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It has been steadily improving. I like it a lot better than now than several days ago.
PS, amazing ratio of posters in this thread with low-post-counts, myself included
This is a crazy idea, but I'll play along if I get to have 5 shirts, one for each day of the week 2 white ocbd's 2 light blue dress shirts with a normal collar 1 pink ocbd I'm a teacher so I can get away with 3 ocbd's in a week, maybe not everyone can (or would want to).
I've also observed that my BB Advantage Chinos are hard to get wrinkled.
Oh jeez, farbeit from me to derail the conversation from Vox's closet... but really, Foo, what about rainy days? Seems unwise to be without a pair of dress boots.
What's to be worn on a rainy day? Galoshes (such as Swims) or do these shoes have a more water-resistant welt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flame I'm actually an intern for Thomson Reuters. 1 more month before going back to school for my final year. No point in wearing pocket sqaures because almost no one here wears a suit. Too hot. Since you're an intern, you should be focussed on trying to fit in as a professional-in-training, not stretching the limits of the dress code. So don't wear fun socks. The guys who look good in fun socks on this forum are...
Quote: Originally Posted by dasai My sense of the sales assistant in the Japanese store I've been to is that he was quite knowledgeable and helpful, but didn't seriously expect me to follow through due to my age (I'm in my mid-20s) and the casual clothing I was wearing on my day off. I do actually intend to buy... but from the online store in the U.S., where the clothes will still cost less with shipping than buying directly from the Japanese storefront....
This list of essentials is a good place to start if you're having trouble figuring out what's necessary.
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