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I went to NYC in mid-March, staying at the Hilton on Avenue of the Americas. I was not impressed in the least. The companion I went with is a professional musician who has worked for them in some of their nicer hotels worldwide, and she is totally unimpressed (she has also worked for Ritz-Carlton worldwide, as well). If you are looking for some interesting things to do, I would suggest a trip a trip to the Blue Note Jazz Club if you like jazz, and for artsy types of...
I got mine a bit cheaper than retail, and it was aluminum. I was parked on an rather steep incline in my SUV and it slid out the back before I could even grab it, and crushed one of the corners. It could not be repaired to the original finish because of the way Rimowa puts the finish on the aluminum attaches. Completely ruined it for me. I was willing to pay to have it repaired, but they could not do it. But I have seen pictures of another piece of luggage in another...
Disagree all you like. I know the reality of their quality. I have managed to damage an attache ($1200) to an unsatisfactorily unrepairable state, only fit to be taken to the shooting range as a target. Not sturdy. Total waste of money. Ballistic nylon wins out every time.
Rimowa looks nice, but don't expect it to be sturdy, at least the aluminum luggage.
Yes, it is shocking to find out how flimsy the Rimowa luggage is. I crushed the corner of an attache by accidentally dropping it and turned a $1200 case into something to take to the shooting range to use for target practice - Rimowa couldn't repair it (even with me paying for it). Total waste of money, worthless product.BTW, I do use ballistic nylon bags for flying.
You have said nothing of your age. If you are over 40, have your testosterone level checked. If it is low, increasing your testosterone level will help you lose weight and build lean mass. I use Con-Cret creatine supplement to help with the muscle building (recommended by my trainer). Works well for me. My work is 3 days cardio/ab training and 2 days weightlifting one week and 3 days weightlifting/2 days cardio/abs the next, alternating each week. I am on a high...
Now 5' 10 1/2" @ 214 lbs
Samuelsohn dark blue wool pinstripe suit/Land's End Button-down shirt/AE Cliftons/AE belt/Metropolitan Museum of Art tie. Critiques welcome.
Yes, I know the tag thingie hanging off the shirt tail is tacky at best; it has been surgically removed.
Not married, so I wear no rings.
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