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Those tiny wrinkles mean it's definitely not cordovan, unfortunately.
The tie might signal zero taste. If you're committed to it and you are asking for pocket square advice, why not wear white linen? Why are you put off by an "obvious" good choice? That said, it's your wedding and you can do what you want.
Blledblue, I don't personally hate horsebit loafers, but it's like you said here:They could be considered douchey by some, and those RL Marlows are a nice but quieter alternative. IMO they are hot shit, and I wish that link led to a pair in my size. But I'm not a consultant so my opinion maybe isn't what you're after.
This. Hot shit shoes that don't stand out to people who don't care about good shoes, but impress people who do.
If you have to ask, don't.
UNIQLO polos are great if you can get 'em.
Good choice.
Could you explain that? I don't understand why someone wouldn't black shoes with their grey suit for a presentation to all of one's managers, including the CEO. This is exactly when one should wear black shoes...
Not bad. The shoes only barely pass, in a pinch. If you have black shoes you should wear em.
Why don't you just embed images in the thread? Make it easier on the people who might help you.
New Posts  All Forums: