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Need to know size and if they are polarized or not
I love that color in a suit- it's called Air Force Blue It's an evening suit; not for business For shirts I would try pastel colors, light yellow, light pink, eggshell, cream, lavender, etc. or white I haven't been able to find that color in my area, if you're a 40R and end up not liking it let me know I'll buy if off you BTW, try to get a better break in your pants than our example guy, I can't believe he went out in public like that
Wait one...... I hear no mention of a jacket.I hope you're not planning to wear a tie without a jacket, or at least a sweater. That, to put it mildly, is not a good look. The only thing worse than a long sleeve shirt and tie with no jacket is a short sleeve shirt and tie with no jacketDo you want to look like this guy?I didn't think so.Either take a SC/blazer or don't wear the tie. I would never wear a seersucker tie with any of other item of seersucker, btw. Probably...
About an inch and a quarter-enough to make it about right. I knew they were too short, but living in Florida we don't get too much opportunity to break out the tweed, so it's a low priority in my large tailoring backlog.Maybe I should rethink that though-this is the second time I've worn it this winter-the first time two weeks ago I wore it to a nightclub and three times women came up to me, complimented the SC, and started a conversation.
Sport coat: Harris Tweed with no maker tag Sweater: Alpaca cardigan, no maker tag Shirt: Jhane Barnes Pants: Zanella Belt: Coach Pocket Square: Ashear All thrifted
The blue suede. The colors look good together , plus that's a more casual shoe than the others and so goes better with jeans
What are you guys opinions about a blue chambray suit? I'm thinking about getting one for casual use in the spring and summer- events, parties, dates, drinks at the cafe, etc I don't usually wear suit pants and jackets separately, but it would work well here I think. But I've never seen a chambray suit in the wild so I don't know if it looks weird or not JCrews version: Also, would a two button be better because of its more casual look or could I go with a three...
They do. Go to any courthouse and you will see lawyers carrying them- they call it a "trial bag."They are used to haul around files.That one looks like it belonged to a government bureaucrat
Velvet is great but it is inherently flashy and will attract attention and comments You have to decide whether this is a good fit with your personal style
I had put away my white Cheaneys for the fall/winter but you guys have inspired me to take them out and try them with some fall looks.This is one of the things I like most about SF, getting ideas from the posts for my own style experiments. Thanks.
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