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I can see how talking about taste, beauty, and elegance in this left-brained way is fun for some people on the forum (Foo and some others), but it seems like a waste of energy to me.
Hardly ass-rape. Did you actually download the picture the OP attached? There are a lot harsher things that could be said about his taste in jewelry. "Go get one if you want one" is pretty decent.
I should ignore threads like this. Someone who logs on, provides no context, asks a broad question, and expects some kind of actual help... deserves GBR's derision.
Corrid, if you look good, you'll get compliments around here, too. But the general taste on the forum is more sophorific. And also, a lot of what gets mistaken for "SF approved" style is actually advice for beginners, who haven't really developed their own taste yet and who should probably have a small wardrobe in which most things can be worn reasonably well with most of everything else. That's kind of the issue in this thread.
Seems like there's good advice from all sides here.This is a pretty good list, on the formal side.
I like this old post from Ethan:
Get notch lapels. It's less flashy and therefore more "versatile." When you're at the wedding you'll look great in notch or peak lapels. But if you have a job interview, the notches are much better than peak. Peak lapels are great, but maybe not for your first couple of suits. For most men it's good to wear mostly notch lapels.
Given no context, I'm sure you know what you're doing and it'll be fine.
Brando, I'm guessing you live in the US, so I'm surprised you bought a french cuff shirt and a bowtie. Hardly anyone needs these in their adult life, much less in college. Try to stick to the basics for now. The list of stores in my post above should help. Ralph Lauren comes to mind, as well. Depends on where you live. You don't have to spend a lot on everything, but what I like about that focused list from Put This On is that most everything is so versatile and useful...
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