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You're right, there are benefits to not giving a shit about looking cheap! I don't think I can prove you wrong.
It's fine for weddings. Pretty out-there for "a lawfilm setting" though.
You can wear whatever you want!
I don't know if there is an easier type of shoe generally to put on, but good leather shoes should have heel support that prevents them from easily caving under your foot. I have a pair of Crockett Jones penny loafers that are a touch big but comfortable to walk in and easy to step into. You might try something like that.
May I ask - where do you learn about these brands? I live in Osaka and was told about them by a staff member at BEAMS. Are they known outside of Japan? (I thought they were made in Japan but I could be wrong). Thanks!
BEAMS carries them.
It looks like a regular navy peacoat. I think Sterlingwear of Boston makes or made them for the navy.
Hello everyone, I've been wearing a pair of APC Petit Standards for a couple of years now. They always looked good, although it was a while before the pockets were of any use - they were too tight! I like the clean, slim fit. I'm a thin guy so it isn't too tight on me - although I really don't want super-skinny jeans. Anyway I'm thinking about getting a new pair of jeans. I wish I could get a pair with a higher waist. Keeping my shirt tucked in is such a pain in the ass...
Gotta be a troll! This is too funny. Bravo.
Am I reading this right? You're spending thousands of dollars on uncomfortable shoes? You have multiple pairs paid for and on the way and you still don't know what to expect? I can appreciate that the compliments on your Lobbs mean a lot to you, but... You're making life difficult for yourself.
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