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Well I'm not someone who believes that there needs to be a formula with your salary on one side and the price of your suits on the other. And if your Brooks suits fit you well, then that's great. So I agree with you. I don't know anything about consulting, but I imagine you work with clients who (subconsciously) take note of how you dress. I don't know about your regular expenses, but I think 5% is not a big sacrifice, but it would go a long way towards looking impressive...
Well, what do you do fo a living? How old are you? Where do you want to be in 10 years? One might be envious of what you could do with 5% of your salary.
Hi NRY, I am pretty new and don't know much. I think you have your suits made bespoke, in which case you've considered this, but I want to ask: why are your 3 buttons so close together? I think it makes the suit look very, very long (and you, a giant). Might look more calm or balanced if they were spread out a bit, perhaps a bit higher.
That's a sharp sportscoat. Or should I call that a blazer? Are those buttons MOP?
It's called a monk strap and it's a popular shoe (I think) on SF. You can wear it casually or semi-formally. It would be great with jeans. I think the one pictured looks quite nice, where is it from?
PTO is awesome. At the very least, the show spreads enthusiasm and knowledge about something we're all passionate about here. In my case, I learned a lot from the videos and the blog so I'm -proud to donate.
This looks great! I'd like to have a suit like this. Can the pants and jacket be worn separately?
Thanks very much for the estimates and your suggestion, JLib! I will email Chan about it.
What might one expect to pay for a navy blazer at WW Chan, or from Peter Lee? Sorry, I searched around without success!
Loafers, khakis and a white OCBD is the most common, I suppose. No jackets, seldom ties, sleeves rolled above the elbow almost every day.
New Posts  All Forums: