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Quote: which is essentially a parasitic denial of capitalism as constituting socio-economic relations, while blah blah blah blah blah Cool words bro. I live in Osaka and am not the greatest style watcher, but dandyism is alive and well here. I don't have much to say about this subject, but the best writer I know about contemporary men's style in Japan is David W. Marx (or Marxxy), who for example recently wrote a eulogy for a tailor named Namiki...
Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy You gonna wanna hem them if you want that look. New standards, new cures, or petit standards, either way once you hem them you won't have that stacking look. Thanks to you all for the same answer. Does this affect the way selvedge denim changes with time? Should I expect them to grow longer or shorter, later?
Hey everyone, I'm thinking of buying a pair of A.P.C. jeans soon. I'm not sure which cut is right for me. New Standard? Petit Standard? I usually wear skinny jeans but I want to avoid having them pile up at the ankle. I'd like some jeans that fit something like this pair from Dan Trepanier's blog: Thoughts?
I got my girl a totebag from Lotuff & Clegg, pretty awesome gift.
Thanks Barzen. Does anyone know how wide those ties are? (The grenadines AND the silk knits, for that matter)?
I mean if that's all then I see the humor in the statement! The joke cuts a little bit close if a small-timer like me takes it too seriously...! But of course Vox is operating on a different scale of success/failure. Good advice anyway so thanks.
Thanks for posting that advice (I'm in a similar positin to the OP), but what makes you say Quote: Your chances of success are low Is that because it's his first attempt? Or you don't know the tailor, or...?
Quote: Originally Posted by Joffre1922 sorry, my question is..do I need to pay import tax when i purchase shoes from a UK website? Like when the package reach US cutoms i.e from www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk thanks The answer is found in this document from the US government: http://www.usitc.gov/publications/do...er/1100c64.pdf
Joffre, why are you asking here and not AAAC? Whatever. Can you provide a link to the reference list you're talking about? I don't understand your question at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by bmms8 hey guys, i have a charcoal suit and a navy suit i will be wearing to two receptions. i have a light pink and a light blue H&M shirt to go along with each. all colors are solids. can you tell me what shirt would match with what suit, and what ties i should i looking for? i am trying to spend ~$20 or less per tie as i only wear them on these occasions which is not often, thanks! If you must match them up...
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