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If you can't match more closely, the safe choice is black, not brown.
Count me among those who have never been a fan of TTO's garish outfits. I suspect that he receives so much praise because he is friendly in the WAYWRN community? He seems to enjoy himself and that is just fine with me. Anyway, this topic is so subtle... maybe the difference in some cases between "NEffG" correctly and incorrectly can only be read in person. But that makes for a poor thread. In general, I think doing peacocky NeffG well might be all about intentionality...
I think you guys might be going after him too hard. It's not so difficult to believe that he bought a suit, liked it, Googled the maker, and posted his positive opinion. I waste plenty of time on the net doing purposeless activities. Writing about a purchase that brought me pleasure on a forum for people who might share a similar enthusiasm would feel better than... clicking through stories-of-the-day on MSN. And if the locals accused me of being a covert spy? That would...
Hey everyone, I recently bought a very nice-looking croc belt on eBay. It's too long, so I intended to get it shortened about four inches. Well, I took it to my cobbler, and he told me that he couldn't do it! He said he was afraid the leather would crack at the point where it flips around to the backside (right at the buckle). At the risk of asking the internet to contradict a professional opinion... what do you guys think??? I don't think the belt looks especially dry or...
Just tell the kid what he wants to hear. They'll work, kid.
Patrick, I don't work in such a formal environment, but I do live in a city (& country) where black shoes are de rigueur, and black monks are not uncommon. They do somewhat announce that the wearer is a little bit interested in... "looking cool" or "dressing well," but not in an obtrusive way. Anyway, no comment on the grain. I'm interested to hear what others have to say.
That is a hell of a score for Frank. And a hell of a bag for Barack. So cool.
Number 1 or 2. Don't overthink the pocket square. White linen will look great.
We all walk by hundreds of poorly dressed men every day. Who gives a flip for your four? It's weird that you're posting this, and obviously done more for your satisfaction than ours, which is rather pathetic or sick.
"Is it worth it yes or no answer my poal" is probably intentionally dumb way to ask this. Maybe you'd like to wear some nice socks, and you're trying to stretch your bucks. Lands End sells some nice over-the-calf socks in navy and gray. Wash them in a net and they'll last a little longer.
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