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Gotta be a troll! This is too funny. Bravo.
Am I reading this right? You're spending thousands of dollars on uncomfortable shoes? You have multiple pairs paid for and on the way and you still don't know what to expect? I can appreciate that the compliments on your Lobbs mean a lot to you, but... You're making life difficult for yourself.
This is a troll thread, right?
I agree with jedwards that although these suits look too tight, they look "in fashion" and none of them are really so offensive as the double-breasted suit. Looks like you could pull it off well if it didn't fit so poorly. Follow David Reeves' advice and get a few tailored suits that fit you correctly.
Not ideal, but I suppose if you are wearing a suit that fits, how bad could the tie possibly mess it up?
You're arguing about grammar.
It's not offensive, it's just off-topic, and a bit condescending. "Has anyone here tried exercising?" Pretty sure the answer is yes.
This.Many of us would like to be in better shape and have all sorts of reasons for not exercising more/eating better/whatever. One of the ways we try to look and feel our best is through our clothes, and this is a forum for discussing that. Fortunately there's also a Health and Body forum on this website, too.
Your first three choices are good, but I'd think you'll need another pair of black shoes for your office. A black AE Strand is a good choice. You don't really need to decide the rest so soon. Style takes time to develop. It's like buying furniture, if you buy everything all at once, it's just a snapshot of your taste at one point, it's not really something that will feel natural to you as time passes. But four pairs of shoes will carry you for a while. (It doesn't have to...
I can see how talking about taste, beauty, and elegance in this left-brained way is fun for some people on the forum (Foo and some others), but it seems like a waste of energy to me.
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