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I've had good experience getting a custom suit from Brooks Brothers. You can pick out the size that fits him right in the shoulders and chest, and they'll make the proper adjustments (in length) everywhere else. I believe that will within your budget.
Hey diglett, You're pushing the boundaries with such a minimal/non break, but IMO you're in the clear. As for the cuff - it looks like you're reaching for too much of a good thing. I wouldn't, but that's me. Why not wear them cuffed for a day, and see how you feel? Nice shoes, where are they from?
It would be great if Manton could edit all the photos in less than good taste with a big red X over the figures.
You might try a navy jacket in wool (such as fresco) with more subdued (brown) buttons. It would be versatile and could be worn more formally and discreetly than your navy cotton jacket, whose white buttons kinda say "look at me," which is nice but not always appropriate. I presume you're not interested in a blazer with gold buttons.
What's your budget?
Smoked MOP is very nice (assuming it's genuine, not plastic). The iridescent gleam is distinct and won't be mistaken for regular black or navy. I think it's nice, but maybe a little too fashion-y. Go with your gut.
The problem is, at your budget it's hard to get a "nice" blazer in addition to everything else you posted above. It's possible - you can find a good used jacket in a thrift store or on eBay or in the Buying and Selling forum here - but it's not easy if it's your first. You might not be totally sure what fits you, or you might not know how to distinguish something nice from something, well cheap. And even if you know exactly what you're looking for, it might take some time...
I don't wear multiple new purchases on the same day. I break them out slowly. So if I buy a new suit and a shirt, I wear the suit with an older shirt, and on the next day I wear the new shirt with an older suit. It helps me "savor" or enjoy the new clothes longer, and it helps me appreciate how each item works with my existing wardrobe. And I think it's weird to come in to work wearing all new clothes.
Wearing those shorts doesn't make him a tool. You're kinda acting like a tool. Athletic guys can look great in colorful shorts above the knee.
These shorts are 100% casual wear. You're in your early 20's. Ignore this advice.
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