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I'm glad if this video helps people.
There are a hundred ways to wear a suit more casually, including wearing desert boots. The world is your oyster. Do what you want. Maybe you will look bad. You'll never get everyone's approval on the internet. There's no formula for this. It obviously depends on how well your clothes fit and whether you have a good eye for coordination. Clarks are cheap shoes that look ugly with a nice suit.
I wore the Clifton in Walnut as a teacher. Sounds like exactly what you're looking for.
You're right, there are benefits to not giving a shit about looking cheap! I don't think I can prove you wrong.
It's fine for weddings. Pretty out-there for "a lawfilm setting" though.
You can wear whatever you want!
I don't know if there is an easier type of shoe generally to put on, but good leather shoes should have heel support that prevents them from easily caving under your foot. I have a pair of Crockett Jones penny loafers that are a touch big but comfortable to walk in and easy to step into. You might try something like that.
May I ask - where do you learn about these brands? I live in Osaka and was told about them by a staff member at BEAMS. Are they known outside of Japan? (I thought they were made in Japan but I could be wrong). Thanks!
BEAMS carries them.
It looks like a regular navy peacoat. I think Sterlingwear of Boston makes or made them for the navy.
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