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I hear people say this, and although I know people who've had bikes stolen, I still feel really safe with my bikes. I hate taking my Bianchi Pista into the city without a lock - but sometimes I do! When I lock it (with a Kryptonite U-Lock, sent from the US), I feel totally safe. My other bike is just a mama-chari with a normal lock. I only ride it in the suburbs and feel totally safe. Maybe if I left it in a dark lot for a few days, it would disappear. But in general, it's...
Some have bikes but don't ride them in the summer. Bikes are cheap here - about 100 bucks, lock included - and very, very convenient, especially considering how much mor expensive and inconvenient is driving.Ya got me with the exercise point. Maybe that's the idea. The people I'm talking about are all teachers and never have to wear a suit. I'm an American myself and don't mean it pejoratively. But I think that in the US, there's too much tolerance of and not enough social...
I don't get why people would rather walk 30 minutes in the summer heat and humidity instead of ride a bicycle for 10 minutes. Or walk for an hour instead of bike 20 minutes. I'm talking about a slow ride to work, which is how most people commute around here. The people I'm talking about are all out-of-shape Americans. They should understand that if they exercised just a little bit on a daily basis, then a brief ride wouldn't cause them to sweat, and then they could be...
J Press sells a lot more, wilder styles in Japan than they do in the US. I recently saw a guy in a polo shirt with a popped collar that a loud "J Press" underneath. I wish I understood exactly how much editorial control Japan has over the US stores, because I know it must be there, but they seem very different.
It was a bit late in the summer, but a couple of weeks ago I received my first unlined fresco suit, from Lee Baron. I've only worn it a few times in this very high heat and humidity, and have been surprised by how well it wears. It's not uncomfortable if all I'm doing is walking in the sun (for not too long). This is different from any jacket or suit I've ever worn in the summer, which make me sweaty, quickly. Of course it's never very comfortable to be wearing suits in...
"And I mean non-creased, tendentially wrinkly chinos, not the kind that are basically cotton twill dress trousers." I wear chinos with a jacket very often, especially in the summer.I try to iron them, like you say (haha): "basically cotton twill dress trousers" - but rumpled isn't bad. It's a good look.
I've had good experience getting a custom suit from Brooks Brothers. You can pick out the size that fits him right in the shoulders and chest, and they'll make the proper adjustments (in length) everywhere else. I believe that will within your budget.
Hey diglett, You're pushing the boundaries with such a minimal/non break, but IMO you're in the clear. As for the cuff - it looks like you're reaching for too much of a good thing. I wouldn't, but that's me. Why not wear them cuffed for a day, and see how you feel? Nice shoes, where are they from?
It would be great if Manton could edit all the photos in less than good taste with a big red X over the figures.
You might try a navy jacket in wool (such as fresco) with more subdued (brown) buttons. It would be versatile and could be worn more formally and discreetly than your navy cotton jacket, whose white buttons kinda say "look at me," which is nice but not always appropriate. I presume you're not interested in a blazer with gold buttons.
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