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You're just doing your best to make this really hard for yourself. I tried to type something helpful for you but I got nothing.
I dunno man, the thing is, when you're trying your hardest to pull off an inbetween look, its those details that make the difference. If I ignore the actual clothes you're wearing, then yes conceptually this is somewhat acceptable.Also, does this go without saying?:: You are putting in more effort than 90% of the population. Your clothes fit and you are thinking about how to look good.You'd be better off if you weren't trying to mix these looks. I'm not sure what line you...
The recommendations were most interesting. \_(ツ)_/ Come on... what is the audience here at SF? What is missing here??? Hello???
It can be done. Use your own judgment. Fashion is often contrary to style... and fashion can be fun.
It's a matter of taste. You have good taste, right? In most cases it just looks bad, unsophisticated. You're free to hold your own opinion but you might be wise to accept the conventional wisdom. If they're the same color but different textures or pattterns, it might sometimes look good. I'm trying to be generous and assume the wearer has good taste, not to mention that 99% of the time, it's done poorly or terribly. But same color and texture??? Why do you even ask?
Honestly I don't think a peacoat is too formal for a college student. When I was in college I wore that, or a vintage leather bomber jacket, in similar weather. You might try searching A Continuous Lean for ideas, or asking on the "Streetwear and Denim" forum here. "Classic Menswear" is more formal than you're looking for.
You're not really giving any context. What kind of answer do you expect? Wear what's practical for your circumstances. And anyway, how is a peacoat "trying too hard?" Is that because it's difficult to wear, or it's too formal?
It's a bit of both, as it is with everything. This is a broad question. Do you have a particular experience you want to share?
"Class is for men and swag is for boys. This hat is for what cool people wear and you can't even figure it out. So next time think before you do trolling. I implore you to do a little thinking, if that's even possible. You're just a stupid swag idiot. THIS IS CLASS. And that's all I got to say to you stupid ass haters. You don't know fashion and you don't know anything about this world! GTFOffline. Listen, log off idiots!"
I think you're all taking the wrong approach to this. It's a high school student with no indication of having done any prior research, having very much personal taste, or having any interest in or need for tailored clothes. He didn't even ask a question in his post. All this kid needs is a nudge in the right direction. If the suit fits, he'll have done well. Better to please his girlfriend, who has more interest in his clothes than he does: in other words he should wear...
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