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I like it! So I recommend it! Don't buy it if you think it's a secret treasure chest of never-published-online style divas from the 1960’s. It's a book of cool photos of college kids looking good in classic styles.
Haha, despite the majority opinion (it seems) on SF, I really want a blazer w/ metal buttons, not a blue sports coat. Maybe someday though! Thanks for your input guys. I'll get a new jacket that fits me better. Jacket's for sale now, so PM me if you are interested.
You know, I was afraid of that... it's a 36, and when I had a MTM jacket done by Brooks, they based it on a size 35!
If this guy got 10 mostly negative replies then perhaps I should consider a neutral response "thumbs up?"
Hi SF, I ordered this blazer from Brooks Brothers, and am not sure about the fit. You can see it on the BB website here. It's a Milano fit, 3 buttons, single vent, 36R. Please tell me what you think! Good or bad? Keep it or sell it? Should I make alterations? When I first tried it on, I thought it looked too baggy around the sides (like a big "sack" fit) and the arms were too wide and deep... but now that I look at the video, maybe it's not so bad.... but what do I...
Well I'm not someone who believes that there needs to be a formula with your salary on one side and the price of your suits on the other. And if your Brooks suits fit you well, then that's great. So I agree with you. I don't know anything about consulting, but I imagine you work with clients who (subconsciously) take note of how you dress. I don't know about your regular expenses, but I think 5% is not a big sacrifice, but it would go a long way towards looking impressive...
Well, what do you do fo a living? How old are you? Where do you want to be in 10 years? One might be envious of what you could do with 5% of your salary.
Hi NRY, I am pretty new and don't know much. I think you have your suits made bespoke, in which case you've considered this, but I want to ask: why are your 3 buttons so close together? I think it makes the suit look very, very long (and you, a giant). Might look more calm or balanced if they were spread out a bit, perhaps a bit higher.
That's a sharp sportscoat. Or should I call that a blazer? Are those buttons MOP?
It's called a monk strap and it's a popular shoe (I think) on SF. You can wear it casually or semi-formally. It would be great with jeans. I think the one pictured looks quite nice, where is it from?
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