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Quote: Originally Posted by i've never even heard of this. Never heard of what exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman In the USA an OTR suit with two sets of trousers is extinct. It used to be a common until about the 1960's. I recall a picture of the giant Bond's store in Times Square advertising suits with two sets of pants. The market isn't there. In an OTR sale, the purchase of a second trouser may only be possible if the manufacturer still has the cloth. If the suit is from the manufacturer's "in stock"...
Quote: Originally Posted by goodtrade Speak for yourself mate Hey its fine, if sheep are your thing then no-one here will judge you for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodtrade But if you make the trip you get to drink whisky with the local men and dance with the local girls. On the Isle of Harris, a small dreary Scottish Island with a population of around 2000? I think i'll give that particular treat a miss.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodtrade If you want to wear genuine Harris Tweed, take a trip to the Isle of Harris and buy it from the locals. Your tailor can make a jacket for you when you get back home. Without a doubt one of the finest places to visit in the world. I had the greatest holiday there in July of this year. Even met the Chief Executive of the Harris Tweed Authority. Harris Tweed bought online is as genuine as Harris...
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Getthefuckouttahere. Really? Say you wear a given suit twice a month, you are replacing all your suits ever year? That's crazy. I took that comment for what it was: a guy living on another plane of existance clearly with far more more money than the rest of us.
What tdo you guys think about this suit? Quote: They're marketing it as a "vintage suit that would suit a band frontman blahdey blah blah" but to me it look s like a pretty damn sharp Navy pinstriped suit that I could wear for work no problem! Thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself Egay? That's pretty gay, dude. Indeed, dude.
Just bought this little number off of Egay for £60: Quote: Looks like a nice, contemporary-styled, slim-fitting number that will go perfectly with white, black, brown or pink shirts and jeans.
thebarsmydestination, it would be much appreciated if you could reply to my post in your (this) active For Sale thread, considering you have actively posted on the forum between the time I posted my last query (and sent you a PM) and now... it's only polite. EDIT - Someone just posted me telling me not to bump my own FS thread. Well, this isn't my FS thread, and I am not the OP. I am merely trying to contact the seller of this jacket. Cheers....
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