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Manton's list is good. I think he's right.
The image of a worm at the top of your post is revolting.
Sounds interesting! I don't have your answer but FWIW, that would probably be very easy for a tailor or alterations shop to do for you, with your own chinos. Bring the camo fabric, they'll sew it from the inside of the pants, and then roll and sew the cuff.
That's a really good deal.
The OP gave a reasonable answer, so why be a douche about it? Good advice from others though.
My English Briefcase from Lotuff-Clegg is wonderful. Frank Clegg was real cool about accommodating some personal requests, too.
$300 is a great price for a pair of new JM Weston shoes. They're very well constructed. They're not so popular in the Anglo world, but they're well respected in Japan. If you like the shoes, you can be sure you're getting a great value.
Patrick Johnson is visiting Perth soon.
I'd rather pay less and accept the risk, but I guess if I tell that to someone in the US they can't know I won't get angry and file a claim. I'm sorry to hear about this.
Do you dislike loafers?
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