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Maybe... but he seems nice enough! What a cool guy, to introduce clothing from the Armoury to camera nerds.
The marks wash off in the shower, right? They're nothing to worry about. It happens to my socks sometimes, for one pair more than others.
Wally at Myers Park Tailors does a good job. Haven't been there in a couple years. At the time, I didn't know very much, either, but he was very kind and helpful.
Awesommmmmme thanks hpreston!Your charcoal pants and white shirt and black Allen Edmonds are perfect. Wear the Raybans if you're standing in the sun, before or after the wedding but not during. Black ties are more appropriate for funerals than weddings, so try something else. A chambray or a silk knit tie would be nice!Your tie should end in the center of your belt, or right where the button on your pants is. If you were off by a few inches, you wouldn't want to get your...
Nice water dispenser! Looks like this one, made in Japan?Maybe it's superfluous but I'd love to have one.
I do. I can't explain it very well, but I was told something about the natural oils inside the cordovan requiring much less polish than calfskin, so you don't want to mix excess wax or cream from the brush into the shoe. I keep my cordovan brush separate (and much cleaner) than my calfskin brushes, which are slowly turning browner and blacker from their respective polishes.
Thanks guys! I'll be sure to stop by when I'm in New York.Is there a good place to shop for Aldens in various widths in Washington DC?
Those are very neutral combinations, so anything would work, but not in the colors you're already using (navy, grey, tan or brown). How about red? Maroon? Forest green? Oatmeal?
I should add one more thing - if you're concerned about the fabric's quality, you can contact a tailor in advance and tell them if you want a specific English or Italian fabric, and they will order it for you before you arrive.
1. Black shoes are fine!2. Brass buttons are fine!Don't change the buttons on your jacket just to match a pair of shoes. If you want to change the buttons because you like that look better, that's fine. Just don't do it for the sake of this outfit because it's totally unnecessary.
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