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Quote: Originally Posted by Joffre1922 sorry, my question is..do I need to pay import tax when i purchase shoes from a UK website? Like when the package reach US cutoms i.e from www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk thanks The answer is found in this document from the US government: http://www.usitc.gov/publications/do...er/1100c64.pdf
Joffre, why are you asking here and not AAAC? Whatever. Can you provide a link to the reference list you're talking about? I don't understand your question at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by bmms8 hey guys, i have a charcoal suit and a navy suit i will be wearing to two receptions. i have a light pink and a light blue H&M shirt to go along with each. all colors are solids. can you tell me what shirt would match with what suit, and what ties i should i looking for? i am trying to spend ~$20 or less per tie as i only wear them on these occasions which is not often, thanks! If you must match them up...
Eddie Fitzgerald is a veteran storyboard writer for cartoons, and he has a very funny (or peculiar) blog. He just wrote a nice, short illustrated history of men's suits. Maybe you'll like it. Uncle Eddie's Theory Corner: Savile Row Suits
I am in my 20's and am generally clueless but I agree that a backpack is not good... but, I will also say that I have worn a backpack () that is kind of boring/sporty (looks like this one) and I think no one really cares. This is just for getting around a conference when I also had to carry around another bag in my hands. I think that if you get a backpack, it's not so bad if you don't take it so seriously, such as the Saddleback bags which I think are a bad...
Can you explain what you mean by that? "Structured/militaristic?" I have heard that the Chan has a definite style and that it's usually slimmer, but I'm not sure what your phrase means (Thanks, I am a small-timer saving up for a jacket from Chan).
Quote: Originally Posted by Matty D I posted this question a couple pages back, decided I need pictures to get the help I need. I'm going to a wedding in a week and need help deciding what to wear. Option A is a black suit. Does this knit tie work/is it appropriate? If so, what other other shirts would work with this? I think the white looks nice, but I'm open to other options since I need to buy more shirts anyways. Any suggestion? Option B is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Any tailor can do it. Its a pretty simple job. What color is your blazer to go with those buttons? Thanks for the reply. The jacket's navy. It came with white plastic buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by smk Would it look alright to wear a taupe suede desert boots with khakis with colors little lighter than the dbs, with a white dress shirt, and a navy blazer? Or should I go with darker shoes? Doesn't sound bad, but I think you should have something else that's a little darker to go with your jacket. Could be a tie. If you're just wearing light or white things and a navy blazer, then go with some darker shoes.
Thanks BoomDiggs! I... am... not confident about that! But I'll look into it. One more question tonight: This is about checking my measurements. What is an acceptable margin of error when comparing my fit to eBay listings? I measured my best-fitting jacket, and the chest width is 20 inches. There's a jacket on ebay with a width of 21 inches. Is that too large a difference?Curiously, I'm an inch off in the other direction on the shoulders. My best fit is 18 inches, the...
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