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Patrick Johnson is visiting Perth soon.
I'd rather pay less and accept the risk, but I guess if I tell that to someone in the US they can't know I won't get angry and file a claim. I'm sorry to hear about this.
Do you dislike loafers?
I've used a good repair and alterations shop in Kobe on Center Street (the arcade south of Sannomiya station). It's in the basement under the Junkudo bookstore, next to the Saezeriya. On the same basement floor is a good condom and sex-toys shop, which is a plus. Around the corner on the street level is a very old bespoke suit shop. I can't remember the name, sorry, but they're quite friendly and I think you'll enjoy the shop.
"According to this threak," I don't speak for anyone else, but IMHO yes to all of the above! It's subjective, man. Your world, your style. I think it's a great shoe that is "nice, dressy but casual, comfortable, relaxed, American, great." I don't wear them to the beach or the boardroom, but also I never visit any boardroom.
You're concerned about these loafers, as well as those tan Carminas in the other thread? Make a short list of the shoes (and other items) you "need" or "really want" with what you think you'd wear the most on the top of the list. Buy those and cross them off the list. Repeat until you reach the loafers, and then buy the loafers.
Is this a serious question? Of course you can!
Yeah, fine, sure.
The Watch P0rn Thread
Hey Mike - Indy boots sound great, but don't forget that (I think) you need to rotate them. Don't wear them every day. There was a poster here a while back complaining about how quickly his Indy boots wore out (not just the soles, but the stitching on the heel, if I remember correctly... and I think he did this to two pairs in a row). He also said that he wore the same pair of boots every day, which anyone will tell you is bad for your shoes. Maybe this is obvious to you!...
New Posts  All Forums: