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How/when/where/why does one wear chocolate brown suede tassel loafers? Was recently awestruck by a beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren Purple Label shoes.
Hi, I'd like to order some white mother of pearl buttons. 3C: 32L (20mm) x 3 24L (15mm) x 10 Thanks very much! -Ryan
It's common in Japan for men who aren't allowed to wear ties (Cool Biz) in the summer. Strengthens the collar area visually, just like double buttons or contrasting buttonhole thread. They don't always look good, but they don't always look bad.
How tall are you? (Thinking about how your sportscoat fits on you)
Quote: Originally Posted by Cambel Does anyone have experience with both Kent Wang and J. Press's grenadine ties? I'm interested in buying a navy grenadine from one or the other. Probably interested in a tighter weave though open to recommendations of one over the other. I know Kent Wang offers a 3" and 3.5" width. Does anyone know the measurements for J. Press's? J Press doesn't list it on the web store but I'm pretty sure their usual size...
That thread about SF retailers should be relevant... it's here. I haven't looked at in a while (and I didn't participate) but here's an interesting quote from tj100 on the first page: Quote: A lot of what the 'SF entrepreneurs' are providing are things that are in such low demand in any given city, that as a retail proposition, they could not survive. But as an online business serving the world, they can. Over time, we'll probably see an increasing number...
I wear bow ties pretty often. I'm still trying to get a hang of what's flashy but not too flashy, what's neutral enough, and what is as far as possible from "party tie" which is the unfortunate association many people seem to have with them. I also really like the third tie posted above (the Argyle Sutherland). People say the Churchill dot bow tie is good, but I think it's too dressy for most occasions. Maybe not. I don't have one, but I'd like to. I just don't think it's...
Saw a big guy today in the city wearing a nice clean suit and a slim tie, he looked good.
I ordered a cheap (striped repp) tie from an unknown maker on eBay yesterday. The description looks good but I don't know. Last night I had a dream that the seller came to deliver the tie, and I found that the material was plasticky, only the top half had the proper stripes, and the bottom half was candy pink. Look, man, I'm just not going to pay you for this. I really am looking for something totally different and this just isn't what I want, I told him. I didn't want to...
Anything wrong with flat gold buttons on a blazer?
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