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It's a great jacket, and fortunately it's easy to find one just like it (if you don't know, try Brooks Brothers, or else anyone will have the fabric).
His dusty shoes look great.
It's possible.
Not bad....
Thanks to emptym, a tailor, jeffreyd, Despos, and all others for any comments, criticisms, or suggestions you might have. I hope the pictures are adequate. What should be altered, or what should I reconsider for the next commissioned suit? First is a navy suit from Peter Lee: Second is a blazer and trousers from Peter Lee (both are wool-cashmere), Third is a blazer from Brooks Brothers, a 36-R and I'm not sure if it's a good fit or bad or what. Pretty sure the arms...
I'm sure RL cares about this problem, but not on your small scale.
This didn't get answered?? The flower in the OP's picturer is from Strasburgo in Tokyo. They are often found on the website under "Accessories" but I don't see any at the moment. At 3000 yen, they are expensive.
Of course in every case besides the beach, I guess a loafer or boat shoe is better, but still I don't hate flip flops.... Maybe I'm imagining the wide disdain more than is really there...
This topic really has been done to death. Use the search function, OP. Re: flip flops.... (maybe off topic but your grossed-out condemnation is welcome...) I have to admit I don't understand why many so strongly dislike flip flops. They're casual. They're not MC, they're not SW, but they're useful, right? I walk around the house in my bare feet, and if I want to step outside to the grocery (a 2-minute walk), I can just slip on flip flops. In the summer of course. I wear...
Search online for purchasing services - there are sites where you can tell them what you want, and they'll go out and find the items in person. The one I used to know (sorry... can't remember the name....!) only charged an extra 10% of the total price.
New Posts  All Forums: