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1. Black shoes are fine!2. Brass buttons are fine!Don't change the buttons on your jacket just to match a pair of shoes. If you want to change the buttons because you like that look better, that's fine. Just don't do it for the sake of this outfit because it's totally unnecessary.
Regarding suits and shirts: Most of the conversations about Chinese tailoring refer to Hong Kong. Search the forum and you'll find a lot, but you can start here: The Hong Kong Tailors Thread. You can buy fantastic tailored suits and shirts in Hong Kong, at a great value. It's not the only place in the world (or in China) for this, but it's a great place. Regarding cashmere, I don't think China is a great place to look. Why not get a made-in-China cashmere sweater at...
Your post inspired me to search the B&S myself, found this one for $90. Might be the exact same tie.
Harris Tweed bags like the one in the photo were fashionable last year in Japan. I think they're pretty tacky...
Are there very many places to shop for Alden shoes in various sizes and widths? I've heard of the Alden shop in San Fransisco, but are there stores like that on the east coast?
Real world feedback here. I have an L&C English briefcase, and I couldn't be happier with it. It was expensive but in my opinion (like Joe says above) it's worth it. I asked for some customization of the bag and they were very accommodating. I sent them some pictures of how I wanted a different pocket arrangment, and I asked for my initials embossed on the back. They were real cool about everything over e-mail. I've been meaning to post some pictures and/or a brief...
It's a great jacket, and fortunately it's easy to find one just like it (if you don't know, try Brooks Brothers, or else anyone will have the fabric).
His dusty shoes look great.
It's possible.
Not bad....
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