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100% you're being trolled. Just ignore him. He's trying to say, "You should look at your graduation banquet as a great honor, so you should dress really well in light of that, and you shouldn't be told what to do, I'm not trolling you I'm just being nice to you, I won't tell you what to do, you should dress however YOU think is appropriate, I'm not telling you what to do but...." If you think too hard about your outfit, you're doing it wrong. The outfit looks good.
Is there any thread that details how this contest started? Where are the entries? Or is this just from the meetup? OH wait.... we can click on their names! Ohhh!!
That looks like a nice bag, especially for interviews and presentations when you want their attention on the work, not what you're wearing. If you like the bag, then go for it. (That said, it's not really true that your bag should match your shoes. After all, most men have a lot more shoes than briefcases, and the shoes can't all be the same color.)
Just keep practicing buddy.
Yeah, same opinion here.
Where are the pictures from? Who are the makers?
I have a pair of Carmina suede captoes from the Armoury. The Carmina suede on these as well as the loafers I tried on was the BEST I have ever seen or touched. It's buttery smooth. Just by touching the suede, you can see the change of the light over the nap that moved under your fingers (sort of like soft fingerprints, that disappear when you brush the shoe again). Since I bought these shoes, I often touch the suede on shoes in stores, and I never feel or see the same...
Thanks for your reply! Honestly I had forgotten about that!
IMO, it's not basic enough to serve as your first nice (formal) shoe, and it's not fun enough for a college sophomore who just wants to look good. Go for wingtips instead!
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