pic. I've worn a satiny black silk tie at night with a blazer, and I thought it looked sharp... but I wondered if it was a bit too funeral. This guy looks good.
Who knows where or what you're wearing this for. If you are aiming for "classic menswear style," then this this a miss. But if you are going out to a club where men wear jeans and black ties, then you are sure to be a hit. A few "classic menswear" tips: Don't wear a tie with jeans. A tie is for work, and jeans are casual. If you are dressing up, you would look better in wool pants or chinos. Wear a little bit of contrast. Everything you are wearing is dark and...
I love my tassel loafers, but a penny loafer is less eye-catching, and so a bit easier to wear often. I like the Alden leisure handsewn penny loafers. The C&J Poole is nice, as is the J.M. Weston 180. Allen Edmonds' new Patriot loafer looks good, too. I wear an Allen Edmonds Clifton blutcher very often. Not too ornate.
Throw it in the hamper.
New Posts  All Forums: