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Quote: Originally Posted by Flame I'm actually an intern for Thomson Reuters. 1 more month before going back to school for my final year. No point in wearing pocket sqaures because almost no one here wears a suit. Too hot. Since you're an intern, you should be focussed on trying to fit in as a professional-in-training, not stretching the limits of the dress code. So don't wear fun socks. The guys who look good in fun socks on this forum are...
Quote: Originally Posted by dasai My sense of the sales assistant in the Japanese store I've been to is that he was quite knowledgeable and helpful, but didn't seriously expect me to follow through due to my age (I'm in my mid-20s) and the casual clothing I was wearing on my day off. I do actually intend to buy... but from the online store in the U.S., where the clothes will still cost less with shipping than buying directly from the Japanese storefront....
This list of essentials is a good place to start if you're having trouble figuring out what's necessary.
Hello SF, My shoes were caught in a storm. When I got home I filled them with tissue paper and let them sit out to dry. The next day I noticed a crack in the sole (which is already pretty thin). What can I do? Does this mean I should resole them? These are Allen Edmonds Cliftons and it's not the first time they've been caught in the rain (maybe 3 times before). I bought them lightly used about a year ago. Thanks Sincerely
Quote: Originally Posted by pinko i want ipad You made this your first post on Styleforum??
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.orange omg i posted ages ago so I'm trying again; http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/34/lubbock.jpg/ Yay or Nay? Quote: Originally Posted by Lazytiki What does the H mean on J Crew neck sizes? For example 15H 34 sleeve. Does it mean Half? Why can't they just put 15 1/2. It means half. Maybe 1/2 would look too "mathy?"
If you want to wear pants no matter what, then yes, you CAN go without shorts. But this seems like a dumb principle to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Pic heavy travel reports (clothing related). Yeah so a lot of answers are ironic in this thread, but really this is great! I love these! My favorite threads are when someone like Manton or Foo (or it could be anyone, really) makes some challenging proposal or statement (OneShirt, CBD, etc) and people seriously reply to it with their arguents. Sometimes this happens in the thread title, sometimes it...
Quote: which is essentially a parasitic denial of capitalism as constituting socio-economic relations, while blah blah blah blah blah Cool words bro. I live in Osaka and am not the greatest style watcher, but dandyism is alive and well here. I don't have much to say about this subject, but the best writer I know about contemporary men's style in Japan is David W. Marx (or Marxxy), who for example recently wrote a eulogy for a tailor named Namiki...
Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy You gonna wanna hem them if you want that look. New standards, new cures, or petit standards, either way once you hem them you won't have that stacking look. Thanks to you all for the same answer. Does this affect the way selvedge denim changes with time? Should I expect them to grow longer or shorter, later?
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