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I think you're all taking the wrong approach to this. It's a high school student with no indication of having done any prior research, having very much personal taste, or having any interest in or need for tailored clothes. He didn't even ask a question in his post. All this kid needs is a nudge in the right direction. If the suit fits, he'll have done well. Better to please his girlfriend, who has more interest in his clothes than he does: in other words he should wear...
You say you need some help, but you didn't ask a question. I'm sure you'll be fine if the suit fits. Try it on in the store at least a week in advance so you have time make any needed alterations.
Go for the charcoal suit, or if that's too stark for you, a medium-dark grey. Even a charcoal suit can be incredibly dapper if it fits you well, which I presume from your good experience this suit will. However a charcoal suit will never be off-putting in a professional environment, which a glen plaid or "charcoal blue" (with those bright brown buttons!?) might be, especially for a young man with a small wardrobe. You'll be very pleased with how you look if the suit fits...
You don't want to "match exactly" but you're concerned about "some rule." If you're really concerned, spend another 3 dollars on another belt. Otherwise.... it's close enough.
Great advice here.
The correct answer is shoes. This is a fun idea, I'll think about it.
This matches my experience in every job where I've dressed a little better than the norm. You sorta give other other guys permission to care about how they look and dress, which a lot of guys appreciate!However, this touches on why I prefer a classic style and fit - something that's more trad/old-fashioned/conservative is easier for more people to "get" than something more fashionable and modern. Wearing a shorter jacket, for example, is more of a fashion "statement" and...
Those tiny wrinkles mean it's definitely not cordovan, unfortunately.
The tie might signal zero taste. If you're committed to it and you are asking for pocket square advice, why not wear white linen? Why are you put off by an "obvious" good choice? That said, it's your wedding and you can do what you want.
Blledblue, I don't personally hate horsebit loafers, but it's like you said here:They could be considered douchey by some, and those RL Marlows are a nice but quieter alternative. IMO they are hot shit, and I wish that link led to a pair in my size. But I'm not a consultant so my opinion maybe isn't what you're after.
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