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It's an easy joke to make, deftly sidestepping the matter as it relates to SF members who are more like you. Using the word "brand whore" and posting a picture of Hermes Dude is one thing. But seriously, a lot of SF members found and are loyal to Alden, Carmina, etc. not just because of their personal opinion of and experience with the products, but because of the reputation on StyleForum. Sometimes exclusively so. Of course I'm not saying there's anything wrong with...
This thread is Mafoofan pretending to be Wright, right?
Is all the sizing advice here based on the premise that guys want super-skinny, custom-wrinkled-around-your-leg jeans? I don't want that. Just slim jeans with a tapered leg. I tried on some New Standards and Petit Standrds at my local APC store, and found that my regular size (a 30) fit comfortably around my waist. They look good on my legs. I'll probably go with the Petit Standards because I'm a thin guy. But it's not like it's a super skinny fit. Does anyone else find...
A genuine LOL from me in the office.
FWIW, I find that Bass Weejuns (in the medium or D size) are a bit narow.
My BB Milanos are more golden then beige, and not so dark. Can't name the color because I bought them in the store. However, I just took a look at the website, and I think what I have is probably "British Tan." Thanks for pointing me to Sid Mashburn and Epaulet. I'll check 'em out!
Chill out.
I am a real skinny guy, and I don't find my BB Milanos especially slim. I prefer cut on my Gap Tailored Slim Fit chinos. The rise isn't much higher though. So, I suppose no one makes slim chinos that sit on the natural waist. Is this just a matter of fashion, or is the kind of proportion that can never look good? :serious questions:
For the love of God, don't wear a pocket square. Wear the suit as though it were a normal interview courtesy, but you will really look like you're tying too hard if you wear the pocket square. You want the job, you know the office culture won't punish you for wearing one later, but don't risk looking like you're flaunting your vanity at your first introduction.
I've got a pair, but it's my only pair of Aldens. I usually wear a 10D, but thes are a 9.5 and fit... just a little bit snug. Anyone else have any input?
New Posts  All Forums: