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You're overthinking this a bit. It's good that you're trying to be conscious of and generally upgrade your wardrobe. It's better to slowly buy good quality items than to rush to "complete" your wardrobe. It would be good to own a grey suit, although it sounds like a 3-piece suit is unnecessary for you...? You don't need to wear a costume. I wouldn't recommend buying many pocket handkerchiefs - one or two linen squares, and maybe another simple one, would be nice. You...
Epaulet has nice high-rise trousers here. They're nice.
If you really want to wear this then go ahead. If you have no dress code, then why not wear a more typical leather bomber jacket? Sounds like this will look weird wherever you go, "neither fish nor fowl."
Where can I find brown, round cotton laces for dress shoes? Los Angeles-specific advice would be great, but an online option would be fine, too. The laces that came with my Carmina suede captoes in 2011 just split open, and I quite liked the soft cotton laces. Most places just sell things for boots, sneakers, or other more casual options. Thanks in advance for any help!
Those are very nice shoes for a first year on the job, not to mention for an undergrad student. You'll be fine - but I think you should expect to wear black shoes almost every day, so plan your next pair accordingly.
Yes. Go to a place that sells watches and they'll probably do it for you.
(Guy comes in asking what people think, everyone tells him the same thing, he isn't interested in taking the advice. Isn't there already a meme or a gif for this?) It seems like you're asking for information about specific bespoke tailors. If you're going to have something made for you, you'll get the best advice from meeting a professional in person, rather than getting all the hypotheticals here. Every non-overweight 20-something I know who's gone bespoke started by...
Bro just duct tape your junk to your thigh, problem solved.
Just get something that isn't too trendy. A bass weejun would be fine, but if you walk into the store and you see something you like more, get it instead.
A classic look is more than the sum of its parts, so a single modern i-Watch won't be the downfall of a conservative outfit. But it won't contribute much, either.
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