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Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC I repaired a pair of trousers last night that belong to a suit I've had for a decade, and worn a lot. It's wearing out and will get replaced soon, but I don't wish I had another pair of trousers to rotate in - a decade is plenty of life to get out of a suit. My tastes change, and I quite like the opportunity to buy something else. Id say a decade is about 5-10x the average life of a suit... well done!
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Wouldn't the color of the jacket change a little over time while the color of the 2nd pair of pants stays the same? Well obviously not if you rotate the pants, though that shouldn't need stating. However my point was not why or how OTRsuits don't let you have an extra pair of pants, but why people don't mind not having an extra pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Everett Maybe I've been shopping at the wrong places. The only suits I've seen where you get more than one pair of trousers are the ones sold as separates, jackets on one rack and trousers on another. And they really aren't the high- end suits. Although I suppose you could special order anothe pair, but never considered it. As Brian mentioned, you could use it as a sports jacket or change the buttons and call it a blaser....
Quote: Originally Posted by tweedydon 3) Light brown herringbone Harris Tweed with elbow patches! Canvassed. Words cannot express how much I would kill for this in a 36R, i've never seen anything like it, and it owuld probably be unique in the city I live in. Sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola If you can afford crazy money you can afford two or even three suits. You can afford to replace worn out suits. Ok, maybe "crazy money" was a tad exagerrated, I just mean the more expensive (£700+) suits. Not everyone can afford ot replace suits willy-nilly, even if they buy good ones. I know more than a few people that spend a fair bit on their clothes, and cut back on a lot of other things. They can't...
I see a lot of people buying expensive designer OTR suits for crazy money, but the thing that has always boggled me is often people generally only buy one pair of trousers with the set, sometimes because thats all that is available and they dont sell the suits with two pairs. For me, suit jackets last about 2x longer the trousers (just the nature of how much more abuse trousers take in general) so when I buy a suit it ALWAYS has to have two, and even (depending on the cost...
Guys, what to you think of this new Harris Tweed by UK fashion store Topman... think the styles look good? Seem to very nicely cut http://www.topman.com/webapp/wcs/sto...=1&pageSize=20 Quote: Tweed overcoat looks nice too! Quote:
Is this a reasonably slim-fitting 36R, and would you be willing to ship internationally (I live in Switzerland)? Im looking for a piece just like this to accompany my new wardrobe (turned 30, booo), and I can pay by whichever means you are most comfortable with... PayPal etc.
Is the tweed gone now?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos But is it even a tweed? Looks like a moleskin to me. Definitely not tweed.
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