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Post-Christmas-shopping-frenzy bump
He's right. Now Lotuff and Clegg's website is titled "LOTUFF", and Frank Clegg has his own website. Maybe they had a falling out. What a shame.
That is very nice.
Thank you NORE. I'm glad to hear that someone else has had this issue! I want to learn how to fix this myself so I'll be sure to learn how to shank a button, and to use button thread.
How often do you button or unbutton a jacket throughout the day? Shouldn't you change it when you sit down? In that case, how often should I expect a button to last, because my middle button comes undone quite often. I paid three dollars for an alterationist to put it back on, and the button came loose after only two more wears! I do not do anything weird with my buttons, or carry a messenger bag or anything that would put crazy strain on my jacket. Thanks for your advice...
I won't be jealous! It's great to see such a nice and mostly new collection all together.
I'm searching for a solid silk twill necktie in olive. Does anyone know where I can find one? I hope I can buy it online. Even a stripe tie like this one would work: Sam Hober has a grenadine tie in the right color, I think. Thanks for your help!
Reev talked with an 8!
Worth pointing out that those Saphir shoe creams have been restocked. Pick up a jar of neutral if you missed it the first time.
Hey bro, Post this in the other forum called "Streetwear and Denim." That's where you'll get answers.
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