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Brooks Brothers milano fit "advantage chinos" are not Non-Iron, but are my most wrinkle-resistant chinos. I think you'll like them.
Discussions of cologne on the internet make no sense to someone (like the OP) who says he has no experience with it (or me, who has a scent he likes and doesn't know very many others). The advice to the OP should be: go shopping with your wife or girlfriend or trusted female friend, try everything out that you can, and pick the one you both like. Don't give too much credit to online recommendations.
I'm a size 31 in BB Milano chinos. They fit fine on my waist but I am looking for something more slim and tapered in the legs. Would you recommend buying 31 in your rivet chinos?
I'll take advantage of this thread to ask a dumb question. Brooks Brothers has what they call an "Ainsley collar." I like it - it's not too pointed, not too wide. What do you call it?
I used to have very bad handwriting. Now I have very good handwriting. You don't need a book or to buy a special pen or start a new hobby. Just. Take. Your. Time. Writing. Each. Letter. Judge them individually. Is this clear? Is this legible? Is everything the same size? Take your time writing clearly and you will get better, forreal, and you'll get faster and it will become natural. (I love good handwriting).
Yeah people ignore those stickies. That's the point. A new member either thinks that his situation/perspective/limited wardrobe is specific enough to warrant a thread, or he just thinks (knows?) that he'll get more attention that way. We don't need more stickies.
I think Doc has a good point, and even though I disagreed with this proposal at first, I have to agree after reading through to the bottom. A minimum time period before one can post a new thread is a good idea. New members can still post questions in existing threads. If a thread is created about an individual or a brand and they hear about it offline and want to respond, they could open an acccount and respond in that thread.
You should start a blog! No what I mean to say is thanks for taking the time to think about this and write it down for the benefit of others. I don't suppose this would fit very well on either of your blogs, so it's very good of you to write it here.
The Armoury carries some very nice sleek, tan Carmina loafers.
Haha... That's exactly what I'm looking for. I hope you don't mind if I interrupt your conversation with a question. Would APC Petit Standards fit that bill, for a skinny guy (31 waist)? I feel like if my non-thin friends can wear New Standards, then they'll probably end up baggy for me. But maybe I'm wrong...
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