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Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat I don't see a place for this material in my wardrobe. The main reason is that it makes me look fat, and I'm already on the chubby side. Who here looks good in tweed? Can't you just get a tweed jacket made that fits well to your shape? Its not really that different to wearing any other jacket if you get the right fit and colour (grey or navy is my preference, the browns look too "country", but tweed can...
Quote: Originally Posted by markdc Thanks, Marcel. Their tweeds do look nice ( but I think that the styling is perhaps a bit more British than Americana, which is more the look I'm going for. I love my thrifted Harris Tweeds, but the tweed is a bit too rough for maximum versatility, and I'm a bit hesitant to drop $265 on something RTW like the new J. Crew tweed sportcoat ( or...
Definitely a size too big for you.
Jesus, use some initiative and read the webpage. "Upload, manage, and share your photos and videos for FREE!"
Quote: Originally Posted by VictorC Lets see if this works. What do you think? DSCF2156.jpg You need to upload the picture to an internet site first, you cant just copy and paste it from your computer onto a forum.
Hi guys, after a lot of searching I finally found a blazer (sportscoat) that I like, in mid-grey with a mild pinstripe running though it. The jacket looked lovely, and I then touched it and there was sch a nice feel to the material... wooly yet very soft., So, I checked the tag inside as always, and: 65% wool, 30% polyester, 5% cashmere. I usually never buy anything suit or blazer-related that's not 100% (or close to as possible) wool... so while the blazer looks the...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe Much classier and can wear with jeans/suit/formalwear. Possibly the most hideous shoes I have EVER seen, arrgh!
Quote: Originally Posted by The Silverfox You are recommending that he should wear two outfits, formal eveningwear in the morning and then semi-formal eveningwear in the evening? Are you high? I see your sarcasm detector needs some fine-tuning.
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe societies had laws and morality before the bible existed... Of course societies have always had their own sets of largely seperate laws all dictated by whoever was in power at the time, and subject to the whims of those rulers... but The Bible was universal, and absolute. Nothing affected so many people and lives in the same way, and people still live by it thousands of years later.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral they are not patent nor are they lace-ups. He (somewhat obviously) wasn't saying they (in the picture) were, he was saying that the shoes he should be wearing are patent lace-ups.
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