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The problem is, at your budget it's hard to get a "nice" blazer in addition to everything else you posted above. It's possible - you can find a good used jacket in a thrift store or on eBay or in the Buying and Selling forum here - but it's not easy if it's your first. You might not be totally sure what fits you, or you might not know how to distinguish something nice from something, well cheap. And even if you know exactly what you're looking for, it might take some time...
I don't wear multiple new purchases on the same day. I break them out slowly. So if I buy a new suit and a shirt, I wear the suit with an older shirt, and on the next day I wear the new shirt with an older suit. It helps me "savor" or enjoy the new clothes longer, and it helps me appreciate how each item works with my existing wardrobe. And I think it's weird to come in to work wearing all new clothes.
Wearing those shorts doesn't make him a tool. You're kinda acting like a tool. Athletic guys can look great in colorful shorts above the knee.
These shorts are 100% casual wear. You're in your early 20's. Ignore this advice.
Same as Doc. But you know what - I only have a few jackets/suits that I rotate through, so the first consideration is the jacket.
Take a look at adamt's "Threads Started".... just
I wear them and like them very much. Flamboyance depends on which pair you buy. You have to have nice legs to wear them, I might add.
[[SPOILER]]How is that color combination close to Manton's? Only in that the outfits have "reds, blues, and greys." And "a yellow." Based on that kind of verbal description, they are similar. But they aren't similar. Oldog, all of the colors in your outfit are heavy and oversaturated - and there's too many of them. They don't go very well with your dark grey suit. Might work with a blue suit (perhaps more blue than navy) - but that would just be pushing it even further.
The reputation system that we already have works fine: some member have a good reputation, some don't. If you come to Styleforum looking for quick advice on your outfit based on an iPhone pic in your bathroom, well you get what you pay for.
I think if you start from a generally neutral wardrobe (staple colors), and work your way forwards from there, you'll have an easy time picking ties, shirts, jackets, etc. in different colors that you like, that look good on you. Mistakes will be made, but you'll move in the right direction overall. I think this approach is better than starting with a palette that has a seasonal name and trying to get all those colors.
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