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If it's worth if for his client, then good on them both.
Nice laces!
Hey man, It seems like you're really upset. You bought something that was probably expensive, and definitely had a reputation you believed in, but the product didn't live up to your expectations. I don't think it's fair to call these "LIES." Did she state in the letter that the wallet is made entirely of leather? If so, you're right, that is a LIE! But I don't think that she did. Wasn't this a pretty polite letter? Mistakes happen. It sounds like they're replacing it,...
I have a pair of SWIMS, which I'm sure I'll be using more often in the coming rainy season. They do the job well. If you get a pair, I recommend buying the loudest, most contrasting color possible (bright red, yellow, orange). They look awkward when you try to blend them into your outfit with neutral colors.
Nah, they're not bad! Nice choice picking up a pair of less-formal, easier-to-lace bluchers.. On the same note as LeJouvre, a nice third pair would be those black wIngtips by AE. I think they're the same price as Park Avenues and try occasionally are on sale for around $300.
Park Avenues are often recommended because they look good with a grey or black or black suit, and they're inconspicuous enough and respectful for an interview or a funeral or most formal occasions. I'm a teacher, I have a pair, and I'm glad I have them - even though I seldom wear them. Snedley is kinda right that it's not the ideal teacher shoe, but why not? It's no crime. The Kenilworth is a good recommendation, too. You might also like a pair of wingtip shoes, or...
100% you're being trolled. Just ignore him. He's trying to say, "You should look at your graduation banquet as a great honor, so you should dress really well in light of that, and you shouldn't be told what to do, I'm not trolling you I'm just being nice to you, I won't tell you what to do, you should dress however YOU think is appropriate, I'm not telling you what to do but...." If you think too hard about your outfit, you're doing it wrong. The outfit looks good.
Is there any thread that details how this contest started? Where are the entries? Or is this just from the meetup? OH wait.... we can click on their names! Ohhh!!
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